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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 241

241. Class trial

After school, only boys were gathering in the classroom for some reason. This was because the boys kicked out the girls right after the homeroom was over. But on the contrary, when I was about to go home, I was detained.

After confirming that all the girls had disappeared, Fukushima stood on the podium and wrote the letters on the blackboard in bold letters. The characters written in a cool and light rhythm were

『Meetings of Boys, by Boys, for Boys』

Is that Lincoln’s famous quote? [TN; Abraham Lincoln]

I was surprised at the words. I thought some famous quotes from the previous world had just crossed dimensions… Anyway, Fukushima started to talk as if he was the speaker of a council.

“Now, gentlemen, I’m sorry to have taken your time after school.”

“I’m fine!”

“Fufu, it doesn’t matter.”

Fukushima nodded to the words that there was no problem, and expressed his gratitude.

“Thank you, everyone. As expected, the unity of the boys is the best. Being reminded, I can’t stop my tears.”

After Fukushima deliberately pretended to wipe his tears, he made a sharp and determined expression and hit the blackboard with a loud noise.


“Today I want to talk about what a boy should be! I don’t think there is a man here who wonders why suddenly?”

No, there is. Me. So, why suddenly!?? 

However, the story went on regardless of my feelings.

“Yeah, of course…”

“I’ve noticed it since before, but this time it’s too much.”

“… The discipline of boys is getting sloppy.”

Ah, they want to say something to me. I see, I get it now.

“Defendant, Kohaku Hatano. Forward.”

……Why does it suddenly become a trial? The letters on the blackboard are “Meeting”, you know?

“So, why am I the defendant…?”

“Huh!? You still don’t understand!? That’s why Hatano is a no-no.”

Other boys sighed and covered their faces with their hands to match Fukushima’s words. 

…… What should I do, I really want to hit all of you guys…

“Well, anyway. Prosecutor, read out Hatano’s charges.”

“Yes. Defendant, Kohaku Hatano was invited to a date by Yuzuka Seikagu this morning and replied without hesitation.”

When I heard the charge, I tilted my head and pondered. 

This morning’s exchanges? What these guys are saying? Did I do something strange…


Do these guys, in love with Yuzuka-san??? 

……I see, well I understand why. She is kind, cute, and rich. No matter how “I love myself” the boys in here, they can’t resist her charms huh.

So, they are jealous of me since I was invited to a date by her, and it becomes like this. Even though these guys can’t invite her themselves… I guess this is their last resistance? Hahaha, now that I understand it, what these guys are doing seems to be cute…

But unfortunately, the reality doesn’t change even if you denounce me. By all means, please remember to take action on your own from now on.

“Defendant, do you accept the charges?”


“Good… I will give the punishment to the defendant.”

“Hm? Wait a minute”

I asked them to wait in a speedy reaction. Everyone in this place was mysteriously tilting their necks to my sudden intrusion. Somehow their uniform reactions made me angry.

“What is Hatano?”

“What you say, I mean, what did I do wrong?”

Fukushima was surprised at my question.

“… Urrrg, You still don’t understand!? If so, it can’t be helped. Prosecutor, talk in detail!”

“Well well, seriously… Is it the result of being praised too much as the “King of Boys”… It can’t be helped then.”

“You, prepare yourself later.”

“Hiik…! I-I won’t lose to such a threat! Hatano, did you have a date with Miyabi Minakatain the other day!?”

I nodded, wondering what the question had to do with it.

“See! Even so, how can you accept so lightly when asked to have a date again… and moreover, it’s a date with a different girl!”

From the boys around me who heard the prosecutor’s words, a voice cheering for the prosecutor came flying, saying, “Yeah, Yeah, That’s right.”

“Sorrowfully, some boys have a date once they were given money or some even have a physical relationship, but we’re Kenran class 1-1 boys! We’re the chosen ones, we need to keep our dignity and pride! Don’t you think so!? “

It seems that my classmates’ loyalty to school was growing without my knowledge.

“As the prosecutor says, Hatano. You’re a little too free-spirited these days, so read this as a punishment.”

There were several books placed on the table. I picked up the top one and checked the title. It was written as “Man’s manners”. Another book was “What is the pride of elite boys?”, seeing two was enough for me to make a conclusion that probably all books had such titles.

I had a very bitter expression on my face.

“Don’t look like that…. I’ll send all of it by express delivery.”

I’m not worried about such a place!

“Fukushima, maybe that’s not what Hatano is worried about.”

“Eh… I-is that so? Isn’t it heavy to bring all of these…”

“With Hatano’s strength, that’s not a place to worry about.”

Thank God. Some boys understand it. I can’t read many books like this.  

Usually, the boys would act dumb but, this time it was in my favor, so I didn’t say anything.

“Hatano, rest assured. I’ll send it in with prepayment.”

It’s not that too!


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    1. Idiots won’t learn even if they die. However, knocking some sense on them, with “a little” force, can make things easier for a while.

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