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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 230

This ch if from Miyabi Minakatin POV (3rd person)

230. Minakatain Household

“Welcome back, Miyabi-san”

Hearing that, Miyabi stiffened.

“It’s sudden but, come here for a moment.”

“H-hello, mom. Good morning, so what is it?”

“… I don’t mind saying it here, but Miyabi-san, we’re at the front door. Do you want to be scolded while being seen them? “

As expected, Miyabi clicked her tongue in her mind. She greeted her Mom with a smile and tried to get through, but it was useless, so she followed her Mom thinking that she had no choice but to listen quietly.

Miyabi’s mother had a strict personality. She had always complaint one or two things about Miyabis’s choice of male. However, the reason for the complaints was that Miyabi’s mother herself had failed in her romance.

Among the four great aristocrats, the ones who had succeeded in their marriage were Seikagu and Kitakatagu Household. It was a well-known fact that Seikagu Household had an enviable marriage. Kitakatagu Household might feel dry outside, but it seemed to be doing reasonably well at home. 

…… Damn it

Miyabi wondered, that perhaps, if she had “Gu” at the end of her name, she would have a good relationship with men. She seriously wanted to research it. As for Minakatain’s household, Miyabi’s Mom didn’t change her strict attitude towards Miyabi’s Dad, and got disliked by him. Now, they had separated.

Well, since Miyabi was little, she didn’t remember seeing her Dad, so it didn’t matter whether her Mom was married or divorced, but she couldn’t help but sigh in her mind.

“Sit down”


As her Mom told her, Miyabi sat quietly.

“Yesterday, you went to Kenran and called a boy, right?”

“Yeah, well… I can’t deny that fact.”

“Was it to meet the uprising star, that “King of Boys”?”

“…IF you look at it objectively, that’s right.”

“I heard that the boy is on good terms with Shino Toukain and Yuzuka Seikagu?”

“Hmm, I wonder if that’s true? I think they’re just friends.”

“…It is, “for now”, isn’t it? They’re trying to bring him into their side as they even brought him to the party.”


Silence dominated the room. Miyabi understood what her Mom wanted to say. Now, Minakatain wasn’t in a bad relationship with either Toukain or Seikagu household. Her mother was asking if she needed to hang on to Kohaku Hatano even if it would mean breaking that relationship.

“Mom. Love is free.”

“For us (Four Great Aristocrats), That’s not the case.”

“If I can bring him in, there will be a benefit to Minakatain too.”

Miyabi thought about Kohaku…

The “King of Boys’’ title that he has is more than enough to make him popular, but his appearance and personality, make him more popular than ever. It may be a bad comparison, but he is quite different from the male idols on TV now.

“That is… if you can.”

“Well, that’s right…”

That said, Miyabi couldn’t bring Kohaku that easily.

“There are other men.”

“… I can’t help it, I like him.”

“I think you met him only once.”

“Time doesn’t matter …”

Miyabi’s Mom sighed, understanding that Miyabi wouldn’t back down.

“OK. Do it until you are satisfied.”


“So, how much should I prepare? He’s the “King of Boys”, so maybe you were asked for a reasonable amount, right?”

“No, I don’t need it!”

“? How rare. Isn’t it your special skill?”

“I-it’s not a special skill or anything… I mean, Kohaku-kun seems to be interested only in pure love, not money.”

For the first time, Miyabi’s Mom was impressed.

“That’s, something rare for a man. How unusual.”

“T-that’s right! Very rare!”

While in her mind, she was apologizing for treating Kohaku like a protected animal, Miyabi stood up.

“So, if it goes well, I feel like he’ll see me as “Miyabi”, not as “Minakatain”.”

Saying so, Miyabi left the room. And she returned to her room. 

In her room, she leaned against the sofa and stood silently for a while.

“Aaah, what should I do… I have no idea how to make it works. It’s okay to promote Kohaku-kun to Mom right away, but it seems I have to promote to Kohaku-kun before that…”

“Well, this time, you attacked him with your special skill, but it didn’t work.”


Surprised by the sudden response, Miyabi turned to the voice. There, was her own servant who she also took to Kenran.

“Sakura, what are you doing!”

“Huft, I knocked many times, but I didn’t get a reply, so I thought even if it was rude, I had no choice but to enter the room.”

“How rare. Normally, You wouldn’t come in if you didn’t get a reply. Was it something in a hurry?”

“Hurry? Well, perhaps it’s better to say it “urgent”.”

Miyabi doubted what she just heard, but waited for the continuation of the words.

“Just a moment ago, Shino-sama of Toukain Household and Yuzuka-sama of Seikagu Household, has arrived.”


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