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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 234

234. Questionnaires

“So… Kohaku-kun, as you know, the love boom that you rarely see in recent years is happening now.”

…… I thought being surrounded by boys in the morning would be the end of today’s madness, but during the lunch break, Shino-san and Yuzuka-san suddenly came to me and said something strange. 

What the hell is wrong with today…

Shino-san was sitting in front of me, with her elbows on her desk and her hands folded by her mouth, and Yuzuka-san was standing behind Shino.

“… There were no signs of that love boom until I entered this classroom, though?”

To my simple question, Shino-san shook her finger from side to side, and in a low voice, she whispered.

“No, no, you’re to naïve, Kohaku-kun. The world is an information-oriented society, and a new boom can appear in seconds.”


If you say to, the boom can end in seconds too, right?… Well, let’s listen to her story for now… I don’t think it’s that important, though!

Yuzuka-san, who was standing behind Shino-san, handed some paper to her, who cleared her throat.


…… I don’t really care, but wouldn’t it be better for Yuzuka-san to also sit down?

“Well, now, Kohaku-kun, can you see this data?”

“Eh, ah, okay”

The title on the paper placed on the desk was

[Adolescent boys’ love affairs]

And the results for a number of questions were shown in numbers and graphs.

“Look at this first question! You can see how the boys are feeling now!”

Hmmm, which one, huh, let’s see…

Q1: what do you think of girls?

Like 1.8%
Well, like 9.4%
If anything, like, I guess? 15.7%
Who cares 71.4%
Hate them, please perish from the world 1.7%

….. Isn’t this last option funny? Why do you want them to perish from the world just because you hate them?… Obviously, it’s strange.

“What you should pay attention to here is that the total number of likes is 25% or more. It used to be about 10% at best. Look! You can see from this number that the love boom is coming to the world!”

Shino-san said so with a smile, but all I knew was that the questionnaire wasn’t normal, no, it was more like a joke.

“I understand Kohaku-kun’s doubts.”

Maybe I showed a suspicious expression, Yuzuka-san said so.

“Why did the positive numbers suddenly increase, is that it?”

It’s not that. It’s about this last option.

“Yes, as Kohaku-kun thinks, this number is the result of Kohaku-kun’s actions in the King of Boys.”


“In that battle, Kohaku-kun was flirting girls, right? Like holding hands with the enemy’s team member, touching her body, and pushing her down to bed. Anyway, it was so lovey-dovey.”

…..Hmm? that’s strange? Only by the words, it doesn’t sound like I was fighting. No, more than that, I must deny it here, it’s the only to win here!

“Well, I haven’t done that kind of flirting…”

“You did”

“For sure, you did”

“Ah, yeah I did.”

It was denied with no expression.


“Well, let’s leave it there, but the boys who saw the flirting scene on TV seemed to think like this.”


“That, it somehow looks fun. So, the result is as reflected in this number.”

Is that so? I don’t know if that’s the case though? Well, whatever, more than that what I don’t understand the most is your intentions for showing this to me, what do you want me to do?

Then, Shino-san pointed to one question with a serious expression.

Q9: How to have fun with girls?

Body touch 1.1%
Leave it to the girl 52.6%
Learn from magazines 10.1%
Imitating the “King of Boys” 32.8%
I don’t know 3.5%

… Strange, why it’s there?

“Right now, The “King of Boys”, Kohaku Hatano-kun is a role model for the other boys.”

“Give me a break!”

“But don’t you think we can’t leave it like this? I think we need to do something!”



“See here, “Leave it to the girl”, has the most votes!”

Shino-san pointed to that part with a strong force.

“If you leave it to the girl, what will happen if you get caught by a bad girl!?”

“As Shino said, Kohaku-kun. I mean, you can have a child at a young age. But that’s still not that bad, what if, you get sold, forced to be a prostitute, or worst forced to be a slave… Scary, right?”

Yuzuka-san trembled. 

Why the story suddenly gets so heavy? 

However, Shino-san nodded to Yuzuka-san’s words.

“So, Kohaku-kun. Whether you want it or not, Kohaku-kun is now a role model for everyone as the “King of Boys”. That’s why you should teach everyone how to associate with women!”


“It’s okay. You just need to tell them what you ate on a date, where you went on a date, on a blog or SNS. You don’t need to tell your private life too deep.”


“Yeah, of course, I and Yuzuka-san will cooperate with you!”

“Yes. Also, Miyabi-san has applied for a date, right? What great timing, let’s ask Miyabi-san’s cooperation.”


“Please, Kohaku-kun, it’s for the boys in this world!”

“Please. Kohaku-kun, it’s for world peace!”

“Why it keeps escalating!”

I nodded in spite of what I said. 

As expected of someone from the four great aristocrats. Thinking about the world and taking action for it. I’m impressed.


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  1. Ugh.. why are we back to this. After the competition I was hoping he would keep making choices for himself instead of doing whatever other’s told him to do.

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