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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 76

76. When you hear a countdown, it usually makes you panic


Suddenly, Yuri was crying (of course, in her heart).

The reason wasn’t that she was abused or injured somewhere.

It was something simpler.

In short.

“Well, don’t be so discouraged. It’s normal to think that we can’t get the lottery’s 1st prize.”

『”What is it huh, Atsushi-san? Is that because I was the only one who won the 4th prize? Yeah, yeah, you are right. Congratulations! I envy youuuuuu!!!』

All of them got seven stamps, so they went to draw the lottery, but only Atsushi won. The 4th prize was an assortment of sweets, which wasn’t a big deal.

Still better than the 5th prize, which was a pack of tissue.

“But it was regrettable. Shirasawa’s lottery number, only the last number is different, well, in a sense, it’s a godsend.”

『”Kaede-san… Will you not open the wound anymore?”』

“O-okay, my bad.”

Yuri was completely in frustration mode.

But that wasn’t all unreasonable.

After all, it was…

{『”Oh, I won… I wooon!?? Eh, it’s a lie, right? For real? God, thank you, Yay, I did iiiiiiitttttt!!!”』}


{『”Eh………it’s different? No, no, what the heck are you saying… it’s a lie. Only the last number is different?… What the hell is that?!!”』}

As usual, the appearance didn’t change at all, so no sudden change in emotions could be seen from the sidelines, but it was different for Atsushi and Kaede who got words sent directly into their brain.

『”Ugh, if it’s like this. Atsushi-san and Kaede-san. Let’s go to the game center!!! Let’s get rid of this anger!!”』

“Ok, but don’t go bankrupt again in a crane game.”

『”Shutup!!! When that happens, I will ask Atsushi-san again, so don’t worry!!!”』

“Oi you, you plan to borrow from the start, aren’t you?”

『”Then, I will borrow from Kaede-san!!!”』

“Why me… I mean, I can’t even if you beg me. I won’t let you hinder this month’s maid cafe plan.”

“Maid cafe plan, huh, you came up with a strange plan, aren’t you?”

While saying so, Atsushi, Yuri, and Kaede came to the game center, played hockey games, music games, and racing games.

『”Ugh, what a bad arrangement … Atsushi-san, Kaede-san. Lend me some military fund―――”』

” “No way” “

The two respond immediately to Yuri, who got into the crane game rabbit hole with haste.

After that, they played more games, and were completely satisfied.

But then, Atsushi, who was worried about Kaede’s gaze, turned to the side where she was looking at.

“Hmm? What happened to you, Hirose… ah, a purikura?” [TN: A photo booth machine, but most of the machine, the photo would come out as sticker]

“I-I’ve, that… I’ve never done something like this …”

“Aah… well, same with me then.”

『”me too”』

Of course, that would be the case, all of them had lived as loners. Such as a thing as a purikura was out of their reach.


It was true that they weren’t loners now.

That was why Atsushi said.

“… Then, since all of us haven’t done it before, wanna get rid of your first experience?”

『”Mmm, Atsushi-san. I felt that my remarks are strange.”』

“Shut up, you disappointing fairy”

Everyone went into the Purikura while joking around.

【Mode selection! Which is good? 】

“M-mode? What it’s all about?”

“Well, ah, this is it. I feel like we need to choose one from these.”

『”Template mode, glitter mode, charming mode, cool mode… there are various modes.”』

And all of them were wondering what to do.

【The time will run out soon, please choose? 】

The three were surprised by the voice.

“Eh, time will run out?”

“Ah, look, this is, something like a countdown.”

『”Ehmmm, let’s safely go with this template mode for the time being…” 』

Then, Atsushi chose the mode. However, that alone didn’t start the shooting, and many times after that, there were options that they all didn’t understand well.

And every time.

【The time will run out soon, please choose? 】

【The time will run out soon, please choose? 】

【The time will run out soo―――】

『”Ahhhhh!!! Can’t you let me choose a little more slowly!?? This is my first purikura experience!!!”』

However, Yuri’s telepathy was only transmitted to Atsushi and Yuri. No, in this case, it would be meaningless even if she said it aloud.

And finally, they managed to get to the shooting time.

【Then, let’s take a picture! Everyone, please smileeee!!! 】

Then they received a common instruction.

And what was left, was for the picture to be taken… but,

『”… Atsushi-san. Your face is too stiff. It’s like a murderer who comes out from the lake, and brings a chainsaw for some reason, you’ll be misunderstood like that person.”

“So noisy. In the first place, that person wears a mask, you can’t see the face. And, you too, why don’t you smile?”

『”I’m fine. Because this is my normal.”』

“Huh? Your face is tense than usual, you know?”

“You guys, stop it and just smile already.”

While saying that,

【3.2.1 ――― Ready, cheeseeee!! 】

” ” Ah” “


They were photographed while arguing.

Of course, that one was turned out to be a surprisingly bad picture.


【One more, cheeseeee!!】

Again, and again, for several times.

But none of it turned out to be decent.

TN: To be honest, if you go without any person who has experience with that Purikura Machine, it’s really will end disastrously, most of the machine, the time is so short, and so many to choose, it can be overwhelming, so yeah…


TN: Join my discord channel if you want.

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