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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 75

75. Sometimes, Otaku can’t understand other Otaku

“Do you have anything to say?”

Atsushi threw a tremendous amount of pressure on Yuri, who sit in a Seiza position, on the bench.

『”Atsushi-san. Let’s calm down. And listen to my story. There is a deep reason for this.”』

“I say it again. Do you, have, anything, to say?”

『”Sorry that I acted on my own, I’m really sorryyyyy!!!”』

Yuri, who realized that she could no longer make excuses, entered an apologetic stance (Dogeza) with haste.

Atsushi sighed as she bowed while sending an apology by telepathy.

“Seriously. If you want to go, go. But, at least tell me where you are going.”

『”No, no, I mean, even me would hesitate for suddenly saying something like, “I’m going to see the hero show!”, so well…”』

“Despite that, you went to watch the hero show, sitting among the kids, and after that, you wanted to take pictures like the other kids.”

And, of course, it was none other than Atsushi who took the picture.

“…Huft, well, whatever. Tell me where you’re going next time. Or else you’ll make me worried again.”

『”Yesー, yesー.”』

“Oi, say it seriously.”

Atsushi stopped preaching anymore, wondering if Yuri really knew what he felt. After all, taking a break in an amusement park, was just a waste of time, and not worth it.

Then, Kaede suddenly murmured.

“Even so, I’m surprised that Shirasawa likes Tokusatsu show… I’m sure just now, it was the “Evil-Masked Blade”, right? I wasn’t interested in that kind of thing when I was little, so I don’t know much…”

『“………………..What did you say?』

Yuri reacted to Kaede’s words.

That attitude, or rather the atmosphere, changed completely, and this time she was giving off tremendous pressure.

『”Kaede-san… You haven’t seen any of the “Evil-Masked Blade” series?”』

“W-well… that’s right?”

『”Are you for real?”』

Kaede trembled involuntarily at the telepathy that seemed to have some murderous intents.

On the other hand, Atsushi saw Yuri and was convinced.

That, her Otaku switch, had turned on.

And, as expected, Yuri’s emotions exploded.

『”No way… No way, I can’t believe you’ve never seen a hero series representing Japan that has been continuing since the Showa era!!! Yeah, yeah, I understand it’s started in the Showa era. Yes, it’s impossible in terms of age. For me, there are still some areas where I haven’t studied enough about the Showa ones. But, still!!! You should at least know the Heisei ones!!! Why? That second season of the series, in which the Heisei edition, started when we were five years old!! In other words, it’s our generation!! Really, is it possible for you to not know at all!!?”』

“Well, it’s possible.”

Atsushi cut off Yuri’s thoughts with just one word.

“Don’t think what you know is, the common sense. I mean, that Tokusatsu show is a show targeted towards men. I don’t think it’s wrong for women to see it, but basically, only a few women see that kind of show. And, by the way, high school girls who like Tokusatsu heroes are even rare in the first place. “

『”Uhu~… I can’t say anything back if you say that…”』

Perhaps she thought that Atsushi’s words couldn’t be argued, Yuri ended her machine-gun talk in an instant.


“Well… but, again. Since Shirasawa says so much, I’ll give it a try…”

Kaede said so, and Yuri quickly bit into it.

『”Really!!? Then leave it to me!!! I’ve got the Heisei ones all covered!!! But, well, as expected, you should see the very first in the Heisei series, REKU.”』 [TN: I’m not sure, but, I guess the name came from, REKU = RE(d)KU(uga)]

“Oi, recommending that for her first time, really…?”

Kaede tilted his head to Atsushi’s words.

“? Is there any problem with that, REKU?”

“Not really, but well, it’s certainly the best work that represents Heisei’s Evil-Masked Blade, but… it’s quite radical. It’s famous for the scene where a monster kills a person, which really looks so real. When it was airing for the first time. The Tv station was flooded with complaints from PTA and other parents.”

“Seriously? Ah… but well, if it’s a little grotesque, I’m fine, you know?”

“Is that so… well, if you’re fine, I won’t stop.”

Atsushi said nothing more.

In fact, REKU was said as one of the best among the Heisei “Evil-Masked Blade”. And since Atsushi also loved REKU, he was more than happy that more people would want to see it.

『”Then it’s decided!! I will bring the Blu-rays next time, so please look forward to it!!!”』

Yuri sent such excited words by telepathy without showing it on her face as usual.

In this way, a new member was added to the “Evil-Masked Blade” Otaku.


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