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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 31

So, just for the one who want to know, this is the last ch of Vol 1 of the LN

31. Chapter 31

Walm’s consciousness was rapidly awakened by the subsequent echo of the earth. He stretched his limbs from his dingy cloak and lifted his head from his backpack and waist bag, which he used as a pillow.

Walm’s mood was terrible as he felt wetness in his left hand. He looked down and saw Noor grabbing his left hand and drooling all over it.

Indignant at the inappropriate treatment, Walm held Noor’s nose with his free hand. As Walm had expected, Noor began to choke.

It was Barito who suffered the secondary damage. As Noor swung her limbs, it hit him several times, Barito groaned and held his head with his hands to protect his own cockscomb.

When Walm was satisfied, he released his hand from Noor’s and rubbed his hand on the soil as he burned away the dirt with fire magic.

The dirty men slept side by side. The three idiots were still wracked by poor sleep, and Squad Commander Duwei was snoring.

From a distance, a magic attack landing sound and an angry voice echoed. The stinks of viscera and filth wafted on the wind. It was Walm’s daily routine as usual.

Water was taken from the water bottle and the throat was moistened. Then, as the dried potatoes were bitten off with the back teeth, the sticky texture and sweetness spread across the tongue.

After flattening the potato, Walm tilted the water bottle again and lay back down again.

By the color of the sky and the state of the rising sun, Walm could tell it would be a few more hours before they replace the reserve team. It was still too early to get up.

Walm, who was physically and mentally exhausted, fell asleep early, but his sleep didn’t last long. So he wanted to sleep again.

“Wake up. All of you, Get Up!! It’s an enemy’s big attack. We’ll have to go out soon.”

The angry Squad Commander Duwei, who had woken up before Walm knew it, shook his eardrums. Though he was forced to wake up by the magic or skills of the enemy, it was still a pretty good wake-up call.

Walm jumped up to wear the equipment with a dexterity in which it was no exaggeration to say that he did it without thinking. It took less than a minute to get ready to fight, and all the members of the squad had lined up.

“Listen well, our squad has received an order from (Platoon) Commander Kozul to help the Palma Platoon. The enemy has formed a shield from the trench they dug as usual and is trying to rush. We’ll block this as best as we can, and if a breakthrough is ‘bout to form, wipe it out with Walm’s 《Demon Fire》. It’s an easy task. Walm should save his mana. Jose, you look over Noor and Barito. Willart, it’ll be a burden for you as the only other magic user, but use your mana, all in. Reinus, Tibird, and Danfan, you three shall look closely for the gaps as usual and crush them… Let’s go! Today too, we’ll send those Craist bastards to the sky, TO DUST THEY SHALL RETURN!!!”

“ ” “HHHOOOOOO!!” ” ”

The squad rushed into battle with an explosive shout. 

Dust rose into the sky due to magic attacks, and arrows with wind sounds flew back and forth between the two armies.

Walm grabbed a fist-sized stone and threw it at the Craist soldier struggling on the slope.

After a dull blow that would have struck the body, the soldier lost his balance and fell off his head onto the slope.

The soldier who struggled to keep his balance looked really enthusiastic and healthy. Impressed, Walm once again presented a fist-sized rock. This time the soldier could stand it no longer and rolled to the bottom.

Still, the Craist soldiers, finding the slight dents to break through, didn’t stop advancing.

A fireball hit the shield set up on the slope, blasting pieces of wood, earth and sand around, and the soldiers hiding in the shadows were thrown out by a shock.

An arrow pierced the back of a soldier who was trying to hide behind the rubble. The air trembled. At the edge of Walm’s field of vision, Noor was seen trying to shoot a second arrow.

The second shot also drilled into the collarbone of a Craist soldier, who had turned away from the shield. Walm whistled and wanted to praise the smooth movement. Noor, who had only the average skills of the Highserk Empire soldiers, was actually the best archer in the squad.

