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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 242

242. A date plan

“This… no, it’s not good… then this…?”

While muttering so, Yuzuka Seikagu was engaged in the work of pulling out clothes from the closet and throwing them out. However, no matter how many clothes Yuzuka had, the end would come soon.

Yuzuka muttered when she saw the empty closet.

“… I have to buy new clothes”

“Wait a minute!”

It was Yuzuki, Yuzuka’s mother, who stopped her. Yuzuki asked her daughter about what had happened with her, who came back with a very enthusiastic look, and Yuzuka answered, reddening her face, that she would go on a date with Kohaku next weekend.

Yuzuki also hoped that her daughter’s date would be successful, but she wondered what this dismay was. The number of clothes that Yuzuka had was befitted for her to be called the daughter of Seikagu Household. So once all of it was thrown out from the closet, the room would be a mess in a blink of an eye.

In fact, the maids in the mansion were now picking up the clothes that Yuzuka had thrown out and refolding them. However, from that side, Yuzuka said, “Yeah, I guess that one…” and unfolded the folded clothes. So, her maids couldn’t see the end of their works. It was no exaggeration to say what she did was like piling up stones and breaking them over and over again near the riverbank.

“Which one is it?”

“Huff, it’s good to have new clothes for a date, but where are you going to invite Kohaku-san?”


“Why do you suddenly look so strange?”

“Eh… hmm…”

“Seriously… if you haven’t decided where to go, you won’t be able to decide on clothes. A shop with a dress code and a delicious ramen shop will have different clothes to wear, you know?”


“If you understand, clean up the room for the time being. Then think about a date plan. But, fufufu. You can be relieved. I have a track record of shooting down Kuji-san and still monopolizing him. Perhaps I can help you make a plan.”


Seen by her daughter with glittering eyes, Yuzuki felt good. After cleaning up the room, the two started discussing a date plan in a room in the mansion.

“I see. So, Kohaku-san had a date with Miyabi-chan the other day, is that right?”

“Yeah. This is the plan of the two on the day.”

On the paper presented by Yuzuka, a letter was stamped in red, “important”, which described the place and time when the two of them dated, and the reaction of the two. If this was seen by Kohaku, he would for sure get turned off. Yuzuki picked the letter and went to read it.

“I see, Miyabi-chan went with a normal but more than average date plan. In short, her plan was solid and safe. I get that impression based on this. As expected, she’s just used to dating.”

“Solid and safe?”

“Yes, they went to see an event… In this case, it’s a museum. Well, there is a need to change the location depending on the interests of the other party. After that, after giving gifts when shopping, they went to a meal. It’s what you call a classic date plan……. Well, for some reason, there are other people in the dinner, though?”

Then, Yuzuka asked, intentionally ignoring the last word.

“Then, I should do something different, right?”

“Right, Kohaku-san may not care, but after all, I think that he’ll think “It’s the same as last time”, if you do the same.”

Upon hearing the words, Yuzuka thought and said what had come up in her mind.

“How about hiking? I mean, there seems to be a lot of boys who climb just for fun these days.”

Yuzuka suggested with a smile that she came up with a good idea. However, her mother, Yuzuki, ruthlessly told her lovely daughter.


“Eeeh! Why!?”

“Of course, you know why. Sure, it would be a nice idea if Kohaku-san likes hiking, but there’s no such information anywhere. You may invite him to do that if you both have gone on a date many times, but to choose that for your first date… Mom thinks that at worst, Kohaku-san will think “Nope, this girl is a no-no”.”

Yuzuki continued to talk regardless Yuzuka who was still in shock with her criticism.

“Listen to me, Yuzuka. I think it’s good that you like Kohaku-san, and he’s perfect for Seikagu Household. But, you need to remember, attractive men are popular. They can have as many partners as they want. It’s not hard for them to accumulate money either. It’s possible that your name will be completely taken out from the candidate list just by this one date.”

Yuzuki gently said to Yuzuka.

“While Toukain and Minakatain are also inviting Kohaku-san, if only you who get rejected, think what will happen. Once you jump into a high-class society, you may see your friends getting along with the man you once loved, many times. And you can only stay in the sideline.”

Imagining that, Yuzuka turned her face pale.

“T-then, what should I do…”

“Well, I think the classic plan is good”

Yuzuka tilted her head to the words. She just said that the second decoction was useless. However, when Yuzuki saw her daughter, she smiled lightly and said,

“There is not only one of a classic plan!”

“I-is that so…?”

“Yes, another classic plan in dating is. Amusement park!”


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  1. well by far amusement is safest place.. unless your partner has motoion sickeness, acrophobia, androphobia, and ghost.

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