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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 28

28. Chapter 28

After repeatedly destructing roads and bridges, the Liguria battalion was about to reach the meeting point, Sarajevo Fortress.

The abandonment of the occupied territory of Ferrius Kingdom was divided within the military, but with a voice from Commander Berger, it was decided that Highserk army would withdraw to the border of the former Myard.

This key point was located on the border between Ferrius and the former Myard, when Kanoa Kingdom was still there, it functioned as an anti-demon territory and an anti-Ferrius.

Surrounded by mountains, even if people wanted to try to detour, they would have to go through the area where the most powerful monsters infest the continent, and if they couldn’t defeat them, detouring would be out of the question. So, it could be said as an advantageous terrain for the defensive side.

After the conquest of Aidenberg, the number of soldiers required to maintain the fortress was greatly reduced and the castle fell in a short time, without fulfilling its mission in the face of the onslaught of the army of the Highserk Empire.

The Highserk army, that gathered here, was enough to utilize the fortress, and because the fortress fell in a short period of time, the damage to the defense facility was minor and it seemed that repairs had already been completed.

Walm had already seen many Highserk soldiers other than the Liguria Battalion, who had already entered the fortress before him. Other than scouts and messengers, whose busy running around, military engineers were busy with construction work.

“The number of troops on par with the battle of Aidenberg is gathering here huh.”

It was Squad Commander Duwei who said that.

“Yeah, I feel the road is too narrow.”

Said Jose as he avoided the passing horses that complained.

“Isn’t it better than having few allies?”

Noor was delighted by the situation.

“I had a terrible time at the mine.”

Barito, who imagined a deadly battle in the mine, shook his cockscomb.

“Sure, it’s better than a mine, but I want to have a relax time and eat as much as I can.”

Said Walm, who wasn’t holding a round shield or a halberd, but a potato.

As he walked, he peeled the potatoes with a knife, relying on the feel of his hands.

The potatoes, which weren’t cooked, were starchy and had a terrible and light texture, but Walm heated them secretly before eating them.

If the soldiers around him notice it, he would have been flooded with soldiers asking for the hot potatoes.

Walm carried the hot potatoes to his mouth while lightly sneering at Noor and Barito, who had their mouth full of potatoes.

“… Walm”

Walm felt a brief chill run down his spine. 

The camouflage should have been perfect. No, if someone knows it, it must be――

Walm hoped his premonition was off, but as he feared, Willart was behind him.

In his hand was a cup filled with salt water and peeled potatoes.

Willart, a magic user, knew what Walm was doing. He didn’t say it in words, but Walm understood. That Willart was urging him to cook.

When it came to fire attributes, Walm was better than Willart. And he had learned how to control the heat at the mine.

Walm understood his role. But that didn’t mean he would do it for free.

“Today’s water duty, can you replace me?”


Willart clicked his tongue, but the words of refusal didn’t fall. Walm warmed the cup with fire magic. He made a job change from a human heater to a walking human heater.

Willart happily brought the boiled potatoes to his mouth.

The problem was the steam and smell that rose during cooking. The smell of salt-boiled potatoes was too fragrant.

“Willart, you’re eating really good food huh.”

The first to notice was Squad Commander Duwei.

“What are you talking about?”

Willart tried to play dumb, but it wasn’t convincing when he said it while chewing on the steamy potatoes.

It was Jose who noticed it next.

“Oi, Walm, you just handed something to Willart, didn’t you?”

“It’s just your hallucination.”

Walm broke out in a cold sweat, but the pursuit didn’t stop.

“Walm, you can cook while walking, right?”

Squad Commander Duwei hit the mark. Thinking of the possibility of being freed from the nightmares of raw potatoes, he looked at Walm with envious eyes.

“Walm, you do know it, right? We don’t eat hot meals because we prioritize our movement speed.”

Jose spoke to Walm like a teacher reminding the student.

“If I can have boiled potatoes, I feel like I can do my best.”

“Yeah, I feel like I can still walk for a long time if I have boiled potatoes.”

As soon as the words of the two newcomers were let free, the three idiots hurled curses and insults at Walm.

“Okay, I understand. I just have to boil while walking, right? But bring my luggage for me.”

Walm, who had the idea, distributes his baggage and armor to the squad members.

Instead, he got a pot with a lot of potatoes to support the squadron’s stomach.

“Damn it, why did it end up like this?”

Willart poured water into the pot. Walm began to heat it with fire magic. The eyes of the soldiers who passed them were various.

Well, if a soldier was holding a pot and boiling potatoes, it would be strange not to look at the scene. 

Yeah, I know what you mean…

Some of the soldiers who passed him tried to barter the potatoes with bronze coins.

The aromatic smell was sniffed by Platoon Commander Kozul and the boiled potatoes were robbed with a compliment saying, “You’ve been a great help improving the morale of the platoon.”

In exchange for that, Walm was given raw potatoes instead. It was as if the price of heat used for steaming it was free.

Thanks to that, Walm ended up boiling potatoes while walking, over and over again.

“Wow, we should have a hotpot―― “, Jose suddenly said so. And Walm, hearing this, tried to activate 《Demon Fire》with all his might, but it was stopped by all the squad members.


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