Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 239

239. Peaceful Home

“Then, Kohaku-kun. See you tomorrow.”

“Bye bye, I was happy to have a meal together today.”

“Thank you for today…. it was fun.”

At the end of the date, three people said their words to me. The last one was Minakatain-san, probably because of the last meal, she looked a little bit sad.

“Yes, I enjoyed it too.”

I replied to them with a smile. 

“Follow-through” was also important in socializing with people. So, I told Minakatain-san about the date in general, and Shino-san and Yuzuka-san about the intrusion, that I wasn’t angry.

Perhaps they were satisfied with the words, they went home with a relieved face. 

…… Yeah, that’s right. It’s a much better result than being evaluated by the person you dated as “It wasn’t fun at all” or “I didn’t enjoy today’s date”. Usually, no one would expect anyone to say that, but unfortunately, the men in this world do. Even in the special feature of the magazine, the headline “Dating plan” is often mentioned, the contents most likely are how to have a fun date and how to not make a fool of yourself. But, because there are such boys, my evaluation goes up relatively high, Hahahaha… I can’t stop laughing. I really want them to stay as they are.

“Welcome home”

When I opened the front door, the maid welcomed me as usual. This maid sensed my presence and stood at the front door before I even said anything to her. Truth, I was scared to ask from where she detected my presence.

“I’m home”

“… Kohaku-sama, it seems the number of people is different than this afternoon?”

“Yeah. Well, it’s increased.”

Hearing my words, Maria closed her eyes to think a little.

“… Is that mean, the date was a failure?”

“It was fun,”

“It’s just Kohaku-sama being kind.”

In fact, Minakatain-san escorted me well at museums and shopping, so it wasn’t a lie.

“Well, Yoko-sama is waiting for you anyway.”


As Maria led me to the living room, Mom was waiting, sitting on the sofa.

“Finally, you’re back, Kohaku-kun. Don’t come back so late, you worried me, you know.”

“… I should have told you when I would come back.”

“I don’t care about that. The problem is that you made me worried. Do you know how much I was worried? I was so worried that I couldn’t even eat dinner!”

I looked at Maria. She nodded.

“Surely Yoko-san hasn’t eaten dinner.”

Hearing Maria’s words, Mom was shaking her head up and down. But Maria just continued her words.

“But… but, she had eaten a lot of snacks and drank some liquors. Therefore, I wondered if it was enough in terms of calories… no, rather it was too much…”

“… Hooo”

When I looked at my mother, she turned her head away as if to avoid my gaze.

“Furthermore, Etou-san and Kikusui-san were invited to drink from noon, so I think all of her stress has been released.”

“By the way, what did she drink?”

“Beer, sake, shochu, whiskey, cocktails, wine, many more.”

“You drank too much!”

“Noーit’s not trueeー”

This woman… I thought she was sober when she said all of that, but she got drunk!?

“Aren’t you so mean to me? To go out with a girl and leave your mother alone on her days off, how terrible! I can’t keep my sanity without drinking!”

“Urgh… I can’t deny it…”

“Uaaah! Kohaku-kun will be taken as someone’s son-in-law …”

“This time, you started crying huh.”

“It’s a wonderful sight. Let’s take a picture as a memory.”

Do you need to keep this as a memory…?

“Anyway, why are you thinking that I’ll get married soon? Isn’t it too early to think such a thing?”

“… No, Kohaku-sama, I think that way of thinking is too naïve…”

“Eh? Why?”

Then, Maria explained.

“With the times, most of the aristocrats have fallen, and as a result, the gap between the aristocrats and the commoners has disappeared, and the word “aristocrats” is not so meaningful in modern times.”

I agreed and kept listening quietly.

“But in modern times, when it comes to aristocrats who are still strong, they focus on drawing in the blood of excellent boys to preserve the value of the house and the pride of the aristocracy. I’m sure they’ve been already working on getting Kohaku-sama as their spouse… No, rather, by now maybe, they’re arguing over which house will get married to you first?”

“I-I see…”

In other words, is that why they intruded on the date?… Hmm, I wonder why but this feeling of knowing the women’s conflict that is unfolding behind the scenes, is not that pleasant. Is it better to pretend not to know for the time being? Hmm…

After that, the night of the weekend passed to the mother who suddenly changed from crying to hugging me.

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