Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 238

238. What they think

◆ Yuzuka Seikagu

Yuzuka was confused.

Why am I here?


Yuzuka’s head was full of such questions. No, the reason was clear and she understood the purpose.

The three families of Toukain, Seikagu, and Minakatain decided to cooperate to get the wife’s seat of the limited seat prepared by Kohaku. They decided so in the discussion during this time. Even if the number of brides might increase later, they must be the first. It was cooperation to create such a situation.

However, the order among these three families hadn’t been decided. Yes, so in short, “first come, first served”… That was why Yuzuka and Shino were here. To intervene the date so that Miyabi wouldn’t be able to rampage alone… with that in mind, they somehow came all the way to here.

And to the current situation, Kohaku in front of her was the same as usual, but perhaps he was confused to some extent. Did you think there would be someone out there who wouldn’t be confused with the current situation, where two girls suddenly disturb your date? Of course, nope.

However, seeing Kohaku who looked the same as usual, Yuzuka finally became calm. When she thought about it now, she wasn’t able to think about what would happen because she was rushing to interrupt the date. Now, when she got her sense back, her face felt stiff, but she put up with it with her enthusiasm.

The dice had been rolled after all.

Rather than regretting the past, I should make use of the present to the fullest. It’s a dinner party with Kohaku-kun after all, yeah, let’s have a good time!

Yuzu regained her spirit.

◆ Shino Toukain

Shino regretted it.

Shit, I’ve done it now, I’ve done it now!! What should I do!?

The screaming in her heart seemed to overflow from her throat and became a real scream, but Shino managed to swallow it and keep a smile on her face. Shino had never been so grateful for Toukain’s strict discipline.

“Regret” and “later”… when that two words came to your mind, it would become “I will regret it later”…  Yes, Shino regretted the current situation. It wasn’t like she couldn’t read the air to dare to interrupt two people who were dating or anything.

Thinking calmly, most boys would be turned off by a woman like me. Or, at least I’ll be less likable in his eyes, right?

Shino acted as she was passionate about it, but if she had to lower the favorability in Kohaku’s heart, it would be a terrible fall rather than a success.

But… yes, for the time being, Shino was able to achieve the goal of not allowing Miyabi to rampage alone. She said she would cooperate, but she couldn’t give up the position of “the first wife”. 

What were you planning to do in the first place by bringing a male student to a hotel like this?

Shino believed that Miyabi was a person with common sense, but there was no guarantee that she wouldn’t make a mistake after seeing Kohaku’s beauty.

However, there was no point in being disliked by Kohaku. This idea had been circulating in Shino’s head since a while ago. Because of that, she couldn’t even able to taste the food properly. 

Anyway, it’s already happened. What I should think now is, how to recover the favorability from now on.

For the time being, Shino showed a different appearance from what she showed at school, and wondered if she would aim for Gap Moe.

The slogan was “Elegant, full of dignity, and cool.”

◆ Miyabi Minakatain

Miyabi was furious.

She felt that it wasn’t “a date” anymore, it was almost like she was being punched while vomiting. She understood what the two childhood friends of hers were thinking. The only thing they cooperated with was to make sure that all three of them could get married to Kohaku, but it was a different matter who would get married first.

From the future of her family, it was important to get married first, as the impression of the world would be different between the first and the second.

Still, this is too much! Damn you!! 

Today’s date was so much fun since it was different from what Miyabi used to do. Until now, when she went to an art museum with a man, the man would say that it was such a gloomy place, and when the man found out that an expensive work of art, he would ask Miyabi to buy it. And when it came to shopping, the man would declare, “I want the one from here to here.”. Basically, she was treated like a walking ATM.

Remembered her past date, Miyabi shed a little tear.

But today’s date was different. At the museum, Miyabi had a peaceful walk, and when she explained something, Kohaku listened happily, and that reaction naturally made her smile. In shopping, Miyabi asked a man to choose clothes for her, for the first time, and when it came to gifts, the boy asked her to choose them. She felt warm and happy. She could understand that today’s date was a real date.

The day is supposed to end with only happiness… That… for sure! I don’t mean to do anything just because I bring him to a hotel! I just want to have a nice meal with him, then send him back home! That’s all! Why do you do such a ruthless thing to me!??

Miyabi lamented the ruthlessness of the world.

◆ Kohaku Hatano

I was enjoying the food.

I didn’t know why, but Shino-san and Yuzuka-san rushed in, and I didn’t know why, but Minakata-san accepted it. If it was simply a hindrance to the date, normally, Minakatain-san wouldn’t allow it, so there was probably some kind of exchange that I didn’t know. I never thought I could see the aristocrat’s wicked and crafty scheme in front of my eyes here. That said, I wouldn’t know even if I kept thinking about it, so I decided to do my best to enjoy the food.

… But this was still good since it was me, but wouldn’t it be a disaster if it was another man? 

For some reason, I thought so, feeling the atmosphere that everyone was confused by the current situation.


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  1. I know the WN draws it out (or maybe never even concludes it) but I hope we get some inkling if Kohaku even likes anyone. He responds to the girls if they are physical (even had his 1st kiss already) yet emotionally I don’t think he loves any of them yet.

    Yes I realise this is a comedy novel, but it’s slowly losing steam imo.

  2. Might be a random question but will there be any plans for translating the LN version of this story? I’ve been super curious about it since around chapter 30 but I don’t see any LN stuff online sadly and I’m curious how much it differs from the WN

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