Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 37 part 2

37-2. Chapter 37 (Part 2)

When Walm arrived at the treatment center, countless injured people were gathered under the tent. They weren’t just those who had been injured by Walm. Some were injured in the daily battles with the Highserk Empire.

“Healing magician-dono, this guy has a serious injury”

“It’s a serious injury, but it’s not too late. Please carry him all the way.”

At the destination, besides the deadly smell that could make one cry and cause nausea, incense mixed with medicinal herbs was also being cooked.

“Please lay him there.”

The soldiers who carried Walm immediately returned to the burning camp. Perhaps to put out the fire or to carry another wounded man. What a very disciplined guy.

About twenty dying people lay in a row and all had severe burns. They would never have guessed that the villain was lined up side by side with them. Truly, an ironic sight.

Walm relaxed and focused his consciousness on the operating table. The healing magician cut off the taped clothing and cleaned the wounds with skillful hands. Amazing was the mana and healing ability of the healing magician who healed the wounds. The speed of recovery was also amazing. Largely lost skin and blood vessels were joined and regenerated.

The healing magician was young and looked like a young girl. Her long hair was tied up and tucked into her hat. Judging by her appearance, Walm was sure that the girl must be the last of the “Three Heroes” of Craist. The girl could be someone who came from his old, former world. He understood that, but it didn’t make Walm happy. After all, right now, they were “enemies” who were killing each other, and if he foolishly got carried away with the feeling of happiness, it could end with his head rolling to the ground.

“Ayane-sama, the next patient.”

It was Walm’s turn and he was placed on the operating table. Embarrassingly, his armor and clothes were taken off.

“Bruise all over his body, burns and lacerations on his right abdomen, three broken ribs, and fractures on all his left fingers.”

The woman, who could be an assistant, searched the injuries Walm had suffered, one after another.

“I’ll start.”

The girl declared so and held her hand over Walm’s wound with a serious look. It felt warmer than any healing magic he ever felt, and the pain was relieved at quite a fast pace. 

I see, with this kind of healing magic, soldiers can jump into the battlefield without hesitation. She’s an obstacle that must be eliminated for Highserk Empire.

However, at this moment, Walm was nothing but an injured soldier. He hadn’t been ordered to kill the girl either. Right now, he was just a patient being treated. If he harmed the girl now, he might lose the life he was struggling to keep. He wanted to avoid such a risky action if circumstances permitted, and he wanted to repay her for treating his wounds if he could.

“Thank you, Healing Magician-dono. My body is so light as if the injuries were all a lie.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

After less than 10 minutes of treatment, Walm thanked the girl from the bottom of his heart. She laughed a little like a shy girl. The operating table was cleaned and the next patient was placed immediately.

Walm left the treatment room and went to a corner where many injured people were gathered.


Walm clicked his tongue slightly. The female knight he had fought before and the rest of the “Three Heroes” came into the treatment center.

“Good. It seems that the user of 《Demon Fire》 hasn’t come here.”

“Well, when I heard that Johanna-san was attacked, I almost had a heart attack.”

“If I didn’t make a blunder, the damage wouldn’t have spread.”

“That surprise attack, no one expected it, it’s not because of Johanna-san.”

A black-haired boy comforted the female knight. 

Just keep talking like that…

With such hope, Walm kept walking.

“But, even though he’d been injured so much, for him to still be alive. I’ve never expected that.”

The remaining distance was about five steps. Cold sweat flowed from Walm’s forehead.

“The warehouse is on fire and there is no sign that the fire will be extinguished soon. The darkness has helped him to hide himself too.”

Walm passed the group, as he kept telling himself in his mind to not suddenly speed up his legs.


“What’s wrong?”

“I saw a soldier with familiar features, but I don’t have someone I know any of the Ferrius soldiers.”

“Maybe it’s just someone who looks like an acquaintance?”

“Yeah, perhaps that’s the case.”

“You, the Ferrius soldier there. Have we met somewhere before?”

Of course, it won’t be that easy… 

Walm seemed to hate the fate that came at him as it pleased. Thinking that his voice had been heard. He had no choice but to change the voice like a defeated soldier.

“…Perhaps, I was, in your sight, when you were attacking the layer.”

Hearing his own bad voice, Walm wanted to ridicule himself. But, He didn’t lie.

“Well, I attacked some layers with Ferrius soldiers. I might have seen you there. By the way, you closed one of your eyes, what happened?”

“I was hurt by the magic of the enemy.”

“What a disaster. But, at least your head didn’t get crushed. So, luck is still with you.”

“Thank you, very much”

“I’m sorry to stop you suddenly.”

“No, I’m happy, to get a chance to talk, with the Knight of Craist.”

Walm tried to keep calm and moved forward, thinking that this time he had done enough. What he had to do was escape as soon as he saw a gap.

“Where are the “Three Heroes”!!?”

A messenger soldier jumped into the treatment center, shouting “Three Heroes”, without even moving his eyes to Walm.

“I am here.”

“Ah, Johanna-dono is also with you!!? Immediately go to help Gran-sama, there are many Highserk soldiers in the layer!!”

“The front can’t hold them?!”

Walm focused on his ears. From what he had understood, the Highserk soldiers should have abandoned the layers and only the last one should have remained.

