Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 233

233. Love advice

……Today, the school was strange. To be precise, class 1-1 was strange. More specifically, the boys of class 1-1 were strange. 

For some reason, most boys read books with the words romance and marriage on the cover. It was divided into various genres such as magazines, manga, and novels, but a boy who should not have been interested in such things suddenly reads those books. It was abnormal. Moreover, for some reason, they were gathering around me while reading. 

…..what’s this?

It was pretty annoying, but one of the most disturbing was Fukushima, who sat in front of me and read it in a way as if he wanted to show off the cover of the book. By the way, the book he was reading,

『Marriage and childcare, lovey-dovey life with your husband ~We all become happy~』

…Do we need childcare information in our first year of high school?… Ah, maybe you are already raising a child?

“Huftー Getting married is nice rightー”

Suddenly, that stupid guy (Fukushima) said something. When I knocked down the book he was reading, Fukushima spitted out words, perhaps it was his impression of the book. And so, as if the surroundings were in tune with it, the flowers began to bloom…

“True, that’s true. If I were to get married now, I would quit school and concentrate on my family business.”

“Niceー! Protect the house when the wife goes to work. Heal the wife after she returned. Isn’t it a wonderful life?”

“And if I have cute children, I feel like I’m definitely going to spoil them too much.”

“ ” ” “Right!” ” ” “

They were talking happily, but I felt very uncomfortable. And I didn’t know why, but these guys’ eyes weren’t laughing at all. 

Super scary. 

Then, Fukushima slammed and shook me as if he remembered something.

“By the way, Hatano, Miyabi Minakatain confessed to you recently, right? What are you going to do?”

“No, why I need to talk it to you……”

“Isn’t it okay!? It’s about your future! So, talk to your best friend!”

……Since when have you become my best friend?

“That’s right, Hatano. We are classmates, friends. If you’re worried, talk to us.”

“We can help!”

“If it’s a romantic relationship, you can talk to your friends!”

The other boys nodded in tune. 

Since when did these guys evolve to the point where they could understand people’s feelings? Does human evolution can happen so suddenly?…… Was Darwin wrong?

“Well, I understand that Hatano is worried. No matter how arrogant, prideful, and unrelenting you are, you’re probably a rookie about romance. In that respect, I’ve already read ten books about romance. So, let this me, listen to all of your romance problems!”

Fukushima hit his chest with confidence. The boys around him admired and applauded when they saw it.

…… You casually dissed me just now, right? You should explain that first.

“I guess after being confessed, you’re in a state where you can’t even eat, right?”

You see…Yesterday, I had Etou-san take me to a steak restaurant, and let me eat until I was full.

“You don’t know your heart, your feelings, whether you like or hate Miyabi Minakatain, right?”

“Then what should he do?”

“Since he doesn’t understand his heart, he can’t get the answer, right?”

Fukushima proudly answered the questions of the boys.

“Well, it’s simple.”

“W-what is it!?”

GULP… as expected, Fukushima, the only love masters…”

“The track record of reading ten books is not just for show.”

“S-so, what’s the answer!?”

……The talk had been going on without me since a while ago.

Really, what the hell is wrong with these guys.

Fukushima made a gesture saying “Don’t get too excited” to suppress the enthusiasm around him.

“As I said earlier, the answer is simple. After you got confessed, if you are worried about it, you already have the answer. So, just go out with the girl.”

The surroundings were surprised at the affirmation.

“I mean, you don’t think the other person is bad when you’re worried about it. If you don’t really care, you won’t worry about it!”

“I-is that so? I see. That makes sense.”

“Now that you say it… you’re right.”

“… It’s a blind spot.”

Seeing the respectful look of the other boys, Fukushima laughed, put his hand on my shoulder, and said gently.

“That’s why Hatano. I think you should go out with her already. Don’t be so stubborn… I think student marriage is cool!”

Fukushima’s face was so annoying that I wanted to drop it to the ground, no, hell.

“…B-but if he becomes her couple, he’ll do, this and that, right?”

A boy who was reading a romance comic turned the book while quivering. There was a scene in which a man and a woman were doing something in a bed, under the blanket. The boys who saw the page hid their faces, perhaps he got embarrassed. 

Ugh, could you stop it? It’s unpleasant. Oh, the artist of the manga is Kikusui-san huh…

The girls were watching the excited boys with warm eyes.


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  1. Can the author stop including the other guys? It detracts from the good parts of the story.

  2. Wao, I like this novel, but sometimes I would like to have a serious talk with the author-sama. Does author-sama like to play with our SAN points so much?

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