Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 12

12. Chapter 12

Winston Ferrius overlooked the Highserk army from a hill.

Far away from Ferrius’ army, the Highserk army was moving toward the shadow of the hill where the Grand Duke Youth Myard was located.

“Roughly, it’s as expected.”

Judging from the previous tendency of the Highserk Empire army, it had overcome its inferiority by taking advantage of its mobility and the different number of experienced soldiers.

“Yes, it seems that the Highserk Empire intends to have a decisive battle with us after clearing up the weak Myard soldiers.”

Around Winston, a group of strategists from their home country lined up pieces on the map.

“They’re vigilant with the area around the hill, roughly, this is the lineup, but for sure they’ll attack those Myard. They have three 2000-man infantry units on the sides, perhaps to stall us.”

Winston nodded with satisfaction after receiving the strategist’s report.

“Although they’re strong, for that Berger to use 6000 people to stall our Ferrius soldiers, what a joke. I’ll turn your story into history.”

Winston looked at the map again, imagining the development of the battle that was about to happen.

Myard would lose much of its power, they would then depend on the Ferrius army, and the Highserk Empire troops would die afterward.

It was an ideal development for Winston.

“There is no slip in their base.”

“Myard’s base has a horse fence, a shield, and even a simple empty moat with earth magic. Although it is mixed with militias, it will take time to capture the hill protected by more than 10,000 soldiers.”

“Is the remaining concern, that Jaff Cavalry Battalion?”

Jaff Cavalry Battalion was one of the strongest cavalry groups in the nations around the north. It was a common recognition. That even Winston and other generals agreed it was a dispensable unit in supporting the rapid advance of the Highserk Empire.

“If we go on the offensive, a defense by that cavalry is bound to happen. Thousands of casualties will definitely come out as the result.”

“Victory comes with a sacrifice. Cavalry battalions aren’t invincible. If the majority of infantry are lost, they will rot fast. Without infantry, victory can’t be achieved.”

Winston cut off his words and tapped the desk.

“Bring back the victory to King Balliston. To our homeland. Listen to me, Don’t relax your guard. When both Highserk and Myard are exhausted, we will be the ones to decide the victory.”

For the decisive battle, the two troops gathered on the plain near the capital of Aidenberg. When Duwei’s Squad also joined Liguria’s Battalion, they waited in the base they had established for a sortie order.

“According to the information of the advance team, it seems that the army from the Ferrius Kingdom has joined. Their number is about 14000. And with the army of Myard, which is consisting of 7000 militias and 4000 regular soldiers. In total, it’s more than 20000.”

It seemed that the general-class military congress had already been completed, non-commissioned officers including Squad Commander Duwei had been gathered, and information had been shared in a top-down manner.

The number of Highserk soldiers was less than 18,000, due to the losses on the way, compared with 25,000 enemy soldiers, it seemed that the resistance of Myard soldiers on the border wasn’t in vain.

“Just when I thought how rare it was for the enemy to come out, that’s why huh.”

Jose nodded as if he was convinced. Since they had attacked the Principality of Myard, there had been few decent field battles. It took a lot of time and effort to finish everything. Siege battles, pursuit battles, and mopping up battles, they all did a lot of damage.

“Did they call their important master while exhausting us?”

“We’ve been fighting for 5 years with them, we can’t let our guard down against such enemies…”

Jose poked the roaring Noor’s helmet, and a light sound reached Walm’s ears.

“The Heghserk Empire has been in the war for five years and only now can put in this number of troops. Domestically… well, with some exceptions, we slowly develop our army, now the ones here are all experienced regulars. Even if there is a difference of 6 no, 7,000, it’s not a difference that can overturn us.”

“It makes you itch to beat them, right?”

“Though you say so, why it’s shrinking again, huh?”

As Jose tried to reach for something, Barito’s comb moved from side to side. Barito still hadn’t forgotten that he had been grabbed there by him before.

“Please forgive me…”

Jose made a fool of Barito, but Walm disagreed. It was no exaggeration to say that the two who had experienced several battles had left the rookie position. And now, the overall power of Duwei’s Squad could be said as too high.

But, telling that to them might result in both of them letting their guard down and getting killed in action, and would cause Walm trouble, so he didn’t tell them.

“Stop it there for now. I’ll get into the main subject. The Liguria battalion will be waiting behind, with that Jaff cavalry battalion.”

Squad Commander Duwei made a bomb-like statement. The Highserk Empire, especially Gerard Berger, was considered good at hammer-and-anvil tactics, for what Walm knew he had buried superior troops with pinching and semi-siege from one-wing breakthroughs.

The driving force behind this was the Jaff Cavalry Battalion, known as the strongest calvary unit in the neighboring countries. They were known for being at the tip of the Empire army and also as Gerard Berger’s right arm. They loved to defeat enemy cavalry battalions and break through the infantry’s embankment.

Behind them was often a combination of light infantry battalions that provided both help and support.

“… Why the Liguria Battalion. I mean, we’ve never really worked with any cavalry unit in the battle with Liberitoa.”

Jose seriously asked in no time. Even Walm, who was suddenly told to cooperate with the cavalry, was very confused.

There were a small number of cavalry units that joined on the front against Liberitoa, but no battalion-sized cavalry was deployed. The infantry had always been the main force in combat. Up until now, Walm had only spoken several times with some of the cavalries for the purpose of being a messenger and asking for help to disturb enemies.

“It’s a shame, but the light infantry battalion of the advance teams has been exhausted too much. And, you can’t pull out the main force that will confront Myard. So, the light infantry battalion with experience in the Liguria battalion was selected. This, will be a pain in the ass.”

Squad Commander Duwei, who laughed at everything, had a bitter face. Walm learned that this face might be a bad omen.

“I-is it that dangerous?”

Asked Barito, who somehow had his cockscomb lose its energy.

“Yeah, it’ll be dangerous. You have to keep up with the speed of the cavalry. Your heart will feel like it’s about to burst, and your lungs and legs will tremble to the limit, but if you stop, you’ll be swallowed by the following soldiers and your team will be messed up, and if you fall, you’ll be crushed. The enemy in front of us must be killed while running.”

Squad Commander Duwei’s words were heavy and realistic. And the scene was easy to imagine.

“And my squad, will be at the forefront, ya know? It happens because Walm always rampaging with 《Strike》, it’s all his fault!!”

Squad Commander Duwei who had been rampaging the most, blamed Walm.

“No, no, it’s Squad Commander Duwei who always rampaging!!”

Walm immediately protested, but it wasn’t heard.

“If I’m the only one it’s still okay, but there are two people with 《Strike》, and there’s Willart’s magic too. It would have been impossible for Platoon Commander Kozul to hide it anymore.”

According to Walm, the fat Platoon Commander loved everything moderately. He hated being overly successful and being placed on the dangerous front line. Perhaps he was wetting himself at this moment.

“I was hit on the shoulder by Battalion Commander Liguria saying “I’m expecting a lot from your squad”. Thought it was strange. It was supposed to be a meeting with only Squad Commanders and Platoon Commanders. And suddenly the Company Commanders were there. What was that again… “The most elite squad that my company is proud of”. It was the first time I’ve spoken to Company Commander, ya know.”

The trouble was piling up, and the Squad Commander was going wild. By no means, it wasn’t just someone else’s problem, but all Walm could do was seriously rest his body until the fight started.

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