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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 232

This ch is from Miyabi Minakatain POV (3rd person)

232. With a nice cake and tea 2

“In the first place, isn’t this kind of discussion itself is useless?”

Miyabi asked that question. In fact, the most important thing of this discussion, Kohaku’s feelings, something they couldn’t do anything about. Or, they should do something to make Kohaku feel that way to them.

Also, if Kohaku wanted to, he could just increase the number of people to marry as much as possible, so there wasn’t any point in talking here without Kohaku.

Shino sighed as she didn’t understand Miyabi’s words.

“Miyabi-san doesn’t understand, you really don’t understand.”

Shino’s words make Miyabi unintentionally upset.

“I don’t understand? What is it?”

“Maybe Miyabi-san thinks that anyone can get married to Kohaku-kun, as long as feels like it, right?”


“But I think that’s just legally possible, but almost impossible in reality. Kohaku Hatano-kun is different from others normal boy. It’s not money, status, or honor to get him…”

Miyabi-san silently listened to what Shino said. Because she thought that hearing words of someone who knew Kohaku well, should be worth it.

“The things that move Kohaku-kun’s heart is only, “love”…”

“Miyabi-san, do you really think, that 1 person could share “love” with that many people?”


In other words, these two people wanted to say that Kohaku’s love was pure and deep, and so, it would be limited.

…… I see, it makes sense.

“So, you want me to withdraw…?”

Miyabi understood what the two wanted to say. But that fact wasn’t enough to make her withdraw. 

If he has a limit, you just have to fight for it. There is nothing difficult.

Hearing Miyabi’s words, Yuzuka quietly put the cup on the saucer.

“No, I understand that Miyabi-san wouldn’t want to withdraw just by that reason alone.”

“Yes. So, what is it? You won’t give him to me? Did you come to declare war?”

They didn’t react to Miyabi’s challenging words, they just brought tea to their mouths. Miyabi thought about the lack of reactions. 

If you wanted to get Kohaku, it would be a war between the four great aristocrats! And if you didn’t want it to happen, please withdraw, that was what Miyabi thought.

“… Honestly, I hope you will just quietly withdraw after hearing what I said.”

“If you withdraw with just that much, you won’t lay my hand on him from the beginning… is that right?”

“… Well, that’s right.”

Miyabi-san didn’t want to withdraw. And the two, knew that from the beginning, so why did they come here?

“… If Kohaku-kun gets married, how many people do you think it is, Miyabi-san?”

Miyabi was a little surprised by the sudden question, but she thought that it was interesting, so she went to think about it for a moment.

“How many people… There is a famous man about our age that married thirty people. It seems that the women were only celebrities and wealthy people, and it was almost like he just lending his name.”

It was said that the man also had a pretty good appearance, but it wasn’t as good as Kohaku. Given that, Miyabi expected that the number of marriage requests would inevitably be higher than that of him, but Kohaku for sure was different from him. Kohaku would refuse, no matter how much she said she just want his name to be on the marriage paper.

“So… well, about half of thaー”

“Seven people.”

“I think that’s probably the limit.”

…… It couldn’t be said the number was too few. Nowadays, it wasn’t uncommon for men not to get married, and for some reason, it also wasn’t uncommon for a man to be with another man, even in this world. So, considering that, that number might even be on the high side.

“But why seven?”

“Well, I mean, 1 week, 7 days, if seven people, he can deepen family love with each at least once a week!”

“Kohaku-kun is probably the type that values ​​his family.”

Seeing Shino nodding, Miyabi was anxious about the numbers.

“So, did you come here just to check if the rumors were true?”

Miyabi asked with a slightly worried voice. After all, Shino and Yuzuka were still in high school, so rumors in school would be something they wanted to deal with, but…

“Eh? Of course not.”

Of course not, right…

Miyabi was wondering a reason for Shino’s denial.

“The best outcome would be Miyabi-san gave up on Kohaku-kun. But, as I thought, it was unlikely.”

“So, you know what to do, right…”

As I expected…

Miyabi was convinced about the reason the two came and said,

“You want us to work together to ensure that we get the wife’s seat.”

Hearing Miyabi’s words, Shino and Yuzuka smiled. And Miyabi realized that she herself also smiled like those two.


7 thoughts on “Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 232”

  1. Man, I gotta say, a lot of ‘harem’ stories are pretty crap at dealing with the multiple love interests. They either just throw them all in and pretend they don’t know about each other or all their interactions are hostile.

    This story has a nice mix of realistic and clever; they’re not blindly pretending the situation will go away if they ignore it, but neither are they trying to tear everyone else down.

    1. Which makes sense in this world so im thankful they did it this way. A world with 1/20 male/female ratio should 100% have natural harems just to ensure population. It seems many men nowadays in this world get by with selling their semen, otherwise how would the population still be high, but having monogamous relationships should be exceedingly rare.

      At least in modern world harem novels there’s a lot of understandable pushback to the MC actually ending up with multiple girls which is why they are usually shit. Cultivation novels seem to always do it like shit also though. There’s precedents of people with 100 wives but when the MC wants 2 or 3 it’s a dealbreaker. If a novel can’t do harem right they should just stick with a normal 1 on 1 relationship.

    2. I love how practical they are about it all. Although that thinking leaves him no time for himself. Also theres nothing to stop him from doing a larger rotation. Why should he limit himself to just a weeks worth?

      I find myself strangely drawn to this new girl. Desperately seeking love but going about it in a practical but useless way and now scrambling to try and figure out how to appeal to a man who breaks the mold of the world.

    3. Yep but story wise harems can be way to be and slow. Sevens is a good example a lot consider it a great harem I how ever found it to slow and far to big and way to slow I gave up on it in the 180ish chapter range as there was zero progression and the size was to be more so most were forgettable and I had to go back and reread stuff to remember them. To me a great example is mushoku end is 3 people with all 3 being distinct and fully fleshed out chars. More so 3 seems like a good and more to the point manageable size wise. Here they put the max at 7 but that’s way way to many giving him zero free time lol at most 4 maybe 5 but even that would be pushing it.

    1. FINALLY, a harem reaching an understanding! I swear, I really get sick of those “No, senpai is MINE!”, “Senpai, WHAT are you DOING with HER?!” situtations where the main character ends up terrified of his own love interests, the love interests are spending all their time trying to tear down each other, that all that ends up happening is the MC gets blue balls and the readers get sick of the female leads acting like total idiots. It doesn’t MATTER who’s first if NOBODY is going to get any because of your stupidity!
      For reference, read Monster Musume, Tenchi Muyo, or really, any harem that doesn’t get the idea that they should just gang-rape the main character.

  2. This is troublesome. Although I like this mix of realistic and fictional stuff on the romantic aspect, I feel like a harem of 7 girls is too short on a world like that. So far, the harem candidates are more than 7. Hopefully, Kohaku will manage the amount of harem members and not these girls.

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