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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 82

82. Speaking habits are something inherited (Probably)

“Get Kaede Hirose. I came here to talk to that woman.”

The one who said that kind of thing, was a young man.

Tall and with a toned body. His eyes looked scary, but it wasn’t as scary as Atsushi’s, perhaps he could be called a good-looking guy. Coupled with neat and clean clothes, at first glance, the young man was like a beautiful boy that might appear in dramas and movies. In short, you could say he was an “actor class”.

To such a young man――― Toru Ninomiya, the store manager, Makoto, said while serving coffee.

“I see… but I’m sorry. Kaede-chan is on holiday today.”

“If so, call her here right away.”

What an insane thing to say.

However, in response, Makoto returned with a smile.

“Unfortunately, this place doesn’t have that kind of service. I’m sorry.”

Sharpening his eyes, Toru sent his gaze to Makoto’s unchanging posture.

“… Siding that woman, nothing good will come of it, you know.”

“Ara? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb. I know she’s here today. Still, you don’t want to call that woman, I guess she told you the story, right?”

HMMPH!!… Snorting, Toru continued.

“I don’t know what she’s told you, but let me tell you. It’s all crap. That woman destroyed the life of my dear person ――― Kana. At last, she tricked my family and put them on her side. Thanks to that, I got stuck out of the house. Kana also lost a lot. Still, we are looking for a way to manage it all. But… that woman, living normally in such a place, really, it’s unbelievable.”

‘Living normally’… It was just like saying that Toru couldn’t allow Kaede to live normally.

“Hey, do you know? The company that Kana’s father ran collapsed. I’m sure, that woman said that it was a coincidence, but do you think that’s the case? I canceled my engagement with her, and it was supposedly my happy time with Kana, but suddenly that happens, right after that, do you really think such a coincidence is really possible? That, that can’t be the case.”

“So, she or her parents were threading behind the scenes?”

“There’s no definite proof right now, but I’m sure I’ll reveal it. That’s why I came here.”

Therefore, Toru said that Makoto should bring Kaede out quickly.

Makoto said “I see” to him, and kept looking down.

“That’s all you want to say? Then, is it okay to say “please welcome back again”, now?”

Toru frowned upon hearing the words.

“… Did you listen to me? Like I said, bring that woman…”


While blocking Toru’s words, Makoto continued his words.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? I said that today, she isn’t here, right?”

Chills ran on Toru’s spine.

Just by being told like that, Toru noticed that his body was trembling. He never stopped trembling even if he tried to stop it.

It didn’t take long for him to realize that it came from the “fear” that he felt from the man in front of him.

Anyway, Makoto continued to talk.

“… Hey, do you know? Kaede-chan is very good at cooking. It’s at a professional level. Really, even though I’ve been in this industry for a long time, I’m honestly about to lose to such a girl in cooking. But, her food is so delicious. The regulars who come here already like it, and she makes the signature menu of this shop.”


“But that’s not just because she’s a cooking genius. It’s because she wants others to eat delicious food. When she’s working here, that’s exactly what she does. She’s doing her best to get customers to eat delicious food. I somehow can understand it, no, anyone else can understand it, when they see her cooking.”

Toru listened to Makoto’s story with a suspicious look.

He didn’t understand the content of the story at all, it didn’t matter now. Such feelings appeared on his face.

“What are you talking about…”

“I’m talking about a girl who is your ex-fiancé and working part-time here. A story about a girl who can you find everywhere. A story about a girl that you cut off from your life without permission. Who do you like? Let’s be real, it doesn’t matter. Love can blind people in both good and bad ways, but I won’t blame it. There were many things about humans, they have their own history about their lost affair. So, I won’t blame it. “


“Be aware that there is a girl who was hurt by your actions. Oh, it isn’t because that child liked you. But, because the engagement with you was gone, that child had a lot of trouble. Please understand that. “

Certainly, Makoto thought it was unfortunate and pitiful that the company of Toru’s new fiancé went bankrupt and that Toru and her weren’t engaged with her anymore.

But. It was outrageous to turn away from that reality and blamed someone else. And, the way he talked, it was as if he thought that Kaede wasn’t hurt at all.

Therefore, Makoto did a little preaching.


“She had a lot of trouble? So what?”

Toru threw away Kaede’s past and abandoned it.

“Yeah, right. She might have had a hard time after our engagement was broken, but she didn’t lose anything. She didn’t like me? Yeah, I knew that. That was why, I broke the engagement. I didn’t want to marry someone that didn’t like me. It should have been easier for her to be freed from me. “

The words might not be malicious.

For Toru, it was just a plain statement of the facts.

And that was why, Makoto had no choice but to clench his fist.

“It’s true that she transferred to another school, but that’s it. Her parent’s company didn’t go bankrupt, she should be able to live a normal life as before. Well, I’ve heard that she doesn’t want to go to school. Perhaps, she is playing around somewhere. Seriously, I don’t think she feels guilty about what she did. But, it’s about to end. I’m sure, I’ll be able to uncover their wrongdoing soo… “

“Yeah, right. I see. It’s enough. I understand what you mean.”

At that point, Makoto really gave up.

Makoto was an adult. Therefore, he intended to speak in a way that wouldn’t offend the other person as much as possible. In the first place, there was no point in what he said here. After all, the words of a third party would not reach Toru.

But Makoto was already at the limit.

It was impossible to put up with Toru any longer.

Therefore, Makoto thought that he should say what he wanted to say.

“Well, for the time being, that’s right――― Could you, close that damn mouth. Don’t insult my daughter’s dear friend anymore. Otherwise, I’ll kill the shit out of you, brat.”

At that moment.

Toru had no choice but to make his eyes round.


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