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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 13 part 2

13-2. Chapter 13 (Part 2)

Highserk soldiers rushed at the completely destroyed enemy. There was a rare unit that recovered early from the cavalry charge, but it was noticed and overrun in the blink of an eye.

The effect spread to the scattered surrounding troops. By now it was known to many, including Walm, that Myard, which had lost most of its regular troops on the border, was mobilizing large numbers of militia.

Seeing that the unit with a high proportion of regular troops had been destroyed and overrun by Walm and the others, the militias rushed to the hill where they had a more favorable position for defense.

“Don’t run away. Save time, if we can stop them here, we’ll win――Guaaagghh!!”

The soldiers who tried to rebuild the formation were standing out too much. But Walm knew that the Highserk soldiers weren’t as friendly as others might have thought. They would never run through while leaving the possibility of an attack from behind.

The militias, who saw veteran and nimble soldiers literally skewered, collapsed.


Shouted Squad Commander Duwei in high spirit, firing up the others on, and thus the surrounding squads followed him.

Perhaps the running and fighting had drained much energy, Platoon Commander Kozul could only answer in a thin voice. But when Walm saw him slit the throats of two Myard soldiers with a sharp sword technique that no one would even think this lump of fat could do, he was surprised and changed his mind about him.

Together with the sound of rubbing armor, dirt smoke was raised. Swaying up-down-left-right, the sound echoed to the surroundings.

Some soldiers dropped out due to injuries or lack of physical strength, but most kept running.

Finally, the hill came into Walm’s vision.

The cavalry unit at the front charged, and driving many enemy soldiers away from around the hill. Only a battalion-sized unit remained on the hill and an elite unit among the main enemy force defending the camp.

Walm’s eyes saw that the height difference between the wide hill and his positions should be 20 to 30 meters. He began to feel the hill climbing on his exhausted legs.

With bows and arrows, stones, magic, and everything else, they tried to keep the Highserk soldiers from making a rush.

Walm’s legs became as heavy as stones, but the fighting spirit, which reached the level of madness, had spread throughout the entire unit.

There were no standing shields to deflect attacks from medium and long distances, not allowing them to prioritize their movement speed.

Another fireball was fired.

After being hit by a fireball, a soldier who turned into a mass of flame screamed at the enemy and rolled off the hill.

The soldier whom the arrow had hit in the knee crawled on the ground crying. Normally, the unit’s morale must have plummeted.


However, the fatigue and pain undermined the unit’s sanity, causing them to function like a killing machine whose sole purpose was to overrun the enemy’s headquarters.

At the sight of Ferrius’ main camp, which had horse fences in addition to the high places, Walm felt frightened.

“Crush them, make a path for cavalry!! Or It’ll be “our end”!!!”

There was one truth in the words of Squad Commander Duwei, who inspired the unit and intimidated the enemy. If they couldn’t crush them here, the main battalion would be fatally hit, and all the Liguria battalions left behind by the enemy would be destroyed.

The only way to survive was to take the hill and defeat the enemy commander.


” “Ahhhhh, aaAAAHHHH!!!” “

As Jose jumped on the horse fence and shouted, the voices of Barito and Noor were heard. The fence buried in the ground continued to resist fiercely, but one by one, they joined him to pull them out.

Of course, the Ferrius soldiers weren’t silent either. They thrust spears into the Highserk soldiers and shot arrows at them to prevent them from removing the obstacles protecting their base.

Walm pulled the grid-shaped horse fence with all his strength and weight to bring it down to the ground.

In the meantime, an arrow approached Walm’s face. As he lowered his head, a dull pain, accompanied by a high-pitched sound, ran through the cervelliere.

“It’s you huh, wait there. I’ll go right away!!”

Feeling the pain, Walm was angered, and perhaps the archer was upset, he shot the second shot, but it passed over Walm’s head.

“It’s done… Open the way!!”

The limit was soon reached. When one place came off, the nearby horse fences were pulled out one after another. 

It was the Platoon Commander who gave the order. His whole body was smeared with blood and sweat, and he was breathing hard.

The soldiers, who were about to rush, understood what was coming with the rumbling and screaming voices approaching from behind.

“Jaff Cavalry is here. Except those who want to be trampled, Moveee!!!”

At José’s words, the soldiers split left and right, like the path Moses made in the sea.

In the place where blood and corpses, screams and angry roars were everywhere.

The cavalry battalion charged like a group of battle maniacs in a straight line to break through.

The Ferrius soldiers who formed a spearhead to stop them were destroyed by the magic of the magic user riding on the horse and crushed in the assault.

A soldier who had shot an arrow at Walm was pierced by a lance charge. Just like that, a large hole in his armor and abdomen, and he became one of the scattered corpses.

The other soldiers pulled out the remaining horse fences and thus, breakthrough was made one after another.

The final assault by the cavalry dragged the enemy into a chaotic crucible. 

“Don’t miss the enemy commander, kill him here!!”

In the war of this world where the operation of the organization wasn’t yet so developed, once the chain of command was lost, it couldn’t be so easily restored. If the enemy commander were defeated, the entire army would cease to function.

On the contrary, if the commander managed to slip away, the army would have the power to recover. 

A new target appeared in front of Walm, who entered the enemy camp while continuing to swing his halberd.

It was a group with equipment clearly different from the small fry soldiers. Probably the guards of the camp.

“Move, or want me to dig your grave here, hah?!!”

The guards shouted back as Walm gave a word of provocation.

