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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 85

85. Even high-spec people may have disappointing personalities

The coffee shop’s business hours were over, and Makoto was cleaning up.

Meanwhile, Atsushi, Yuri, and Kaede were having a chat while eating leftover curry.

『”But I don’t think he’s getting carried away that far, no, perhaps he’s just bold or stupid…? Well, I think it’s the latter.”』

Certainly, he had some ability to take action to get things done, there might be an aspect of that, but since it was going in the wrong direction, it could be said that all of that was because he was ill-natured in a sense.

“That side of him hasn’t changed since a long time ago. He has a lot of beliefs, or once he thinks it’s like this, he won’t listen to other people. Well, he’s not a bad guy but… he always got himself in trouble because of that, and I was caught up in it every time.”

『”Hmm, what is it…? Isn’t that mean, he is really a dumb person? And such a person is a son of a big company huh…”』

The two might sound mean, but Atsushi thought so too. Kaede and her family might have crushed their lover’s company… but, there was no evidence to suspect that. The only thing that made Atsushi suspicious was that the company collapsed immediately after Toru decided not to have an engagement with Kaede. It could be said that it was just bad luck at the right time, but for Toru to have doubts about Kaede and even took this kind of action, it could be said as something strange.

“Well, the Ninomiya family has only two children, Toru and Haruna-chan. Their parents were spoiling Toru, as he would be the next successor. But in reality, he’s not that stupid. He took “Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)” properly and did everything without any problems. Especially his piano skill is very good, he has won several prizes in the competition.”


Involuntarily, Atsushi uttered so, as the story he heard was so unbelievable.

『”It’s a lie… right? I mean, someone like him, won the prize at the competition?… Hmm, maybe it was staged!??”』

That wouldn’t be the case… was what Atsushi would say. But Atsushi, who knew who Toru was, thought the same thing.

However, Kaede shattered the imagination of these two people.

“I know what you two mean, but in reality, he has that much skill, so I think he’s a great skill when it comes to piano and music in general.”

Kaede said such words, that Toru’s piano skill was real.

“Well, more or less, you could say he’s a high-spec person. Good family, good at study, fairly good at sports. In addition, his piano skill won him prizes. Plus, that handsome face.”

『”Well, sure. That’s really high-spec…”』

“If only he has a normal personality, but because of that condition, he often had problems. In that case, Haruna-chan was cleaning up his mess.”

Kaede’s words made the two tilt their heads.

『”? Why does his sister need to clean up his mess?”』

“Ah… well, maybe that’s because she’s good at that? Or because she’s been raised that way? You see, Toru has a problem with his personality, right? I’m sure their parents were aware of it, so perhaps they asked Haruna-chan, who looked more mature than him, to be in charge of cleaning up his mess. Maybe that’s why she came here the other day. “

『”In other words, the sister is covering the brother’s failure… what a real failure, that piece of shit.”』

Kaede just said that Toru would do what he wanted and leave all the rest to his sister. If others just listen to that, it would be normal to think that Toru must be a failure.

And, in the story so far, Yuri said something that she suddenly thought.

『”It seems, you’re on good terms with his sister.”』

“Well. We’ve got in a mess made by him for a long time, and we talked to each other about it. To be honest, I think, it was because Haruna-chan was there, that I somehow could keep my engagement with him.”

If there was someone you could share the painful and harsh things together, it would give you a sense of security that might be incomparable to when you held it alone. Surely, Haruna was that kind of existence for Kaede.

“Haruna-chan is a really good girl. Even after I transferred school, she kept in touch with me. Besides, she’s a hard worker. She’s somewhat good at studying and sports. It’s not because of talent, it’s a result of hard work. I know it well. So maybe if she was a man, Haruna would have been the successor to the company.”

It wasn’t affirmative. But Kaede said Haruna would, that was how much she trusted Haruna.

“I think she’s the only friend I have other than Yamagami and Shirasawa. I’ve had a long-standing relationship with her, and she’s done a lot for me. That’s why I want her to be happy. “

It must be Kaede’s true intention. For sure, she really liked Haruna, and she believed in her above all else.

Atsushi was silently listening to her story while eating curry.


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  1. I finally caught up, I didn’t think I would enjoy the story as much as I did but it seems I have a soft spot for scary face protagonists and I honestly love the FMC a lot. Thanks for translating so much of the series!

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