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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 78

78. Everyone knows the song of the nationally popular anime

“Huffff… huffff…hufff…”

After singing (probably), Yuri was breathing wildly with her hands on her knees. That said, she didn’t sing with her real voice, it was of course by telepathy.

“Oi, Shirasawa, are you okay? I mean, you’re breathing like that…”

『”A-as expected, doing a recital, five people at the same time, was tough … That many people, just normal telepathy is already tiring, plus singing, of course, I’ll be so tired… The song I chose wasn’t that tiring to sing though”』

‘The song I chose’ 

Hearing that, Atsushi asked it unintentionally.

“… By the way, what did you sing?”

『”Of course, it’s Anisong. However, the mainstream one. Specifically, the one that always airing on Sunday evening, and most of the main characters’ names inspired from fish…”』[TN: Anisong = Anime song. The anime is Sazae-san]

“Okay, stop there!! Why are you keep trying to cross a dangerous bridge!!”

No one would think, the opening of the nationally famous anime was the one that wiped out the muscular men… Yuri Shirasawa was really a scary girl in many ways.

Then, one of the men woke up.

“Uh, uuuughh… what happened…”

“How are you feeling? Well, needless to say, I guess, it’s the worst… but I don’t care. I know that you just woke up, but let me ask, who is the guy who instructed you?”

The man who hadn’t yet grasped the situation opened his eyes wide.

However, it was only a moment, and at the next moment, he was glaring at Atsushi and Yuri.

“… Do you think I’ll say?”

“I don’t think so, but, that. If you don’t talk, tell me your favorite Anisong. Then, you’ll taste the hell again.”


『”Please leave it to me. I’m confident in singing any Anisong.”』

Yuri, who was now in a certain high state, sent telepathy as if she had a fearless smile.

…… Well, maybe, just for now. Tomorrow? Perhaps Yuri would pretty depressed again.

However, without Yuri getting the chance to show off her singing voice (?) again, the other man opened his mouth.

“… T-Toru Ninomiya.. He told me to threaten you. “

At the moment when told, Atsushi and Yuri frowned.

They both never heard of the name at all. However, they heard that last name “Ninomiya”, before.

“Toru, Ninomiya …?”

『”Atsushi-san, that’s…”』

“… Maybe, but should we should check with Hirose first?”

It may be just a coincidence, or…

However, Atsushi had no choice but to hope that he was wrong.


And the next day.

“―――Yeah, no doubt. Toru Ninomiya is the name of my ex-fiancé.”

Atsushi’s wish was crushed, as he got a definite answer from Kaede.

Currently, they were at Yuri’s coffee shop.

Although they both could talk it out at school, they got together here to explain the situation to the “other” person.


Haruna Ninomiya, sister of Toru Ninomiya.

Atsushi asked Kaede to call her, to talk to her.

“But, why did he do that …”

“… Maybe, it’s because my brother, has a grudge against Kaede-san.”

“A grudge?”

Atsushi reacted to Haruna’s words.

After all, if it was a grudge, Kaede might have a grudge against the other person. She had her engagement canceled without permission, and because of that she lost her place in school and was forced to transfer to another school.

“Did you know that the company of the new fiancé who my brother was dating collapsed? I think, he thinks that it was because Kaede-san pulling some string… After all, it went bankrupt shortly after he canceled his engagement with Kaede-san. So, maybe my brother thinks, that Kaede-san and Kaede-san’s family was the one who crushed that company in hope of making Kaede-san, his fiancé again.”

“That is……”

“Yes, of course, we don’t doubt Kaede-san. That was a real coincidence, a misfortune that happened by chance. But my brother didn’t want to make that, a coincidence. That’s it. I think, he likes that woman that much…”

So, in retaliation, he turned his attention to Kaede’s friends, Atsushi and Yuri. You could see how much the other party wanted to annoy Kaede, from the fact that he was attacking her surroundings, not directly Kaede herself.

“Well… but, yeah, that’s right. That guy, he was really into her.”

“But that’s not a good reason to bother Kaede-san and your friends…. I’ll report this to my parents. At worst, he will be cut from family. It may happen, but he did that much. He tried to use others to harm people. As a person, he’s the worst. Shirasawa-san, Yamagami-san. I’m really sorry. I will do my best to prevent this from happening again.”

“Y-yeah… thank you.”

After listening to Haruna’s explanation, Atsushi replied with such words.

Certainly, her explanation made sense. A runaway man who had his lover’s family messed up. That was it.

But for some reason,

…This uncomfortable feeling, what’s this…

However, Atsushi couldn’t explain what he felt, so he didn’t say anything after that.


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