Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 251

251. Taken to the mansion

Housei-san and I left the store, and with a car parked nearby, we headed for Toukain’s house. Sure, I gave him my consent, but for some reason, I felt like I was about to be sold to a black market.

I arrived at the mansion of Toukain Household.

“I didn’t build the mansion to be so large in consideration of livability, but still, I think that the room is enough to satisfy you. If you have any requests, please do not hesitate to tell me.”

……Why do you talk about the room? Didn’t you invite me to just have dinner together?

“Hahaha, thank you… But even if you say so, I think it’s a huge mansion.”

I mean, even after entering the gate, the car didn’t stop that quick.

“The garden was made wider so that children could play freely. However, in terms of size, this mansion is smaller compared to the others. The villas owned by Toukain, some include mountain and some include private beaches.”

“That’s amazing! You can enjoy the mountains and the sea without worrying about crowds.”

“Right, you can rest without worrying about people’s eyes. Oh yeah. It’s summer vacation soon, right? Let me invite you to the villa.”

Just like that, the schedule for summer vacation had been booked. 

…He wants to take control of the story. This is why I don’t like a capable person who has money!

“T-thank you very much….”

Housei-san nodded with satisfaction when he heard my words.

“Then I’ll arrange it. You don’t need to think about anything. I’ll arrange travel expenses and transportation. If you want, I can make it so that you can come by yourself. HAHAHA.”


Only dry laughter came out.

“By the way, which is better, mountain or sea?”

“Mountains and the sea…?”

“Well, both are attractive places, but every person still has their own preference. As I said earlier, you can enjoy swimming on a private beach without worrying about crowds and people’s eyes. In the mountains, there is an observatory. You can enjoy the stars at night from there, and there is a hot spring too, so you can relax there. You have the title “King of Boys”, so you should be attracting attention from people, right? Either way, you can enjoy yourself without care of others. “

“Both are attractive… But if anything, I prefer the sea.”

I answered with a bitter smile. The reason I chose it was simply because summer had a strong image of the sea. In a sense, a man’s dream should be to play with a girl in a bikini at the beach. 

…… Wait a minute, will this person come along? Sorry but, I don’t have any hobbies, such as playing around with an old man.

“…Hmm, sea huh?”

Are you worried about something? 

Housei-san went to think something when he heard my words while moving his eyebrows a little.

“Is there some problem?”

“No, it’s nothing. I’ll do my best to make arrangements for your request. When the details are decided, Shino will contact you. Oh, you can invite your friends too. But if you want to bring more than 100 people, please contact me in advance. Hahaha”

Is he joking? Or serious?

“I’m sorry to say this, but I can’t accompany you because I have a job, so if you have any need, just tell Shino.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

At the end of the talk, the car stopped and the door opened.

“Sorry to keep you waiting”

“Good work.”

“Thank you very much”

I thanked the driver.

As soon as we entered the mansion, a servant came.

“Welcome home”

“He’s a guest. Guide him to the room, and I’ll have dinner with him, so please prepare for it.”


“Hatano-kun, if you have something you want to eat, just tell her. I’ll ask Shino to see you later, so please talk with her then.”

“Yes, thank you very much”

“Then, Hatano-sama, please go here.”

Following the words, I followed the female servant.


Housei was staring at Kohaku’s back. One of his servants who wondered about the appearance asked a question.

“Master, what’s wrong?”

“…Hmm. I tried to help her this time, but maybe I did something unnecessary…”

“I don’t think so? The young lady has been worrying about it a lot, so I think what Master did today will be a pleasure.”

However, Housei didn’t seem to be convinced by the words.

“When I asked him which one was better, the mountain or the sea, he said the sea.”


“Speaking of the sea, you wear a bikini. If you’re a boy around the age, you don’t want to show such appearance to someone who you don’t like, right?”

“That is…”

“But he seemed to just compare the mountains and the sea as a travel destination… Anyway, I’m sure Shino will go since I was the one who invited him. More than that, it seems he didn’t dislike that invitation either. It seems that they’re closer than I expected.”

Housei started to walk away.

“But, there are many rivals to get him. You have no time Shino, don’t miss this limited chance.”

Then, Housei muttered such words.

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  1. The absolute worst part about this story is the nonsensical application of female clothing to men. How the hell does a bikini become a male article of clothing? What in history or evolution led to that norm?

    1. The in-universe explanation is that, since women outnumber men 20:1, separate fashions for men and women never developed. The out-of-universe explanation is that the author wants to mess with the readers’ heads.

      In Current Year, men wearing women’s clothing became a political issue, but surely the author isn’t thinking about any of that, he’s just interested in making the MC (and us) squirm a little. If you worry about it, you lose.

  2. I love how the old chap is trying to judge him by their standards. Hes worried MC will not like the beach for the very reason MC is drawn to the beach!

    Wonder why men would wear bikinis though. I always thought the bikini developed due to practical reasons providing the support women need with their loads even when swimming. Men have no such need.

    1. Its an author tool. The mc comes from a world where men didn’t wear females cloths but this world its the norm he does that ro throw the mc and audience into some confusion.

  3. And there it is the fucking reverse dress course. But why? I can understand wearing skirts as those are easy to made and wear and even greek gods wear skirts and in some parts of the world dress like lungi, dhoti are predominant but why do men need to wear a bikini?

  4. Bikini? If it’s what I think then I’ll just say “HELL NO”. Thankfully there’s no illustration. But at the same time, I’d like to know the mc’s reaction

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