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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 80

80. Bunny girl is the best

In the waiting room.

Atsushi and his friends were supposed to prepare for the magic show there, but suddenly Hiiragi opened his mouth with a serious voice.

“… Yamagami. Sorry but I need to talk with that fucking idiot… I’m sorry, I mean, the principal, so please wait here with Kirishima.”

Hiiragi immediately left the waiting room.

Upon confirming that, Sumi uttered with an apparently moody look.

“Even so, the chairman is too much. I’ve never thought that he would make me do something like this with you …”

“Even if you say so… Well, if you have a complaint, say it to Hiiragi.”

“He won’t listen. I mean, what’s that guy. He’s mercilessly using me, he can easily find me even if I try to escape, and even if want to hypnosis him with a little intense medicine, it didn’t work at all…”

“Oi, wait a minute. I heard that last one you know.”

“It’s okay, I mean, it didn’t work after all.”

For Atsushi, the scariest thing about what he just heard was that Sumi’s hypnosis didn’t work for Hiiragi at all.

Should I say, as expected of the chairman?

“Well, I mean, he’s different from the ordinary person. More than that …”

“Hmm? What do you want to say? Why’re you looking at me with nasty eyes? Why do you care so much?”

“No, I mean… If someone like you wear a bunny girl outfit, of course, anyone will have a hard time resisting staring at you.”

Yes. As Atsushi said, Sumi was now wearing a bunny girl outfit. Her armpits and chest were completely visible, and the beauty of her fishnet legs wasn’t just a mere nice or sexy.

To put it simply,

Now Sumi was pretty erotic.

“It can’t be helped. It was put in the waiting room with a piece of paper that says “Please wear this.”…”

“That’s true, but why did you wear it obediently… you can just not wear it.”

“It’s okay, I don’t mind wearing this kind of clothes. It doesn’t mean that I’m naked or anything so… Or what? Perhaps Yamagami-kun imagined me blushing while wearing this kind of clothes? Or, seeing a girl in this kind of clothes makes you nervous?”

“No, that’s not the case…”

It was a lie.

Atsushi was pretty nervous when he saw, a beautiful bunny girl.

Even in maid cafes, some costumes showed a lot of skins. However, the impact Sumi gave on him was completely different. No, it couldn’t even be compared.

Therefore, Atsushi thought.

Bunny girl is the best

“Well, let’s stop with the joke. The only thing I can’t believe is that you can talk to me normally. Maybe, did you forget what I did to you?”

It was in a little harsh tone. But it couldn’t be helped. After all, for Sumi, Atsushi was the child of the one who made her life a mess.

Even though the main cause was her parents, she couldn’t just be okay with all of it. After all, the world wasn’t that easy.

“… No. I haven’t forgotten it. I remember saying that you said that you would never mess with me again.”

“That’s not what I mean… What I mean is, how can you talk with me with a calm face considering our relationship.”

“Well, that’s right. Sure, there are a lot of things going on between us. Especially, I know you have a grudge against me. But is it your desire to drag it on forever? Should I be awkward with an annoyed expression every time I see you?”

“It’s not about what’s a good or a bad reaction. I mean, it’s normal to be like that. That’s the normal reaction, right?”

“I see. Well, I don’t really care. I don’t say that we should get along well, and I don’t think I will do my best for it. Just, treat each other as normal classmates, it’s more than enough. I’m sure the chairman did this with that purpose in mind.”

Hiiragi knew the circumstances of the two. The reason why he took the trouble to set this up was that he wanted to somehow mend the gap between the two.

Of course, he didn’t expect them to have a complete reconciliation. Therefore, to some extent, it would be good if they could get along with each other, enough to at least give greetings when they were in the classroom in the morning.

“Tch… Really everyone from your family is annoying. That kind of attitude makes me angry, you know?”

“Is that so? My bad then.”

“In addition, I don’t like that “I don’t care” tone.”

“Yeah yeah”

“And I’m usually scared of your face.”

“Oi, that doesn’t have anything to do with this.”

Atsushi thought he was slandered, and so he argued against it.

Sumi sighed at him.

“… Today, I’m told by the chairman, so I’ll help you. But don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to erase everything and think that nothing had happened. I won’t take revenge anymore, but I have no intention of forgiving you.”

“Well, that’s fine… More than that, Hiiragi is slow, what the heck is he doing …”


「” ――― As I said, what the hell you’re thinking, this fucking idiot!!! Is there a guy who makes such a shameless face in front of the kids?!! Could you still call yourself a teacher? DAMN IDIOT!!!」

Out of nowhere, Hiiragi’s wrath came into their ears.


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