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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 38

38. Chapter 38

Various groans and grudges leaked from the soldiers lying disorderly on the ground.

“AAHH, aaAHH, it’s the 《Demon Fire》!”

“UHhhh, my, my legs…!”

“Uh, uuuaaAAHHH!!”

In the midst of such a commotion, Walm couldn’t hide his surprise. After all, in a short amount of time, Makoto, the brown girl, unleashed a wall of ice. Followed by Johanna, the knight, who went to protect a healing magician in fear. And at the same time, Yuuto, the black-haired boy, unleashed a《Holy Slash》, albeit incomplete, to minimize the damage of 《Demon Fire》.

There were fewer deaths than Walm expected. Most people suffered only burns injuries.

“Why can’t you, just die quietly?”

While glaring at Walm, the female knight Johanna tried to stand up.

《Holy Slash》 and 《Demon Fire》 collided and broke in the direction where not many people were present.

Yuuto was breathing roughly while spitting blood.

“Aya, ne, Ma, koto.”

A boy in his late teens breathlessly called out the name of his companion. Makoto had a lump of ice stuck in her abdomen and was breathing weakly. And Ayane, was lying on the ground, not moving.

“Throw away your weapons. I’ll give you an easy death.”

“Don’t, joke with MEEeee!!”

“I’m not.”

Hearing the expected answer, Walm slashed his longsword from above. Although he was out of mana, his wounds had healed and his physical strength had returned to some extent. The female knight, on the other hand, had lost her magical barrier due to 《Demon Fire》 in addition to the exhaustion of the previous battle, and had been injured by the fire and debris from the explosion.

The blow was caught by the flat of the sword, but the female knight couldn’t stop the momentum that came from Walm’s shoulder. The posture that would normally have been able to withstand such an attack was severely weakened.

The knight fell back.

The attack targeting the neck was a feint, too bad. Walm then changed the direction of his sword to slash the feet.

Feeling the tearing flesh, the female knight responded by hitting her longsword horizontally and withdrawing her body.

“Guu, uuuuhhh!!”

The female knight yielded to the pressure of the sword and floated back. Walm relied on his speed and thrust the longsword at her left shoulder with one hand. The tip of his sword penetrated the seam of the armor.

Walm intended to hollow out the entire left shoulder, but could only inflict a deep wound because of the toughness of the armor.

“Uhhh, uh, Aaaa”

The female knight tried to gain distance, but Walm launched another attack. She couldn’t withstand the pressure of Walm’s sword with one hand. A large scar was carved on her cheek, and in the middle of the fight between the swords, her abdomen was kicked through the armor, forcing her to exhale oxygen.

The female knight rolled on the ground. Again, Walm kicked the female knight’s back with his knees as she was about to stand up, pushing her back to the ground.

“Bas, tard!”


Walm wanted to behead her, but turned around when he noticed footsteps approaching from behind.

“Newcomer, huh?”

Immediately Walm crossed the sword coming towards him.

The armor of the big man holding the sword was soaked with fresh blood, so it was hard to tell if it was someone else’s blood or his own.

“One after another, what a bunch of annoying knights!!”

“Commander, Gran…”

The armor had the same design as the female knight’s, but the coat of arms of the Order of Reharzen was engraved large on the armor. Walm could tell by the reaction as he crossed his sword. The man, named “Gran”, had a first-class sword pressure and speed, and was definitely the Commander of the Order of Reharzen.

This is bad…

“Johanna, take them and run away!! We’ll surrender this place.”

Walm was prepared for this himself, but then he smiled. The enemy was in a predicament, bad enough to betray the battle situation in front of them.

While crossing the sword, Walm caught the eye of the female knight. She was holding up Yuuto and Makoto, who were nearby. Sure, she had tremendous strength, but her movements were sluggish.

“You think I’ll let you?!!”

Walm tried to jump out, but the way to Johanna was blocked; on the contrary, the blade grazed his neck. The Knight Commander wasn’t an easy opponent, whom he could finish with one hand.

“How Persistent!”

The swords rubbed against each other and the metal made a high-pitched sound. The bodies collided, and Walm and the Knight Commander were at a very close distance.

