Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 18

18. Chapter 18

“I-it seems I’ve come to… a wrong place.”

Walm was ordered to appear directly by Battalion Commander Liguria at the former Youth Myard House, which was now requisitioned by the Highserk Army and transformed into the headquarters of the Myard Army.

All bloodstains and the bodies that were evidence of the tragedy that Walm witnessed had been cleared, and two platoons were constantly guarding the mansion. In addition, the guards under Commander Berger were consolidating the area around the command room, and the company-class army was on the lookout.

The elite soldiers of the Highserk Empire were well-equipped in unison. Walm, who wore a lot of war loots, might look like a stray mongrel.

While Walm was gazed at by the guards with curious eyes, the squad members were gathered in a room that was originally a guest room.

“What did, Squad Commander do this time?”

Barito, who was uncomfortable and had his cockscomb hair withered, whispered to Jose.

“Dunno, I don’t think it’s a bad thing because it’s not a prison or a prisoner of war camp.”

“I can hear you. Do you think I did something wrong…? Well, maybe he’ll be rewarded for his achievement.”

Squad Commander Duwei added, “Where did you go all the time?”

Walm thinks it must be a reward for Duwei’s squad for killing Winston Ferrius, the commander of Ferrius army the other day, but everyone in the squad was unfamiliar with the strict place, so they were suddenly meek.

All they could do was polish their equipment and clean their clothes. 

They left the weapon to Commander Berger’s soldiers. To be exact, it was confiscated, so Walm smiled bitterly at the neat and clean ruffian group.

“Please take a seat.”

Walm sat quietly in the chairs lined up on the long desk, urged by one of the soldiers.

“ “ “ Y-Yes sir!” “ “

At the same time, tea and sweets were served to them. It was as delicious as the sweets Walm had eaten in his previous world, and the squad members who took a bite were stiff again.

Walm was about to shed tears at the taste of civilized sweets for the first time in 20 years since he died. When he was enjoying tea and sweets, he suddenly noticed.

Everyone was desperate to behave well, but it was very awkward and made Walm smile.

Walm didn’t even know the manners of this world. Therefore, he had no choice but to bring sweets and tea to his mouth according to the general manners of the world.

“Damn you Walm, how can you relax like that?”

“Strangely, it looks like he used to this. Somehow it makes me angry.”

“Walm-san, you were a farmer from a rural area, right?”

“He must have learned in advance to humiliate us.”

“…Damn Coward”

“Squad Commander, Walm-san, I’m feeling a little sick.”

Walm, who showed relatively relaxed behavior, was cursed by the squad members, including the three idiots.

“You guys, what the hell are you guys saying …”

Walm’s dependable companions were not in his sight anymore. Only executors who denounced the traitor. 

As Walm desperately continued to make excuses, he noticed that the entrance to the room slowly opened. Other squad members also responded with a slight delay.

But, no matter how unfamiliar they were with the situation, they were still soldiers. Everyone’s reaction to the characters who appeared was quick.

Walm stood upright as if he jumped up from his chair. He stood at attention waiting for the person to say something.

Commander Gerard Berger, who led 18,000 people in the war with Myard, the living war god of the Highserk Empire, smiled and walked calmly into the room.

“I thought it was a lively room, well, aren’t you all good soldiers?”

He must have quietly enjoyed Walm’s struggling from outside the room and the dismayed squad members. Walm was amazed at how bad and mischievous of an old man he was.

Commander Berger sat quietly on the other side of Walm, sandwiching a long desk.

“Sit down. We can’t have a nice talk if you keep standing.”

The squad members immediately obeyed the command of the commander-in-chief. A soldier made Commander Berger a cup of freshly warmed tea. The sweet scent stimulated Walm’s nasal passages.

Commander Berger, who enjoyed the smell lightly, placed the cup silently after one gulp.

“I thought the Jaff cavalry battalion would come home with Winston’s neck. I was surprised to hear the report. You ran through the 6km road in battle, broke the horse fence, and broke through to the camp. In addition, you killed Winston. I didn’t expect that.”

The line of sight naturally kept an eye on all the members of the squad.

“Jaff was disappointed. I asked him to give my utmost compliment to Battalion Commander Liguria, but I heard that there was a squad that showed outstanding performance among them. I wanted to give a reward directly, so I got you all here.”

“We’re not worthy of those words”

It was a surprise to Walm that Squad Commander Duwei could speak really polite words. Other squad members were still shaking in nervous.

“You’re, Squad Commander Duwei. I’ve heard your vigorous service. You’ve been a supporter of Highserk for many years and also the user of skill 《Strike》. Soldiers like you are irreplaceable to the Highserk Empire.”

