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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 84

TN: In Japan, salt is said to have purifying effect, and so that’s why the title of this ch….

84. If something bad happens, you should sprinkle salt

“―――Huff, for now, I’m done sprinkling salt. With this, it should be okay, right?”

After sprinkling a large amount of salt, Makoto clapped both hands and removed the salt left in his hands. Although it was a strange sight, such as the manager of a coffee shop sprinkling salt in front of the shop, the man that visited earlier infuriate his wrath.

“So… why is Atsushi-kun so depressed?”

Makoto asked the question, pointing to Atsushi, who was hanging down in the back seat of the store.

『”Atsushi-san had sent a few bad guys to the hospital before, even though it was self-defense, and there were strange rumors about it. Because of that, he had a lot of trouble. Since then, he seems to have tried not to rely on violence as much as possible, but just now he got emotional and hit that man, I guess he really regrets it.”』

“I see. In other words, it’s the same thing like the day after Yuri-chan did a recital in other’s brain.”

『”Well, I guess so? But, what’s with that parable that seems to be malicious…”』

Moreover, because it was a fact, it hurt that it couldn’t be denied.

Leaving Yuri aside, Makoto went to Atsushi and talked to him.

“Thank you, Atsushi-kun. Thank you, for protecting me. You got hit, right? Are you okay?”

“Ah, hmm. It’s okay. I’m strong after all… Ah, that, manager, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for doing something like this in your store… for hitting that person’s face…”

“It’s okay. Even if you hit him, it’s okay. Since he was the one who hit you first. It should have been properly taken by the surveillance camera in the store.”

“Surveillance cameras… Ah, right, it’s natural in the world these days.”

If the surveillance camera worked properly, it could be used as proof that Toru hit Atsushi first.

Well, Atsushi slammed his fist into his face for sure, although it couldn’t be helped since he thought that Toru was just so stupid and had no learning ability.

“Even so, just now, Atsushi-kun was cool~. Perhaps, I could have left it to Atsushi-kun from the start, without having to give him some preaching.”

“No, what are you talking about? No matter who you look at, it’s because of you, manager. I mean, if he didn’t try to hit you, I wouldn’t have to hit him.”

When Atsushi arrived at the store, he was listening to the conversation between the two who had already been talking. At the same time, he understood all of Toru’s stupid and ridiculous lines, and that he was rotten to the core.

That was why he thought, that Makoto was really an “Adult”, and that was why he couldn’t hurt such a man.

『”Well, I was going to do a recital in his brain in case of emergency though.”』

“That’s no good.”

“Yeah. It’s a hassle afterward, right?”

“Manager. I don’t think that’s the problem…”

For some reason, in the current conversation, Atsushi seemed to understand even more, that the parent and child in front of him were out of touch with the world.

“Excuse me… manager”


Kaede with an uncomfortable look, finally entered the conversation.

“S-sorry, I-I’m sorry for the inconvenience…”

“? Aaah, I don’t care. I don’t care about that. No one cares about it. More than that, are you okay? are you feeling sick? If anything, want to touch my chest?”

『”Oi, you damn pervert. What are you talking about? That’s a sexual harassment statement, you know?”』

“Are, you know it’s a joke, a joke. Girls who can’t take a joke aren’t popular, you know?”

『”Such a disgusting and gross joke, will not affect your popularity. If that’s the case, the world will go in a different direction than now. Atsushi-san, please tell this bad father something.”』

“Huh? even if you say that…”

It’s a shame that you’re just as disappointing as him, no, you’re worse.

Atsushi muttered in his heart, but he dared not say it.

However, even when after Kaede heard Makoto’s words, she continued with a sloppy tone.


“Stop. You’re an important employee of mine and an important friend of my daughter. And I’m not the kind of person that’ll make a fuss just because of such a crazy guy’s words, you know? If anything happens, say it to me. And rely on me. From my point of view, you are still a child. And it is the adult’s duty to protect and guide you.”

Yes, Makoto gently said so, and put his hand on Kaede’s shoulder.

What he said was nothing special. It should be natural for adults to protect children. He just said something normal.

But, no, that was why,

For Kaede today, it resonated with her more than anything else.

“…hi… hick”

“A-ara, what’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?”

『”No, far from it, I think there were many things she thought about when she saw the sudden change in you? Dad, if you get angry, your tone will get rough as if you’re a different person, and your words start to sound annoying.”』

“No, no, is it your place to say that?”

It shouldn’t be the line that came from a girl who would talk non-stop like a machine-gun when she got angry.

Anyway, Kaede then said.

“N-no… it’s not that… I was… it wasn’t that… I’m scared… just that… everyone… all of you… was so kind… warm… so…”

Even though Kaede had caused a lot of trouble, the people in front of her treated her normally without worrying about it.

It was absolutely impossible for those who were in her previous school.

In order to protect their position, they would calmly turn their back and sometimes even kick you further down. Kaede who saw such a reality, couldn’t help but be very happy to have people who could accept her even after she made trouble.

That was why, she shed tears.

Seeing Kaede’s appearance, the three smiled a little.


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