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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 247

247. The result of the date

……Yuzuka came home with a zombie-like face. Not only the face, but also the fluttering way of walking, which was also like a zombie. Yuzuki Seikagu, one of the four major aristocrats and nicknamed “No. 1 Normie” in the aristocratic world, simply thought so when she saw her beloved daughter.

For the time being, Yuzuki chewed the rice cracker that she had brought to her mouth, and refreshed her mouth with tea. Meanwhile, Yuzuka sat in a chair near her, and she stayed prone as if she threw her body onto the table. The maid was clearly confused by Yuzuka’s unusual behavior. Even her younger brother, who was eating rice crackers with her, was worried about her, but at the same time, sick of his sister’s attitude.

Yuzuki guessed that Yuzuka might have made a mistake on the date when she saw her daughter who didn’t make a slight movement. Considering the progress, she thought that the boy named Kohaku Hatano wouldn’t get angry even if her daughter failed a little. In fact, Yuzuki pulled back the person she sent to the park fast, and the report of the progress of their dates was stopped.

But now, Yuzuki thought that she had made a terrible mistake. Well, anyway, nothing she could do now, other than to listen to it directly from her daughter.

“… So, what the hell did you do?”

When asked, Yuzuka shook her body, but she didn’t get up.

“Seriously… I can’t give you any advice if you don’t talk, you know? If it failed, nothing you could do since it already happened. Now you should think what to do next, since it’s Kohaku-kun we’re talking about, I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

“T-That’s right! I don’t know what my dear sister said, but I’m sure you will be forgiven by him!”

Hearing the words of her mother and brother, Yuzuka shook her body and rose it up from the table.

“… Do you think so?”

“Yes, so talk now, fast.”


Yuzuka corrected her posture and began talking about today’s date.

“So, I think today’s date went really well. Again, because I’ve never dated someone else, it’s just my assumption…”

“Well, I know because I received the report until halfway. I thought it was going well, so I pulled back the support staff.”

“Hmm. I think it went smoothly. At lunch, we bought various things at the food stalls and compared them, and even bring the food, “Aaaaー” to each other! It was fun. And, and! You see, some of the sauce left on my mouth. However, Kohaku-kun said something is on my mouth, while gently wiping it with his handkerchief, you know?! He’s very kind! Yeah, so kind!”

Yuzuki turned to her daughter, who happily began to talk about today’s date, while thinking whether her daughter was really depressed or not. 

Anyway, Ui, heard his sister’s story with shining eyes as if he had been longing for such a date. The truth, he had a date before, but since the partner was Her Royal Highness, he understood that it would be difficult to have such a date……

When Yuzuki saw her daughter happily giving her dating impressions non-stop, she wondered what kind of terrible things had happened since then.

“Yuzuka, I know you enjoyed your date, so what did you fail?”

As Yuzuki returned to the main subject, the happy face suddenly became dark and gloomy. Yuzuki was a little surprised when she saw her daughter’s facial expression changing so fast. Her daughter, Yuzuka, was a care-free girl. She didn’t complain about the rigorous education of Seikagu, grew up with a gentle and kind personality, studied athletics, did other things at a high level too, and up until now, she never made any mistakes that could be called a failure.

Yuzuki was proud of such a cute daughter of her. That was why seeing her daughter made a mistake like this, to the point when she looked so depressed, she was surprised but at the same time felt relieved.



“Sorry for being alive… I’m such a stupid girl, I got carried away so easily. Sorry…”

“… What have you really done?”

“I-it’s not like what you think. I just said it because of the atmosphere! It’s not entirely my fault!”

“So, what did you say? Speak in order.”

“Uh, hmm… well, we enjoyed various attractions and watched the parade at the amusement park.”

“It was so good, right? Then?”

In addition, Yuzuki urged her daughter to proceed because she seemed to forget the main topic.

“We enjoyed the amusement park. Then at night, we went to a good restaurant. We had dinner in a place with a beautiful night view.”

“I see, then?”

“It was a popular restaurant, the scenery was good, and the food was good. There were several couples besides us, and the atmosphere was already pink.”


Yuzuki understood that the atmosphere was good……. But pink? Even Ui, also had doubts in his face when Yuzuka said that.

“That’s why I said it…”


“I’ve booked a suite.”

“Aren’t you crazy?”

“I-I know! I just said it without thinking!”

“But, when did you make a hotel reservation!?”

“A-after the break at noon… I-I did it just in case! I just checked if there was a vacant room!”

Well, it wasn’t just a confirmation, since, in the end, Yuzuka booked one. Yuzuki saw her daughter desperately making an apology and thought so.

“No vacant room. So, when I suddenly saw that one reservation had been canceled, I couldn’t help but make a reservation! If you were in my position, you would do the same right?”

“No, I would not! In the first place, how far did you intend to go on your first date!”

“No! It’s not like that! I was just got swept away by the atmosphere!”

“You won’t jump into the stormy sea just because of the atmosphere! Then, How Kohaku-kun look like when he heard that?”

“… He had a face saying, that he couldn’t understand the creature in front of him.”

Yuzuki agreed, even Ui, looked at Yuzuka with that kind of eyes now.

“It was the first time I saw Kohaku-kun with such a face… Why hasn’t a time machine been developed yet? How much longer do I need to wait for it…”

Said so, Yuzuka threw her head onto the table again. When Yuzuki saw it, she thought that her daughter might be unexpectedly stupid.


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  1. This chapter needs a warning. I almost vomited from how hard I was laughing. They haven’t even kissed yet and she tries to book a suite kek I can’t even hahahaha

    1. Exactly this! Poor girl has been far too influenced by that crazy world.i cant wait to hear MC’s pov on it. Oof!

  2. Wao! I know the girls from that world usually act like the men from our world. However, to see a girl committing the same mistake a guy from our world, the word “surreal” was made for this kind of situations.

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