Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 240

240. The love story has not finished yet

『”The hot topic in various places, that “H”, has a stealth date!??”』

When I was watching TV while eating bread in the morning, a scoop with such a title came out. This morning’s show, was a show hosted by two people. They would announce the scoop in a one by one in order, in a fast pace. It was a very popular morning show.

And in such a popular TV show, ordinary people’s date wouldn’t be there as no one would care. Thinking that this “H” mentioned by them must some famous person, I wanted to stop but… I decided to watch the continuation carefully.

『”Person “H “of this topic! It’s a popular person that everyone knows now! And that person! An information that this “H” was on a stealth date came in! The partner is also amazing! The daughter of a wealthy man who is famous in this country! Perhaps we’ll gets information about their marriage date soon!”』

『”Eeeeh!? That “H”-san… Perhaps, that “H”-san!??”』

『”Which “H”-san, is left to your imagination! However, the rumors of the birth of this hot couple are making a lot of noise in every place! in every direction!”』

『”Objection! Sure it’s a stealth date, but there is also information about it as just going out with friends. There is also information that other people had joined from the middle.”』

I quietly picked up the remote control and changed channels.

…… It seems that those people from TV station are unexpectedly free huh.

“Kohaku-sama, it’s about time.”

“Oh, right. I’ll go now”

I said so to Maria and left the house.


On the way to school, I was thinking about the show. 

For some reason, I feel that the outer moat is gradually being filled. If that is the case, then is it Minakatain-san? Is she trying to build up the established facts so that I can’t go back? She didn’t look like a schemer though? But, well, she’s still from the four great aristocrats, so…

…… But if you think so and move the situation, isn’t that mean, she’s the bad one in this case? I need to analyze this objectively… I’m a person who doesn’t like things that I don’t like and will say it, no matter how enthusiastic the surroundings are. Even if you confess with a flash mob that involves a lot of people, I can easily decline if I don’t like you. In other words, I can afford to laugh while despising you. And I’ll even watch you in depressed state with a cold eye after that.

Now that it’s so big, those who know the result will know it even if it’s not broadcast on TV… Wouldn’t it hurt her…? But, Minakatain-san has a lot of experiences regarding “broken heart”. Does it mean that it won’t hurt or itch her when the number increases by one?…… I see, but… an aristocrat who is abandoned… Please don’t do something scary!

When I was thinking about that, I was in the classroom before I knew it.

“Good mor――”

“Yo, Hatano! Good morning!”

“Good morning Hatano! You’re cool today too!”

“Fufufu Hadano, good morning”

The boys gave a refreshing greeting like never before. 

These guys definitely saw the news. I’m sure these guys are happy in my miseries. Your words won’t hide your bad personalities you know?

“Hey, Fukushima-kun, and the others too, move…”


“W-what, how rude!”

“A-aren’t you being mean to us?”

“Ugrh! Such a humiliation!”

The chairman… Mishima-san, appeared after pushing Fukushima and the other boys away. Apparently, her physical condition has returned.

“Good morning Mishima-san. Are you okay now?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry to trouble you that day… I’ve never though that I would get an out-of-season influenza and pneumonia at the same time…”

…… Apparently, Mishima-san was out of tune more than I expected.

“Well, it couldn’t be helped. You were sick after all. But I’m glad you are okay now. I’m glad”

“Thank you…. More than that, is it true that Hatano-kun will get married?”

“No, I won’t.”

First, I’m not old enough to get married.


” ” “You’re not!?” ” “


Contrary to the relieved Mishima-san, the boys looked astonished. Mishima-san pushed out such boys and proceeded with the story.

“Is that so? I’m glad. There was news on TV that Hatano-kun would get married, and all the boys were excited about it…”

“Hooo, I see …”

“Anyway, I’m glad. Then, I’ll be back to my seat.”


Seeing off Mishima-san, who returned to her seat with excitement, I also took a break at my seat. Then, shortly after, Shino-san and Yuzuka-san came into the classroom.

“Good morning, Kohaku-kun, thank you for the other day.”

“Good morning. I’m sorry I disturbed you the other day.”

“Oh, good morning”

Normally, after exchanging words, both of them would take their seats for the time being, but for some reason Yuzuka-san came in front of me right away today. Shino-san, who took a seat earlier, also mysteriously tilted her neck.

“What’s wrong?”

“…Kohaku-kun. Please have a date with me next time.”

“Eh… ah, okay”

Yuzuka-san boldly invited me in the morning classroom. She shyly turned her face red, squeezed her eyes, and invited me. Her small fist was also clenched tightly, and I could totally see that she was nervous. Seeing that cute and brave figure, I involuntary nodded. But what impressed me the most was seeing everyone in the class stunned by this exchange.

…Hmm, recently I’m starting to life like a normie, huh…


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