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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 39

39. Chapter 39

The Four-Country Alliance was losing a lot of things. Over 10,000 soldiers, head generals, and the supplies that support them. Hugo, the Foreign Minister carrying Liberitoa’s diplomacy on his back, looked up at the burning layers. A terrifying blue flame was spreading, revealing the Highserk soldiers in the dark.

The burns on the head, which started from the cheeks and were old wounds, hurt. For the owner, Hugo, smiled.

Liberitoa was damaged, but the damage to Craist was especially severe. Although uncertain, the loss of the knights was great, two of the “Three Heroes” were seriously injured, and the last was taken as a prisoner.

“What a bunch of sloppy people. To be burned to death by a ghost…”

Hugo, who was a civil official, didn’t have to be on the frontline. Still, there were some sceneries he couldn’t see without putting himself on the frontline. 

People were moving around, going in and out of the tent as if it were in a storm, and the chairs and tables left behind were scattered. It was like a house that had been broken into by a thief.

“Hugo-sama, the headquarters must be moved to the back. The Four-Country Alliance has been pinched and collapsed. It will not last long here either. One of our battalions stuck on the frontline has been annihilated.”

“It’s a shame, but it’s unavoidable.”

The people, who were valuable assets, were scattered without fulfilling their functions. For Huro, this was a very unforgivable situation. At the same time, the fragility of the Four-Country Alliance and the viciousness of the Highserk Empire were indescribable.

The general, who was amongst Hugo’s limited pawns, was also burned to death by a surprise attack during the war council. It was also by one soldier, the user of 《Demon Fire》. The dedication of the survivor of the devastated Liguria battalion, to stay amongst the buried corpse for a week and then lurk among the enemy was something Hugo envied.

Hugo regretted that Liberitoa lacked the symbols of the army such as the Jaff Cavalry of Highserk, and the Order of Reharzen and the “Three Heroes” of Craist. However, the Liberitoa soldiers weren’t so vulnerable either. The soldiers were well-equipped and well-trained. And they were trying to retreat from the layer while towing soldiers from other countries who had the habit of giving up and be a loser.

“Emrid’s Company has successfully secured a retreat.”

“In this situation? He really has a great skill.”

Neither flattering nor sarcastic, Hugo praised the company from the bottom of his heart. 

Even if there were no prominent great people or heroes, the soldiers were working desperately to make up for it. Right. Liberitoa wasn’t so hopeless either.

“They’re troops trained at the border with Highserk Empire. A unit that has good adaptability and tenacity.”

“So that their work is not wasted, we need to go now.”

With the escorts solidified his surroundings, Hugo left the camp.

The heavy eyelids of Walm opened and so he looked around. It was a room with no viscera or burned limbs rolling around, which wasn’t at all like the last memory.

“You’re awake?”

A soldier sitting deep in a chair turned to Walm.

“Is this, inside the fortress? What, what happened?”

“The battle? A day has passed since then. It’s a big victory for the Highserk Empire. Two battalions seem to have been lost but, the enemy lost well over 10,000 soldiers and supplies. Now, both sides seem to be back to square one.”

Including the defensive battle in the layers, the death toll of the enemy had exceeded 20,000. There were still about 30,000 soldiers left, but they were multinational and no one would be dumb enough to try to draw the short straw since the walls of the fortress hadn’t been breached.

In addition to the Ferrius Front, which Walm also participated in, there were still soldiers in his homeland and the former territory of Myard. Even if the enemies wanted to force their way into the fortress, Walm didn’t think that the Four-Country Alliance would still have that much power.

“Victory huh…?”

Walm uttered sweet words.

“Yeah, for now. Well, it’s still unpredictable. Anyway, I’m going to report that you’re finally awake. You’re the one with the most achievement in this battle. You mustn’t die. Get enough rest in the room. The water and food are on the shelves. Eat whatever you like.”

After saying this, the soldier left the room. 

Walm, who was left behind in the room, rose from the bed. There was no discomfort in his body. The only problem was his eyes. The left eye reflected in the mirror was still muddy. 

Anyway, Walm stepped before the only window and looked out. 

Many soldiers were engaged in each work, but there was no heavy hectic air like how it was before the battle, and the blood-washed-by-blood battle until yesterday had disappeared like a lie.

“A victory is still a victory, but the one who survived, only me.”

Walm didn’t feel it because he lost consciousness at the climax. Walm extended one of his arms and poured water into the glass. His body, craving for water, absorbed the water immediately. He didn’t feel well. He was so tired. Still, he couldn’t help but laugh at his body, which was honest with its desires. He had no intention of being killed. In fact, he didn’t go crazy, he didn’t jump to his own grave, he was still alive.

Grabbed the red fruit in the basket and turned it in his hand. A round shape that was easy to hold with shiny vermilion color, for sure, everyone on the battlefield wanted the sweet fruit that fit in his hand. Walm suddenly opened his mouth and bit into the fruit as it was. The juice overflowed from the bitten part and invaded the oral cavity. A strong sweetness followed by a sour taste flowed in the oral cavity. At this moment, the hungry tongue and growling stomach were very motivated indeed.


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