“It seems that the enemy is taking this chance to strike back. They’re invading from the underground tunnel. Even at the last layer, the Jaff Cavalry Battalion has gone on the counterattack. Now hundreds have invaded from the tunnel, but the invasion doesn’t seem to stop. Gran-sama wants to crush the entrance with magic.”

When Walm heard this, he recalled a time when he wondered why the embankment in the 6th layer was so high and where the earth came from to build it. He had experience with excavating the soil. But even after all his experience digging empty moats, tranches, and spider holes, he never thought it would be enough for a tall embankment. Right. Walm would never have guessed that it was the soil from the construction of the underground tunnel.

Walm would have welcomed the appearance of the friendly army with a leap, but fate was a b*tch indeed. He understood that the people near him had the power to crush the entrance. 

Walm was conflicted. If left unattended, hundreds of soldiers would be killed. 

Should I prioritize my own life?

“OK, I’m heading right away.”

―― Walm intended to tell himself, that he had worked hard until now, that he had fulfilled his duty. But then he spontaneously opened his mouth.

“Excuse me?”

Walm himself thought he was such a stupid guy. But if he didn’t do it here, he wouldn’t dare to call himself a soldier again.

“What is it? Now is not――”

The female knight changed her gentle look and looked sharply at Walm.

“You, what happened to your eyes? And your voice?”

Walm changed his bad voice back, and opened his closed muddy eye.

“Well, nothing much. I was just wondering if I could take the healing magicians and the injured hostage.”

“Johanna-san, that person is…!”

Yuuto noticed Walm and tried to prepare his stance. 

Walm changed his tone and shouted.

“Don’t move!! If you pull it out, the whole area will be wrapped in blue flames.”

All eyes in the treatment center turned to Walm with murderous intent.

“You’re the user of 《Demon Fire》? You dare to take a hostage so broadly, huh?”

Johanna, exposing her canines, rebuked Walm.

“As you’ve guessed.”

Walm was wondering if he should hit them in surprise, but there was no doubt that his mana would drop rapidly if he used 《Demon Fire》. And in this case, there was the excellent knight and “Three Heroes” who had high mana even if the soldiers were cleared up. He wasn’t sure if he then could suppress them under these circumstances.

However, since Walm had said broadly that he was holding a hostage, of course, the next movement would be decided.

Sure Walm was surrounded, but he had no intention of letting the initiative slip.

“Why don’t you be quiet here for a while, I don’t want to burn the non-resisting injured and the healing magician who healed my wounds.”

Walm was telling the truth. As a soldier, Walm had no intention of killing a person just because he held a grudge, but on the battlefield, targeting the one he held a grudge with, or that person’s close relatives… he didn’t want to admit it, but he was sure it would happen eventually. That didn’t mean he wasn’t willing to avenge his comrades, he just thought it would be best to kill them only if the situation allowed it.

“You, must be a coward.”

Listening to the words of a boy called Yuuto, Walm felt that the boy’s anger had grown, but he didn’t want to have such a discussion here.

Johanna tried to provoke Walm, who kept ignoring them.

“Do you think we can’t stand the demon fire?”

“Sure, some people can endure it, but well, most of them can’t.”

It would be profitable to restrain several enemies with maximum force. That was for sure, and even if the restraint failed, the injured and the healing magicians would be wrapped in flames. Walm might die, but of the female knight, the brown girl, and the black-haired boy, one of them might be killed as well.

“Instantly, the skin will be sore and the exposed nerves will feel pain even in the water. Water will start spilling from the eyeballs, the trachea and lungs will burn and, you will roll on the ground. Well, many of you know that.”

Said Walm to the injured who had been burned. 

The more people tasted the demon fire, the paler their faces and the more they trembled.

“What a terrible way of killing.”

“It’s terrible. I know. But, you guys are like that too. My squad members were detained, their eyes were hollowed out, and killed.”

“The Order of Reharzen will nev――”

“Then who? The other Craist soldiers? The soldiers from the other three countries? Who gives a f*ck about that. From my point of view, it’s something you guys did.”

The surrounding soldiers, who had completely swallowed up the situation, were silent, in contrast to the bustle of those a little further away. Only the sound of spit, the sound of rubbing cloths, and the smallest miscellaneous noise remained in the ears of those present.

Walm had already earned a few minutes. He only had to wait for the Highserk army to overrun the layer, which meant, he only had to keep doing stupid Q&A (question and answer) sessions.

It was the messenger soldier of the Craist Kingdom who broke this silence. Perhaps because he was a soldier who had the information, he couldn’t bear the feeling of frustration, and he immediately drew his sword and slashed at Walm.

At the sudden action, Walm lowered his hip, drew the long sword with his right hand, stepped one leg, and used 《Strike》 to slash the soldier together with his sword. As Walm jumped back, the female knight and Yuuto also drew their swords. The guard soldiers also rushed in at once. Walm didn’t know if this was intentional or not. Nevertheless, he knew one fact, that they were rushing toward him.

“Yeah, that’s right…”

A threat has no meaning unless it’s carried out to some extent. If you hesitate, you’ll be seen through and defeated.

Walm poured out the remaining mana, and the 《Fire of Hell Gate》 responded.


Only the sad voice of the brown girl who didn’t draw her weapon reached Walm, but sadly, the humanity that was still present in Walm wasn’t enough to make him hesitate.

The Healing Magician, wondering about the ruckus, opened the tent entrance a little to peek. At that moment, the treatment area was wrapped in 《Demon Fire》.


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