Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 83

83. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

Toru said nothing to the sudden rough words. No, he couldn’t say anything.

He was surprised, and he couldn’t move. No, he didn’t dare to move. His mouth didn’t want to move either.

It was as if the words really had that much murderous intent.

“Seriously, you keep saying whatever you want. And everything you say is incoherent. Really, I was wondering how bad you would be when I heard the story before, but I’ve never expected that your lack of common sense is this bad.”

“What did you say…..?”

“Ara? Did I hurt your pride? Well, that’s right. Humans, when you tell the truth to them, they’ll raise their blood to their head in no time.”

Words that seemed to provoke. However, after hearing that, Toru couldn’t argue.

Now, he was paralyzed on the spot, couldn’t move, and could only hear.

“But honestly, I didn’t think you hadn’t thought about anything so far. Her family business didn’t go bankrupt? Life as usual? Seriously, you don’t understand anything at all. Do you really think she can live normally? Do you understand what kind of treatment she got from others and how she felt when she was forced to transfer to another school? No, you don’t. Right? After all, you’ve come to a place like this, spouting such idiot-bare lines like before. “

‘Love is blind’… As the sayings, Love could sometimes mislead people and make others things that had no connection invisible. But perhaps, Toru wasn’t only in such a state.

For sure, Toru was a hopeless guy even before he fell in love.

“It’s really stunning. To think that the person who made her couldn’t go to school, isn’t aware of anything… No, I’m sure it’s because you’re not aware of it that you can do such a stupid thing like this. Well, honestly. I’m glad that her engagement with you was canceled. I mean, for such a hard-working girlfriend to get married to marry with an idiot like you would be really heartbreaking to see.”

Makoto knew Kaede’s circumstances. That said, he didn’t really intend to go deep. He knew well that it wouldn’t feel good for others to get into their heart.

But he thought that it would be no good.

He couldn’t overlook the fact that such a man was trying to get in the way of her now.

“Anyway, now Kaede-chan has a good guy by her side. He’s really worried about her, and according to my daughter, he’s someone who had attained enlightenment or something like that… Anyway, He’s much better than you. Well, if Kaede-chan starts to feel something to him, that would be a problem for my daughter… But well, that’s their problem, it isn’t something that adults should intervene.”

No, in the first place, Makoto knew intuitively that they hadn’t reached that area, such as romance, yet.

But. The possibility of such a relationship in the future shouldn’t be zero. No, Makoto expected that possibility to be a rather high probability.

And whether Atsushi’s partner would be Yuri or Kaede. Makoto didn’t know. Whichever way, it would be a big fuss, and a hassle. But still, Makoto was convinced that there would still be a smile there.

“Well, what I mean is, don’t get in the way of those kids. Grudge? Misunderstandings? I don’t care. Anyway, they don’t have any more space to deal with someone like you.”

After saying it, Toru had his face bright red.

Makoto had said all he wanted to say… but it was obvious when you look at Toru’s face that his anger had reached its peak.

And what such a person would do, anyone could’ve guessed it.

At the next moment, Toru raised his fist, and―――


And there.

Atsushi grabbed Toru’s right hand and stopped it.

“Stop it.”

“W-what are you…”

“A friend of a woman you’ve cut off from your life. More than that, it’s enough. Get out quickly. That person isn’t the kind of person you can keep hurting.”

“A-all of you, always say something selfish, damn…!!”

At that moment.

Toru’s left fist hit Atsushi’s face directly.



“What? What do you want? Did you think this much could hurt me?”

Atsushi didn’t make a slight move.

Toru’s fist certainly hit directly. No doubt. However, Atsushi stood there without changing his position and complexion, as if nothing had happened.

“I’ll say it again, just once more time. Get out quickly. This store isn’t a place for someone like you.”

“……… Damn it!! Don’t think this is the end!!!”

Toru opened the door and tried to leave as it was, throwing out the words that thugs would say.

But then,

“Ah, I forgot to say one thing.”

“What ――― “


Atsushi’s fist was hit directly on Toru’s face.

As a result, Toru was blown out of the store and fell to the ground.


“That one is for Hirose. Don’t forget. The pain she felt, wasn’t that light. And, Don’t make the same mistake. Don’t show that face in front of us again. Understand?”


While his right hand was on his face, Toru seemed as if he wanted to say something.

But he couldn’t do anything even if he were to say it. And because he understood it, he had no choice but to turn tail.

Atsushi glared at his back and saw him off.

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