Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 246

246. Close contact

The amusement park date was going on without any accidents. In the all-you-can scream attraction, we enjoyed screaming out loud, in the attractions that imitated jungle exploration, we were surprised by the real beasts, and in the haunted house, we walked while hugging each other. Approximately, if I must score the amusement park date, I would give a score over 90 points.

“I’m getting hungry. Don’t you?”

In Yuzuka’s words, when I looked at my watch, it was a good time to have lunch.

“Well, the time is just right, should we eat now?”

“Yes… Hmm, the restaurant that has a reputation for being delicious in “Fanta” is…”

While muttering the abbreviation for the name of the amusement park, “fantastic space”, Yuzuka-san opened the pamphlet and began to check the location, so I also looked in from the side.


When I raised my face to such a small voice, Yuzuka-san’s face was right next to me. It was a distance where you could clearly feel each other’s breathing, and since you had eyes at such a short distance, it was natural to be aware of each other. Yuzuka-san’s beautiful white skin gave off a slightly reddish and glossy color, probably because of her embarrassment.

When I felt good seeing a beautiful girl at such a short distance, I suddenly remembered a book. It was the book sent when the boys in the class knew that I would date Yuzuka-san. In the book, it was said something like this.

『”Women will try to create a good atmosphere, using all means. However, it should not be answered easily. Why? You thought so, right? It’s easy. When you answer it, the woman will think, “This guy is damn eeeasy! I don’t want to spend money on such an eeeasy manー”. Then, what should I do? You have such a question, right? The correct answer here is, to take a suggestive behavior. If you do that, you’ll make it look like you’re not so eeeasy, without breaking the atmosphere! As a side effect, it makes women fall in love with you a little more! By making her misunderstand your attitude, the woman will spend more money on you, on the next date.”』

It was a book that wrote the horribly worst takes about a date. 

Sure, I want to be a boy who will get a lot of things from a girl, but I’m a good boy, so I can’t be so vicious. After all, the most important thing is, that I and the other person are happy!…But! Yes, But! There’s also a fact, that I need to make this clear. In other words, the action I must take here is…

“Yuzuka-san …”


I talked to Yuzuka-san at a distance where it would be a kiss if one of us move a little closer.

“You’re always beautiful, but today, you’re very beautiful…”

“I-is that so?”

“Yeah, somehow…”


“You’re so beautiful, that I almost confess…”


After saying that, when I separated from Yuzuka-san, I continued to say with a smile.


“K-ko-ko-kohaku-kun! Don’t make fun of me!”

“Hahaha, I’m sorry”

While apologizing so, I approached Yuzuka-san again. 

……As expected, the correct answer is to say this kind of embarrassing line with full confidence and throw my shame away in the trash can.

I thought so while looking at angry Yuzuka-san, who puffed out her cheeks and looked so cute.

“If Kohaku-kun doesn’t have anything particular you want to eat, I’ll decide on my own!”


“It’s a payback for being a meanie!”

“Yuzuka-san became meanie…”

“No, I’m not a meanie!”

“… Hmm”

“W-what is that face …?”

“The words I mentioned earlier, were dead serious.”


“So, where should we eat lunch?”

Yuzuka-san was stunned by the words of my pursuit attack. While making such a bittersweet youth memory, I looked into the pamphlet again, and I saw a shadow of something. 

When I raised my face, there was someone in a costume. It was a different character from the mascot I met in the morning who stood there.

“Do you have something to say?”

When I asked that, the mascot pointed to one of the shops in the pamphlet. There were many pictures of food stalls there.

“Here is… oh, maybe it’s a recommended lunch spot. Well, it’s definitely a popular spot for lunch. It seems to be one of the places to stop by when you come to Fanta.”

“Oh, thank you.”

I thanked the mascot, who nodded and went away. But the mascot suddenly started doing shadow boxing at a distance. 

…… Maybe the one inside is a martial artist?



“L-Let’s go! Quick!”

Yuzuka-san somehow shyly said that. When I tilt my head to that attitude. 

Then, Yuzuka-san said in a quieter voice than before.

“W-we’ve gathered the eyes of the surroundings…”

The surroundings?

When I looked around, mysteriously, the customers around us were looking at me… and Yuzuka-san, with dead eyes. 

…I see, it’s natural to get a lot of attention. After all, most of the people around are women. If you’re on a date and you look to be on good terms, everyone will have their eyes on you, right?

Well, if you are in the opposite position, of course, you will have dead eyes and want to cry!


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