Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 244

244. Mission

“A-amusement park?”

“Yes, amusement park!”

Yuzuka was slightly pressured by her mother, Yuzuki, who asserted so strongly.

“In the first place, if you invite him to an amusement park and get an “okay”, I’ll say that you’re pretty good friends.”

…Yuzuka thought it was true. She talked a lot with Kohaku at school, and he attended her brother’s birthday party as her partner. It could be said that she was on good terms. But, it was unclear if a boy named Kohaku Hatano had a romantic feeling for her, one thing for sure, at least he probably didn’t have any bad feelings for her…. But Yuzuka thought, that even if she wasn’t the one who invited him to the amusement park, he might still have taken the invitation… And perhaps that guess was correct.

“But I think Kohaku-kun would say okay even if it wasn’t me…”

Despite his popularity, Kohaku had a good personality. Even when Kohaku met Miyabi for the first time, he accepted to go on a dinner date. Ordinary boys wouldn’t go on dates so easily, they would refuse at least a few times, only after seeing the guts, they would finally consider it. Yuzuka had at least heard from the girls around her, mainly from the maids who took care of her, that she needed guts to drop a man’s heart. But even after you finally opened the lock of the man’s heart, you might find that the boy you love, was actually pretty often “associated” with other girls. Still, she didn’t plan to lose to even if that was the case. Again, she couldn’t help but be impatient.

“Even if that’s true, that’s fine, because it’s you, Yuzuka, who will actually have a date with him.”


“Even if Kohaku-kun is a boy who doesn’t refuse an invitation, it’s just mean that, he has a little different way in how he values the other person. Either way, it’s still a good idea to get along with him on the next date, right?”


“The important thing is to have fun on a date and make Kohaku-kun think of Yuzuka as a good woman.”

Listening to her mother’s words, Yuzuka was somehow convinced. But she found it difficult to make Kohaku think “Yuzuka is a good woman”. 

As if such thoughts appeared on her face, Yuzuki encouraged Yuzuka with a smile.

“But Yuzuka, you’re in a superior position than other girls.”

“A superior position?”

“Yeah, Yuzuka is the successor to this Seikagu Household. Perhaps I don’t need to say this, but our household has a financial strength that looks attractive to boys. “

Yuzuka was stunned by the straightforward words of Yuzuki.

“K-kokhaku-kun doesn’t care about that…”

“Hmm, that may be right. But still, isn’t it better to have it?”

“That’s… right, but… but, it doesn’t have anything to do with visiting in an amusement park…”

“What are you talking about? Of course, it is.”


“Amusement parks are surprisingly expensive for ordinary high school students.”

Yuzuki then said the example price of the ticket, food and drinks in the park, souvenirs and items to enjoy in the park, one after another.

“There is no doubt that it’ll leave a good impression if Yuzuka casually gives it to him. It’s a big expense for the girls in your class, except for Shino-chan. Besides, Yuzuka spends money for buying and selling stocks. Because you earn the money, you don’t feel guilty about the money at home, right? “

“That’s right…”

Needless to say, Yuzuka planned to bear the cost of dating from the start, but when Yuzuki said it that way to her, it made her feel like a calculating woman.

“But that’s the minimum.”

“T-the minimum…”

“Of course. It’s the minimum, since Yuzuka can afford to do that…. Well, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but in that case, Kohaku-kun’s evaluation of Yuzuka may be going low.”

“That is… I hate it…”


“Then let’s get back to the story.” 

Yuzuki returned to the story after she took a little break.

“Um. So, listen carefully. There are many chances of physical contact in amusement parks. A typical example is haunted house. Well, if you both enjoy it, you will join hands spontaneously… it may even lead to a hug.”

When Yuzuka received Yuzuki’s words, she thought of her hugging Kohaku, her face blushed.

“That’s why I will impose a mission on Yuzuka to deepen your relationship with Kohaku-kun.”


“Yeah, both Toukain and Minakatain are actively working on it, so you can’t afford to lose.”


“Don’t make such a dissatisfied face. Yuzuka wants to get along with Kohaku-kun, right?”

“That’s right, but…”

“Then, do your best”

Reluctantly, Yuzuka nodded.

Seeing that, Yuzuki smiled.

“Then, the mission is…”


“You must kiss Kohaku-kun. Kiss him.”

“All right….”

Yuzuka went to think of how to do the mission. But when the words “Kiss” repeatedly crossing her mind and…


“Yuzuka, stop it. It’s noisy.”

“W-what do you mean by kiss him!? From the flow of the story, shouldn’t it be hug him!?”

“As far as I know, I think it’s too easy.”

“But a kiss is… if I fail, I’ll be hated…”

“Maybe. But Yuzuka, I think Kohaku-kun knows your feelings. Then, if you don’t act, your relationship with him won’t get any further. Or what? Do you want to see other girls get along with him from the side without doing anything? Then regret it later? In the end, whether things work or not, no one knows if you don’t make any actions.”

“… I hate that”

“If so, act. Be more aggressive. As far as I can see, it’s not a losing game, and don’t worry, I’ll also support you.”


Hearing Yuzuki’s words, Yuzuka tilted her head.

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