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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 79

79. When someone know your dark history, you’ll be in panic

“―――So, I want you to investigate about it.”

During the lunch break at school, Atsushi was asking for Hiiragi’s help.

The contents were about Kaede’s house, her ex-fiancé, something like that.

Atsushi, who felt something strange about the other day’s incident, decided to gather information for the time being.

Normally, it would be impossible for a student to investigate such a thing, but the chairman in front of him was an exception.

In fact, Hiiragi didn’t say that Atsushi’s request was impossible.

“I understand the story, but was it okay to tell me such important things? I mean, I’m sure you didn’t tell Hirose about this, right?”

A sharp deduction. And it was correct.

“…Honestly, I planned to tell her. But in the end, it’s just me who feels uncomfortable. I don’t want to make her anxious in a situation where there is no solid evidence. And, chairman, you’re reliable. You’re the kind of guy who talks about this and that to others, right? “

“You’ve got a lot of trust in me huh.”

However, considering what Hiiragi had done so far, it was natural for Atsushi to trust him.

“But, you’ve got yourself involved in a strange thing again huh.”

“I think so too”

“Ah, so you’re aware of it. Well, I was a little worried about Hirose’s situation. I was roughly aware of why she transferred from the previous school that full of millionaires’ children. But…..”

“So, you know about it…”

“Of course. I’m the chairman of the class, you know? I’m a person who should know the circumstance of a new classmate.”

“No chairman of a class would go that far.”

Perhaps, no matter where in Japan, no chairman of a class knew about the class that far.

“Well, but I can’t say it’s free.”

Of course, there was an exchange condition, Atsushi understood that much and was prepared for it.

“Of course, right. So, what should I do?”

“No, it’s not a big deal. As part of my volunteer work, I’m going to do something at a nearby kindergarten, so I’d like you to show some magic tricks.”

“Magic tricks, huh… Well, then I can somehow do it… Wait a minute. You know I can do magic tricks?”

In this school, Atsushi had never told anyone that he could do magic tricks to other than Yuri. And considering Yuri’s personality, she wouldn’t spread that to others people that easily.

Therefore, it was obviously strange that Hiiragi knew about it.

However, he just said that it was natural, and he continued to say.

“I already know that. By the way, when you were in junior high school, I know that the human body cutting magic trick that you did in the class was so amazing, but instead of being amazed, the others were taken aback. Ah, please do something not that extreme.”

“Oi, wait, why did you know that!? Really, it scares me!!”

Atsushi knew that Hiiragi’s ability to collect information was out of the norms, but it was too unexpected that even such a dark history was known.

However, Atsushi could only answer with a little joke. Then, he asked another question.

“I mean, volunteering… why are you doing that?”

“Well, volunteering is a kind of pretext. Actually, I’m a graduate of that kindergarten, and I’ve always had a good relationship with the principal. Up till now, I did a play or read them a story, but I wanted to do something else.”

“So, that’s the reason huh?”

Certainly, magic tricks might be good for children. After all, they were still pure and innocent. That was why many children were obediently surprised when they saw magic tricks.

“Well, you have helped me a lot, so I don’t care about the exchange conditions … in front of a lot of children, right? I’m not that confident doing it alone…”

“Relax. I’m not going to push everything to you alone. I’ll bring a helper on the day. If anything, you can ask us to be your assistant. So, don’t worry.”

“I see… if so, I’ll do my best then?”

And so, negotiations concluded.

In this way, Atsushi would show off magic tricks to kindergarten children.

However, Atsushi made a big mistake here. Or, perhaps, he just forgot to confirm it?

When Hiiragi said that he would have a helper, Atsushi should have asked who would be the helper. 


“―――So why is Yamagami here, chairman?”

The day of showing off magic tricks.

The helper who came was a beautiful girl who looked at Atsushi with a wry smile ―――it was Sumi Kirishima.


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