With this, cockscomb Barito, the same new recruit, his position in the squad is dangerous. 

After thinking so much about Barito, Walm noticed something.

This is bad. I’m thinking too much again.

It was a bad habit of Walm’s to get lost in thought during the fight. For the moment, he pushed the matter of the rookie’s reputation to the corner of his mind.

Even though the offensive continued several times, this time Walm could see the seriousness of the enemy. Regardless of how many soldiers had fallen, they kept setting up scaffolds and shields on the slopes to try to break through the defensive line. Even the magic-user soldiers, who always supported from behind, leaned forward.

Perhaps one of the magic-users didn’t like the cockscomb, a magic attack was approaching Barito.


Desperately, Barito bent down like a wild rabbit in front of a predator. As the water magic penetrated the embankment, it immediately formed a pillar of ice. Walm shattered it with a longsword.

When a crushed ice block fell on Barito’s whole body, he made a stupid voice.



Embarrassed, Barito then screamed angrily at Walm, who laughed at him.

“You don’t have to laugh like that!”

This time it was Walm’s turn. An earth projectile, which seemed to have been formed by earth attribute magic, flew toward Walm. Earth attribute magic, one of the four attribute magics, was useful despite its apparent blandness.

Building bases, siege battles, and increasing the overall strength of troops with a golem. And from what Walm knew, there were many types of magic used on the battlefield, but among them, Earth Attribute Magic <Earth Bullet> was the most commonly used, even if it was the basic magic.

Instead of using mana to create something out of nothing, it was much more efficient to use up mana to twist and manipulate existing substances. As magic that literally made you pull your head in, it was harder not to see a <Earth Bullet> on the battlefield.

Walm saw the stunned face of the magic user behind the golem. It seemed to shock him greatly that the magic he was so proud of was shattered with a sword. But he didn’t give up and shot <Earth Bullet> at Walm again and again.

“I guess you want to play with mud, huh?”

When Walm knocked the earth attack down the third time, a fireball came flying from another direction. Walm pretended to dodge it, but his heart said otherwise. After all, as someone with a fire attribute, he was strong against magic with the same attribute.

Even if the fire caused burns to others, it would only be hot if one possessed the fire-attribute. After acquiring 《Demon Fire》, Walm had gained resistance to fire and heat, and it was exceptional even among those who had the same attribute.

As a result, some flames struck Walm, but he was covered with a magical barrier along with equipment, so he remained literally unharmed. The problem was that out of nowhere, some hands held Walm’s body.

“Oi, using your comrades as a wall?! Are you serious?!”

Walm was slightly angry with Jose and the two rookies who had slipped into his shadow.

Walm was terribly indignant at his comrades who chose the meat shield, in this case, him, as their best choice, even though they could afford to dodge or use a shield.

“Well, Walm-san sure is amazing!”

“Rightー, even if the flame hit directly, not even a scratch.”

“Good defense, with no fireproof equipment required.”

If one could kill others with just a gaze… the bow idiot, the cockscomb, and the schemer, Walm was confident that his gaze could kill them now.

“Tch, you’re all really troublesome.”

Walm wanted to get close to the three, but didn’t have time for that.

Perhaps the enemy soldiers thought they had caught the troublesome ones, for they jumped vigorously out of the trench and came toward Walm.


The enemy soldiers all jumped out at once. The proportion of knights, higher than before, was reflected in Walm’s eyes. Especially the knight who ran at the front looked so troublesome to deal with.

The flowing purple hair and the fineness of the body could be seen even from the top of the armor. When Walm saw the woman, he thought that she must be a woman who had become a knight because of her family, so he decided not to pay much attention to her. At first, he thought like this.

However, Walm changed his mind when he saw how the round shield the woman was holding, covered with her mana, countered the <Air Blade>, and the friendly army leaning out of the embankment was pierced by a javelin.