“T-thank you very much”

Squad Commander Duwei replied, unable to hide his joy. Unlike Walm, he had somehow strong patriotism and love for Highserk Empire. Walm also agreed that if he was praised by the war god, he would be drained.

“And you, you’re Walm, right.”

Walm was slightly stiff because his name suddenly got mentioned. Walm was looked by the veteran’s eyes as if he was being evaluated.

“It’s only half a year since joining the army, although you’ve been trained in the battle with the Liberitoa Trade Federation, you’ve got yourself the skill that Squad Commander Duwei proud of,《Strike》, then you’ve also learned magic from the magic-user in the squad, Willart, in addition to it, now you can even use《Demon Fire》,  What a talent.”

《Demon Fire》was Walm’s new skill gained in the battle with Ferrius. It would scatter storms and flames around, in sort, a widespread deadly attack. Walm didn’t know when it was activated, but one thing he knew after being told by Willart was there were users of that skill in the past, former heroes and great adventurers.

“Thank you very much”

“I’ve seen it once when I was young, but please refrain from being burned by it and dying. Anyway, I’m really relieved that Walm is a Highserk soldier.”

Commander Berger smiled lightly and sipped tea in his mouth to moisturize his throat.

“Lynnette, could you bring it?”

A soldier called Lynnette brought something wrapped in an old cloth.

“It was once worn by an unidentified group of people dressed in otherworldly armor that was rampaging against the three great nations. The material is unknown, there are similarities to Mithril and Adamantite. The one wearing this, seems to have mastered 《Demon Fire》. It’s the perfect item for you as the same user of skill 《Demon Fire》. Don’t hesitate. Try it on. “

It was very similar to the men-yoroi during the Warring States period in Walm’s previous world. The design looked like a mixture of demons and skeletons, but the color was bright red. Walm wore it on his face. It fitted amazingly. And it was as light as a feather. [TN: Men-yoroi is a type of facial armor used by samurai in Feudal Japan]

“Wonderful. Isn’t it a perfect fit for you? It’s yours now. All your opponents will be surprised at that.”

Although it was the first time Walm wore it, he felt very nostalgic. Mysteriously, he couldn’t help but be convinced that the men-yoroi must be something come from his previous world.

The moment Walm took it from his face off and raised his face to thank Commander Berger, the men-yoroi quivered and made a rattling noise.


Walm uses his dignity and reason as a soldier to suppress the swearing and cursing that he was about to throw from his mouth. He couldn’t swallow the situation, so he looked at the men-yoroi and Commander Berger alternately.

“E-excuse me, it’s shaking…”

The surface vibrated violently like the silent mode of a smartphone or a cicada that fell into an almost dead state. With a strained face, Walm asked Commander Berger for an explanation.

“Hahahaha, seems that it likes you. I was in trouble because it’s so picky.”

Walm thought that he was a veteran general who had an understanding of the soldiers, but he was actually a ridiculous scammer.

“I-it’s cursed!!”

Noor, who was beside Walm, shouted. Jose, who was on the other side, also lifted his hips and took a distance. The mask continued to vibrate as if protesting.

“C-Commander Berger!?”

Walm sought help, but the old man in front of him remained laughing.

“Hahaha, I’m sorry. There’s no real harm so far, so rest assured. It’s something you can find out there, a kind of armor that has the will. Sometimes it trembles to show its emotions. I couldn’t wear it, so I’m glad I found someone suitable for the owner. Please take good care of it. “

After that, he continued talking as if nothing had happened and handed the reward to the squad members. Because of Walm’s precedent, everyone received it with suspicion.

“Huft, I’m tired.”

The squad was released from the guest room and on their way back to the camp. It was Squad Commander Duwei who made a rare soft noise.

All squad members were walking at a distance from Walm. Even someone who looked strong physically seemed to be weak with curses. The only one who was interested was Willart, the magic user.

“That, what are you going to do with that, Walm?”

“Ah, well, let’s see… I got it from the commander, so I have to take good care of it.”

“Eeeeeh, why don’t you throw it away?”

Before the end of Noor’s words, the mask vibrated like never before.

“Noor, you bastard!!”

“Don’t say extra things!!”

Infuriated by the Squad Commander and Jose, Noor repeatedly apologized to the mask.

“Hick, I’m really sorry, I’m just kidding. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Perhaps the desperate prayer had passed, the vibration finally stopped.

Walm thought that he needed to change his mind. In a world with magic and skills that ignored the laws of physics, just a mere item that had its own will and could vibrate, shouldn’t shock him. In the first place, some people were reincarnated and reborn in another world.

Its pickiness was endorsed by Commander Berger, perhaps it might be a good armor. Albeit a little shivering, Walm told himself that he should be happy to have good armor.

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