“Shut up!!!”

An enemy soldier, holding a longsword with both hands, slashed at Walm. In contrast to the tone of voice, the steps were quick and the cuts sharp.

Walm pulled out the halberd from the bottom to the top.

The blades intersected, and the high-pitched sound of crossing iron echoed. Walm’s halberd, which he pushed through while activating 《Strike》, cut off one of the soldier’s wrists.


Surprisingly, without bleeding or showing much pain, the enemy soldier held the longsword with his remaining hand and leaped toward Walm.

Walm took a step back and thrust several times with his halberd.

The soldier endured until the second thrust, but when the third thrust slid into the soldier’s throat, it cut off most of his neck.

Nevertheless, he was a soldier who did not fall down immediately, but after spilling bubbling blood from his mouth, he collapsed.

Of course, his skill wasn’t comparable to that of a general soldier, but he was certainly a well-trained soldier.

There were more bodies of Highserk soldiers in the surrounding area than ever before. Walm went to look around when he sensed the target was definitely close.

“There is a strange group in the back on the left!!”

It was Jose who noticed. The surrounding enemy soldiers were trying with all their might to push back or hold the position, but only the group was trying to escape from the other side of the hill to the plain.

“Duwei Squad, stop them!!”

The breathless Platoon Commander Kozul shouted the name of the squad to which Walm belonged.

“Hah, don’t be crazy!!”

Several groups were trying to descend the hill. Most of them should be decoys trying to escape the commander, but the desperation of this one group was different from the others.

“Reinus, Tibird, Danfan!!”

The name of the three idiots was mentioned by the Squad Commander Duwei, but Tibird, the leader of the three idiots, responded seriously at no time.

“It’s impossible, we’re just three people, there are almost twice in number!”

The squad struck with full force, but the distance between the enemy group and Walm became shorter and shorter.

“So persistent”

Squad Commander Duwei slashed two enemy soldiers at once with his battle-ax, but it wasn’t enough.

Walm concentrated his mana on his hands and aimed at the small group blocking his way. Seeing the result, he deducted that a fireball wouldn’t be enough, so he tried to think of a way.

Fortunately, a group of soldiers, with armor covering their entire bodies, became an obstacle for enemies to approach him.

Walm thought that it was necessary to spread the fire over a wide area without losing its power.

So Walm imagined a fire whirl that burned the capital of his homeland in the previous world. He strongly imagined what he had seen in books, on the Internet and on TV. He gritted his teeth and materialized fire-attribute magic and wind-attribute magic in each of his hands.

Until now, only one kind of attribute magic has ever been used by Walm. Oddly enough, he foresaw that the best solution here would be to use them together.

The heat that burned the skin enveloped Walm’s entire body. At the same time, countless winds swirled around his body.

Not enough. Still not enough.

Saliva was about to drip from Walm’s half-open mouth. He naturally demonstrated unprecedented concentration.

It was objectively determined that he was defenseless.

“K-kill him!!!”

The enemy commander, noticing the situation, pointed at Walm and shouted.

“I won’t let you!!”

A few soldiers rushed into Walm as a suicide squad, but Jose, Noor, and Barito stood in the way.

“Walm, Do it!!”

The one who screamed emotionally was Willart, who never showed any emotion when he killed a person. 

As the blue flames rose from Walm, the flames were scattered around by the wind.

“He can’t control it? No, but, that is …”

Willart, who was watching over, was confused.

“Wow, what is that!?”

“My hair, it’s burning, Walm-san, I’m on your side.”

“Get away! Or you’ll get involved!”

The criticisms rising from the surrounding soldiers soon turned into cheers. 

Intoxicated by the flames and wind, five soldiers were burned at once. Fire and wind were among the things feared by living creatures since old times.

The flames that burned the skin, the heat that made you want to close your eyes, and the wind that shook the vegetation and hair violently.

For the first time, the Ferrius soldiers, who were brave even when attacked by the cavalry and the Squad Commander Duwei’s 《Strike》, were frightened. The flames burned the ground and raised dust as if eroding the ground on which Walm walked.

It was as powerful as constantly sprinkling fireballs around. Speaking of problems, terrible fatigue struck Walm. After all, in addition to the magic that he didn’t know what it might be, he had been piling up fatigues since the start of the battle. 

Walm’s mana was about to hit rock bottom.

“Not yet…”

An enemy that escaped the flames and the wind, and hadn’t yet collapsed approached.

With a blurry gaze Walm looked at the enemy and swung his halberd with his quivering arm. The blow he threw with all his might burned through, cutting off the enemy’s troops and scattering the flames.

“Uh, aaahh, the fire is spreading…”

“Gyaaaa, gaaahhhh”

“Please put it out, put out the fireeee!!”

Dozens of humans were caught in flames and died. It was like a hell. A burning smell lingered in Walm’s nasal passages, and screams echoed in his ears.

The enemy’s fighting spirit was finally broken at this sight, as if the gate of hell had opened.

The fire also spread to the group trying to escape. Among the last standing enemy soldiers who continued to extinguish the fire, there was one person who looked particularly prominent.

The clothes covering the person’s body had gold embroidery, really, a flashy armor, the kind that could only be seen at a ceremony. 

The sword in the person’s hand had a different luster than iron and silver. Walm could tell at a glance that it was a sword made of magical silver, “Mithril”.

“The rest is, only you…”

The vigor of the flames and wind that formed “Hell” was about to rapidly shrink.


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