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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 245

245. First Attraction

“Welcome to “Monster Survival”! Before starting the attraction, I will explain “Monster Survival” to everyone! Please listen for a while!”

The attraction promoted by the mascot characters was an attraction where you could enjoy gun action. 

According to the pamphlet, it seems to be a hunting game using a technology called AR… augmented reality. Well, it seems that the staff will explain the things before doing it.

“Everyone, there are actually a lot of dangerous creatures in the world… They are evil beasts called monsters, they spit fire, fly in the sky, and attack people! They’re such scary beasts! But! Yes, but we, Fantastic Space staff managed to seal this place after a fierce battle! “

……The staff here is amazing huh. Are they all cyborgs or something?

“But, even if we were able to seal it, the fierce battle caused the staff to be exhausted, and most of them had to take a rest due to work-related accidents. However, the number of monsters continues to increase. They will overflow at this rate. If that happens, the world will be in turmoil. We, Fantastic Space, are a company that helps everyone’s peace and happiness. I was worried… All the staff was worried.”

Why do you need to mix it with reality? 

The staff who explained the attractions had a terribly angry expression and appealed to us. However, she suddenly looked like she noticed something and spoke brightly.

“And so, we noticed. If the staff can’t do it, let the customer do it!”

Isn’t it supposed to be your job…?

“Don’t worry. It’s easy!”

The staff took out a slightly larger gun and explained how to use it.

“If you pull the trigger of this gun a little, a red mark will appear. Target the monster attacking with the mark…”

When the staff said so, a monster with feathers appeared nearby. The staff then put the red mark on it and pulled the trigger.

“After you pull the trigger to the end it like this, the subjugation is completed. Depending on the monster, you may not be able to defeat it with one shot, so please hit it many times! Points will be added depending on the monster you defeated. We will take a commemorative photo for the customers who get the high score, so please do your best to get the highest score! Then the first group, please follow me!”

With that voice, the first group began to move.

“Kohaku-kun, let’s do our best!”

Yuzuka-san was enthusiastic.

“Yuzuka-san is so motivated.”

“Of course, this is my first collaboration with Kohaku-kun!”

Yuzuka-san smiled.

…Shouldn’t this be called co-op play rather than collaboration?

“It’s dangerous because it’s full of scary monsters, so let’s hold hands!”

“You want to play one-handed!?”

Why make the difficulty hard? 

When I declined politely, Yuzuka-san was very disappointed.

When our turn came and we entered the attraction, the monster we saw in the explanation soon appeared, and the next moment I wanted to shoot, it had disappeared with a sad sound. It was terrifyingly fast. Looking at Yuzuka who had slaughtered the monster,

“I will protect Kohaku-kun.” 


Seeing Yuzuka-san making a cute… cool pose, I could only say the words, thank you. 

What drives Yuzuka-san to this extent?

With the efforts of Yuzuka-san, the first attraction was over. As I approached the exit, Yuzuka-san muttered.

“The first collaboration is over…”

…… It was almost a solo play rather than a collaboration! Well, it seems you enjoyed it so much, so it’s fine, I guess?

“Congratulations! You’ve got the new highest score! Then, please come here to take a commemorative photo.”

“Wow, we did it, Kohaku-kun! Let’s take a picture!”

“Well well, it’s a beautiful boy and girl couple. You look good together. I envy you.”


Yuzuka-san laughed shyly at the praise of the person in charge at the exit.

“Oh, can you both get a little closer? Yes, a little more. A little more.”

As instructed by the person in charge, when I moved, our bodies came into contact with each other, and the temperature and softness were transmitted from the touched part, which made me feel a little embarrassed.


Apparently, Yuzuka-san was also embarrassed and had a red face.

“Good, I’ll take it now. Ready, cheese… Thank you! I’ll give you the photos as data.”

“Thank you”

Yuzuka-san happily answered.

“Kohaku-kun, Kohaku-kun, can I post this on SNS?”

“Eh, Okay.”


That said, Yuzuka-san immediately started operating her smartphone. When I see Yuzuka-san, who was more childish than usual, it naturally made me have a smile on my face.


“Hmm~, Yuzuka, you should have moved your body a little closer. You have to hit him with your breasts and make him aware of it…”

Yuzuki muttered when she saw the picture given to her by Yuzuka.


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