The female knight seemed to have 《Iron Wall》 and also had a ridiculous amount of mana. Contrary to her appearance, the knight seemed to have muscle-brain as she jumped to her own death without hesitation. Walm didn’t want to fight such a person. He thought that only Squad Commander Duwei was suitable for her.

Squad Commander Duwei smiled with shining eyes, such imagination crossed Walm’s mind. 

In any case, Walm didn’t want to have hand-to-hand combat with her.


In Walm’s ears sounded a heartbreaking cry of Platoon Commander Kozul. Considering the intentions of his boss and the desire not to have a direct fight with the female knight, Walm took the mask from his waist bag. The mask continued to vibrate as if it could wait no longer.

The horror ―― the convenience of this mask is that it’ll stick to your face.

Without hesitation, Walm put the mask on, and prepared to use the skill.

Walm was ready to spit out his mana from his entire body, using up all of his preserved mana at once. Hot air and flames began to come out from his body. However, the female knight in front of Walm didn’t waver.

Instead, her sharp eyes captured Walm’s attention wholeheartedly.

In peacetime, Walm would welcome such a stare, as there were probably no murderous intentions behind it, but in the current situation, where neither of them was present, Walm thought the stare was a horrible thing that came to him.

Nevertheless, Walm didn’t waver; his dominance was still there. Walm had experienced seeing a person still moved even after his whole body was covered with 《Demon Fire》.

But it was different from then, now Walm was in a favorable situation. Besides the support from the friendly army, the enemy was still running up the slope. Walm only needed to shoot the fire and burn the enemies under his eyes.

The moment《Demon Fire》 was activated ――The group rapidly stopped and kept their posture low making as much contact with the ground as possible.

Some of them formed mud walls and trenches. If it was just magic, it was enough as a measure, but before 《Demon Fire》, there was no point in defending unless they blocked all directions.

There were no longer any assumptions that the knight would charge into the 《Demon Fire》, which Walm was afraid of, but at the same time, doubts arose.

Why is she still standing perfectly and solidifying her defenses despite this momentum?

Why haven’t the Craist soldiers learned from yesterday, and choose the same attack tactics?

Am I thinking too much?

――Walm wondered if he was thinking too much and tried to change his thoughts, but he was stunned by the mana swelling in the back trench.

“You’re kidding me…”

Momentarily squinted and searched for its source, Walm spotted something out of place.

A boy with black hair and black eyes, and a girl with chestnut skin and black hair, they were looking at him.

Walm knew few people whose mana was visible to the eyes. And it still bulged many times over. As he looked closer, he saw many other magic-user soldiers lurking.

Goosebumps ran all over his body and cold sweat flowed.


Walm cursed himself and stared at the boy and the girl. He was trapped. He was privy to the enemy’s plan. His eyes were blinded by the variety of magic that filled his field of vision, especially the dazzling light.

While leaning toward the area with a slightly lower density, Walm shot 《Demon Fire》 with all his might. 

Countless magic collided and caused a great explosion. The concussion made the hair flutter, and the whole body was beaten up by flying objects and the shockwave.

As if to erode 《Demon Fire》, the magic rushed toward Walm with only a slight decline in power.

Walm manipulated the hot air and steered his body as far back as possible, but he was too late.


Squad Commander Duwei, calling his name, appeared at the edge of his field of vision, but the stream of light engulfed the whole squad.

“Aaahhh― “

As a last stand, Walm folded up his limbs, covered his ears, and exhaled. Pain coursed through his stiff body. He felt the light, the explosion, and the shockwave touch his body. Front, back, left, and right were now unknown. Swallowed by the stream, he started to lose the sense of his body.

Again, am I gonna die again?

―― After the sensation of being twisted ran through the body, the field of vision began to disappear and it became dark. Even though it was so noisy, all sounds disappeared. And finally, Walm’s consciousness disappeared completely.

End of vol 1 Illustration

TN: here, an illustration of the one in spotlight of this vol 1

Another Illustration in vol 1

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TN: Join my discord channel if you want.

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