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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 81

81. Bad prediction usually correct, more often than good prediction

In conclusion, the magic show was a huge success.

Perhaps it was because the magic tricks Atsushi chose were simple ones that children might like, such as rope escape, pulling out pigeons, and escaping from the box.

Today, Atsushi received the most applause in his life.

“Both of you. Thank you for your hard work. And thanks to you, all the kids were happy.”

“Well, I’m glad that they were happy.”

“Well, the only problem is that fucking idiot principal showed that weird hobby to the children… Seriously, what if it had a bad effect on the children. I mean, what the hell with that “If Bunny suit is no good, what about school swimsuits?”, it’s the same, damn it. I really want to beat that idiot again.”

“Stop, Hiiragi. I think you’ve beaten the principal more than enough today…”

Despite being beaten by Hiiragi, as a result of the director’s request, Sumi eventually decided to be an assistant in a bunny girl suit.

Of course, many boys burned that figure of her to their brains.

But, what you could do now was to hope it wouldn’t have the negative effects as Hiiragi said…

“And, Kirishima. I’m sorry for making you wear that strange costume.”

In response to Hiiragi who apologizes, Sumi replied with an unfriendly face.

“If you feel sorry, can you release me soon?”

“Mmph. That’s a different story. I’ll think about it if you completely stop giving people a drink with strange medicine.”

“!!? Why do you know…”

“I have that much awareness and countermeasures, and I’m honestly not going to take my eyes off you while you’re still doing that.”


In response to Hiiragi’s words, Sumi had a face that looked like a crushed worm.

Even though she put medicine in his drink, he was still able to keep his calm composure. It really made you wonder, who he actually might be.

“Yamagami, Really, Thank you for today.”

“I haven’t done much. To be honest, I think Hiiragi could do that much …”

But, Hiiragi shook his head.

“No, I’m not good at that. Well, that’s why I relied on you.”

“Hey, that’s surprising. So, there’s something Hiiragi isn’t good at huh.”

“What do you think of me? I’m just a normal human being. It’s normal to have one or two things I’m not good at.”

“Yeah. Well, that’s true, but when it’s you who use the word normal, it just feels strange.”

Probably, Hiiragi was far from the most normal in the school. So, when he said that he was normal, it sounded completely unconvincing.

Then, as if Hiiragi suddenly remembered, he changed the topic.

“By the way, Yamagami. I have to say one thing to you. It’s about Hirose.”

“Did you understand something?”

“Well, I didn’t know it in detail yet, just a little bit. And, it’s more about the ex-fiancée than Hirose… Apparently, he came to this town.”


It wasn’t that Atsushi didn’t think about that possibility at all.

However, when Hiiragi told him as if that was 100% sure, Atsushi couldn’t help but be surprised.

“But what is he doing in this city?”

“I don’t know. I’m still looking it up and missing a lot of information, but I’m sure he is in this city, but I’m still unsure about his purpose and reason. If you ask me, to be honest, I can’t see a very good future because he came all the way to the city where Hirose is. “

It would be so.

There was a fact of being an ex-fiancé. However, more than that, there was a clause that Toru was thinking that Kaede was the one who ruined his lover’s company. If such a man came to this city, it wouldn’t be for a good reason.

“But, maybe he just happened to be in this city. So …”

“Ara, I’m surprised. Even the chairman can say some half-witted things huh.”

A sharp woman’s voice entered there.

“I’ve heard from the chairman. So, I’m helping to gather some information. I’ll tell you more. At the very least, Toru Ninomiya has a grudge against Kaede Hirose. And such a guy, came to a city where Kaede is. Do you think he did this just by chance?”

Sumi’s words were plausible. And that sounded really convincing because she wasn’t anyone else but the one who was only thinking about revenge until the other day.

And, as if to support her words, Atsushi’s phone rang.

“………… Shirasawa?”

It was a call from Yuri. Atsushi understood how unusual it was. Usually, she would contact him by e-mail, etc. But, she didn’t and instead called him.

Atsushi answered the phone with some bad premonition.

『”Ah, ah, Hello Atsushi-san?”』

“Yeah, it’s me… what’s wrong, Shirasawa? I’ve never thought you would call me, and talk with your mouth…”

『”Well, it’s impossible to not talk by mouth on the phone… Anyway, it may sound unreasonable, but Atsushi-san, could you come to my place right now?”』

“Did something happen?”

In response to Atsushi’s question, Yuri had a voice as if it was something difficult to say.

『”Ehmm, you see……… Kaede-san’s ex-fiancé, Toru Ninomiya, is here right now.”』

Really, you could say it was something that came at the right timing.


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