Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 231

This ch is from Sakura POV (3rd Person)

Sakura is the maid escort of Miyabi Minakatain.

231. With a nice cake and tea

There was a peaceful atmosphere in the guest room of Minakatain Household. Cakes made by a pastry chef were beautifully lined up together with delicious fragrant black tea, and the daughters of the great aristocrats in this country were happily chatting. It was a calm moment that would make you feel relaxed even from the eyes of a girl with the same surname…

But such a happy thought wasn’t in the mind of Sakura, who was a servant of Miyabi Minakatain. Since the two ladies who visited were aiming for the same man as her lord, in her eyes, it seemed unlikely that two ladies just came to have fun. Behind them, there was an escort like herself. They would immediately strip their ferocious fangs here if ordered by their masters.

Of course, Sakura wouldn’t lose that easily, but still, she didn’t want to deal with them. Fortunately, this was the territory of Minakatain. The probability of such an attack was low for sure, but she couldn’t get rid of such a thought. After all, their lords were talking about a male, in short, a very delicate issue.

Domestic… In the world, the daughters of the best households in the world, the word “conflict” could be said afar away from such princess-like ladies. But, if they wanted it to happen, they could make it into a conflict between companies, not only their personal affairs, more so, they could even involve the country.

It was just in the end, speculation, that might happen. After all, no matter how gracefully they drank the tea, no matter how elegant they brought the cake to the mouth, no matter how princess-like their outside might be, the four great aristocrats were just gangsters, so their daughter might have that in their blood. It wasn’t an exaggeration. Their bloodlines, was the result of the common people who made achievements in the war mixed with the blood of the royal family of the time. In other words, the blood might contain the genes of the war beast.

In addition, now, they had troublesome things such as money, honor, status, power, they were historical families that even public power couldn’t touch half-heartedly.

Truly a “Scary Barbarian”. Seeing ladies with such genes in one place, no one wouldn’t be able to get rid of nervousness even for a moment. But, Sakura quietly paid attention to the girls who were enjoying tea peacefully.

“Wow, this cake is delicious!”

“Yeah, it goes well with this tea.”

“Right, right? After all, it’s made by the proud pastry chef of the house.”

After hearing the praise of the two, Miyabi nodded with satisfaction, and took the story to the important points as if nothing had happened.

“It’s been a while since you both came, right? I’m glad to see both of you, but what happened? Why so suddenly?”

“Hmm, it’s not that big of a deal…”

“A little weird rumor spread to the class, so my classmates asked me to confirm it? something like that…”

“Yeah. That’s why as their friends, we came here. Sorry, are we bothering you?”

The facial expressions of the girls talking were full of cheerful smiles, but Sakura sensitively felt that the atmosphere in the place became tense when Miyabi changed the story. Sakura thought that she shouldn’t take their conversation at face value, so Sakura tried to translate it into the best phrase she could come up with in her brain.

『”What kind of business did you guys come for, huh? If I do something wrong, sorry, sorry, forgive me.”』

『”To confirm of what you did, stupid”』

『”Answer honestly, now! What? We’re being annoying!? No way.”』


Sakura trembled, but she soon held it down with her steel spirit.

“It’s not a bother at all, but… what kind of rumor?”

“Hmm, you see, they saidー”

“You’re toying Kohaku Hatano-kun”

The moment the word came out, the pressure on the room increased. And the face of Shino Toukain who said the word was full of smile, only, her eyes had a deep dark color.

“Of course, I think rumors are just rumors …”

“Aaaa, so there are rumors like that.”

“Yes. Kohaku-kun is a popular person in the class, so everyone is worried.”

“Yeah… and for me and Yuzuka, he’s not just a good friend.”

“Yes, I went with him to the party together as a partner, and so, I think our relationship with him is more than just a friend.”

“And since Miyabi-san has been dating a lot of men, it raised concern.”

Knowing the facts, the two ladies might be trying to take the pretext that they weren’t putting all the blame on Miyabi. They used soft words, but what they wanted to say could be summarized into,

『”Hoi, what the hell are you trying to do?! How dare you try to reach out to the man that people are aiming for! Do you want to be killed!? Leave him alone and just take other guys!”』

This is why I hate those high school girls who dare to threaten others so publicly

Sakura knew that her Lord couldn’t take such a threat. Because she had the Barbarian blood in her, the same as the other two.

“Oh my, so, it’s that kind of rumor.”

Miyabi made a surprised voice.

“But, perhaps that’s not only a rumor.”

The eyes of the two narrowed in Miyabi’s words.

“… Hmm”

“I see…”

“Isn’t love, free in the first place? Is there any need to complain just because I fell in love with Kohaku-kun?”

“But Kohaku-kun may be in trouble because you fall in love with him.”

“After all, rather than older girls, younger girls of the same age suit him better…”


The air in the room became worse.

But, in such a situation, Sakura thought.

Rather than with those troublesome girls, isn’t it better for him, who is a hot topic now, to be with a girl who can relieve and heal his mind and heart, like me?

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