Walm slid the blade and aimed for the finger, but it was caught by the sword guard. The Knight Commander’s sword technique was higher than Walm’s.

Brand new wounds were increasing on the completely recovered body, still, unlike before, time was on Walm’s side.

“Attack!! The enemy is only a small force now. Don’t give time to recover!!”

Outside the treatment center, a voice that seemed to be a Highserk soldier’s voice echoed.

“It’s our defeat. Next, I will drop your head.”

“What a loser. The losing dog, can only bark and hang his tail.”

Gran turned around from Walm as if the previous confrontations were a lie.

“Oi, you sure? You seem to have forgotten “someone”.”

Walm moved a girl named “Ayane”, who was lying on the ground near his feet. He changed her position from prone to supine. And, the girl was making a painful voice.

“Please Waaait! Johanna-saan, Ayane, Ayane is, still thereeeEEEeeee!!…”

Despite being seriously injured, Yuuto rampaged on the female knight’s back like a fish on land. He expected a delay or a reversal, but Johanna forced him to shut up.

“Hahaha, really? Hitting a human who’s vomiting blood? That aside… too bad, it seems you all have been abandoned.”

In addition to Walm, the injured and Ayane were also left behind.

Walm gazed at Ayane who had fallen before his eyes. Her chest was moving, she was still breathing.

Soon after, soldiers with familiar equipment flooded the treatment area. They carefully pointed their spears at Walm, who was dressed like a Ferrius soldier, but they didn’t step further.

“Wait!! I’m from Liguria’s Battalion, Duwei’s Squad, my name is Walm. I robbed the Ferrius soldier’s equipment to disrupt the enemy. I’m not telling you to drop the spear until the suspicion is clear, but I don’t want to be killed by my allies.”

Walm was prepared to be dismissed as a bad soldier and an idiot at the time, but the soldiers looked at each other and called out to the outside of the treatment area.

“Platoon Commander!! 《Demon Fire》 user, Walm is alive!!”

In a hurry, a Platoon Commander far higher in rank than Walm came.

He nodded and lowered his men’s spears, which were pointed at Walm.

“His Excellency Gerard said, “For fighting alone capturing the layer, the work of the 《Fire of Hell Gate》 manipulator, will be rewarded.”. For my Platoon to meet you first, is such an honor.”

The Platoon Commander smiled and extended his hand to Walm.

“Thank you.”

“The 6th layer has fallen and the enemy has been hit with a pincer attack. The situation is still unpredictable, but if it keeps going on like this, there’s no doubt that it’ll be our win. You can relax, it’s our turn to work.”

“Oh, that’s good… and I’ve got some prisoners of war, but this one here is a precious healing magician, more so, she’s one of the famous “Three Heroes”.”

The Platoon Commander, sensing Walm’s intention, had a big smile on his face. The Highserk army loved securing human resources. There was no doubt that someone who could heal even defects, would be abused as labor.

“Well, His Excellency Gerard will be really happy to hear this!! Yaqui’s Squad shall remain here to guard Walm and the prisoners. The rest shall go with me to eliminate the rebellious soldier in the layer. Don’t miss any soldiers!!”

The Platoon Commander left the treatment area, leaving Walm and one squad behind.

The thread of tension loosened, and Walm sat down.

“Are you okay? Want some water?”

One of the soldiers presented a water bottle to Walm. 

Walm then opened the cap and poured water into his mouth. Feeling the water flowing in his stomach, he breathed out.

“Do you smoke?”

The soldier then took out a cigarette from his pocket.

“Yeah, I want to smoke”

Walm accepted the cigarette and held it in his mouth, but his mana was exhausted and no fire broke out from his hand, even if he wanted to.

“Out of mana huh? Too bad, I wanted to see the famous 《Demon Fire》. Well, please bear with my fire then.”

The man then shed mana and embodied the fire.

“Thanks. I’ll show you as much as I can when my mana returns.”

Smoke flowed out of the lit cigarette. And the smoke slowly filled the lungs. As the purple smoke was exhaled, it diffused into the void.

The feeling of fatigue rushed in at once, and Walm’s consciousness disappeared without warning.


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