Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 248

248. The day after the date

There was a hero! A brave hero who challenges the difficult task of inviting the target to have the last “all-or-nothing battle” on the first date. That carnivorous words came from Yuzuka-san, who looks like an angel, is it the blood of the hunter? 

Yuzuka-san said some unexpected words at that time, so I made a face saying “What the hell are you talking about, girl?” without thinking.

Now, that I think about it, we had a really nice atmosphere at that time. So, she isn’t wrong for gambling her chance, I guess…?

Well… unfortunately, I’m like those cheap men, so please think of a good strategy to invite me next time. Anyway, please think a little more carefully!

…But what kind of face will Yuzuka-san have when come to school? A blank face? Or will she come even fiercer at me? I’m looking forward to it.

Today, I came to school earlier than usual. While greeting my classmates, I was waiting for Yuzuka-san to come.

After waiting enough, Yuzuka-san entered the classroom with Shino-san as usual. However, the facial expressions of both were very contrasting. While Yuzuka-san had a sad expression, Shino-san was full of smiles. 

Perhaps, Shino-san had heard about Yuzuka-san’s failure When I saw Shino-san, who was surprisingly looked so pleased, I couldn’t help but once again think that the girls in this world, might be that straightforward to their desire.


They noticed I was seeing them.

“Au?! Auauauau!”

“Ah, Kohaku-kun, good morning! You’re early today!”

Yuzuka-san started to go back and forth. Meanwhile, Shino-san greeted me cheerfully. Usually, Yuzuka-san would greet me with a beautiful voice, but she didn’t seem to be able to do it as usual today. It seemed that the appearance of Yuzuka-san was transmitted not only to me but also to other classmates, and most of the girls in her classroom were quietly doing victory poses.

Everyone knew about our date, so seeing Yuzuka-san’s appearance might give them the information they wanted the most. 

…… Yeah, everyone in here really lives following their own desire.

“Come one, Yuzuka, stop moving so strangely! Don’t like a zombie forever! First, please say good morning to everyone.”

“Wa, wait! Let me get ready for a little more…!”

“What are you talking about? You did a lot since you left home, right?”

“S-shino! Mmm, Meanie! Savage! Barbarian! Devil!”

“Yeah, yeah, whateverー.”

Shino-san pushed Yuzuka-san’s back, even though Yuzuka-san didn’t want to, and brought her in front of me.


“Good morning”

“Au, ah, g-good morning.”

When Yuzuka-san came in front of me, her childish attitude went away, leaving her in nervousness alone. Perhaps the atmosphere was transmitted to the classroom, the others also stopped talking and took a breather, and nervously looked here.

…I thought you all were happy? I mean, what’s with the victory pose you all did?

A classroom where the sound of the clock moving echoed. 

Should I say that I don’t care that much?

Wondering if I should say something to her, Yuzuka-san stared at me with a determined eye.



“I’m sorry about the other day! But it wasn’t like that. That was just a joke, yeah, it was an aristocratic joke! You see, wasn’t the restaurant had a very “mature” atmosphere? So, I said that trying to get rid of the tension! The truth, I didn’t book the suite, and that key was just a prank to liven up the air. I didn’t think that I had a chance for “that” or anything! Never! So, Kohaku-kun, please don’t take it seriously, just take it as a joke! I would be very happy if you do that! That’s about it! Do you have anything you don’t understand?!”

…… Isn’t this what you call a “desperate excuse”? Or maybe she’s trying to push all the way? Well, whatever. Yuzuka-san, who is desperate like this, is also cute.

Hearing Yuzuka-san denied the invitation she did that much, somehow it tingled my pride as a man.

“Hmm… I understand. So, that was all just a joke…”


My claim was accepted in instant, and Yuzuka’s expression became a smile with relief. I looked at that face, with a little provocative expression… but with a seductive smile, and said,

“I see, well, what a shame. If that wasn’t a joke, that day, “something” would have happened between us.”


“Really, what a shame.”

Yuzuka-san was struck by my words. Then, she gradually turned her face red, perhaps understanding the meaning of my words.

“That’s… you meanー”

“ ” ” ” “H-Haaaahhhh?!!” ” ” “ “

A loud voice rose from the classroom so as to block Yuzuka’s thin voice. Shino-san, who was closest to me, came to me.

“K-kohaku-kun! What does that mean!? Well, it’s good that you’re that healthy, but it might be a little problematic for me, Shino Toukain, to keep being sane in the school!”

Shino-san grabbed my shoulder and shook as hard as she could. 

I gave up on the strong momentum.

“I-it’s a joke. Just a joke…! It’s a commoner joke!”

“… Joke? Really? You’re not lying?”

Shino-san’s devilish face was scary.

…I thought the book was useless, but it was unexpectedly useful.


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  1. The proposition from last chapter wouldnt have gotten minus points from me, especially because she seemed so remorseful about it. This playing it off as a joke though, even as a panicking misguided attempt at making up, would’ve been a minus though. Own up to your mistakes, don’t become a ‘schrodingers douchebag’.

    Thanks for the chapters.

    1. It’s a very different world after all. With men being a rare breed and the majority being anti female the risk associated with upsetting one you care about must be overwhelming. Hes in a position of 100% power and could end not only their relationship but also bring damage to her family and their company with just a few words.

      I can understand her desperation to play her mistake off as a joke. Luckily for her shes dealing with an irregular. Any other boy and her life would have taken harsh turn.

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