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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 74

74. The reason for getting lost usually isn’t that good

After leaving the haunted house, Yuri and Kaede were in a state of daze.

It wasn’t that strange. To be honest, even Atsushi was a little overwhelmed by the intensity of the haunted house here.

That was why he rested them on the bench and went to buy drinks for them.

“―――Why is she gone? that Shirasawa…”

While holding the drinks from the vending machine in both hands, Atsushi instinctively muttered so.

Kaede replied with an apologetic look to him.

“I’m sorry. When I took my eyes off, she went somewhere.”

“No, I’m not blaming you, Hirose. Shirasawa who went somewhere without saying anything is the one who’s bad.”

Atsushi didn’t mean to make Kaede feel better. He was a little frustrated by the childish Yuri who went somewhere without saying even though she wasn’t a kid anymore.

However, he suddenly thought there.

That disappointing fairy who insisted that she is an introvert, how come she dare to go act alone in such an amusement park like this…

“Is she lost after going to the toilet? Or does she have something she wants to do?… Either way, we can’t leave her like this huh?”

“Well, that’s okay. We can just call her by phone…”

“Hirose. Think carefully. Do you think she will answer the phone and talk?”


Normally, it would be best to call and find out the location, as in Kaede’s plan.

However, the other party was Yuri. It was unlikely that the disappointing girl who wouldn’t normally speak would answer the call from Atsushi.

“Then, why don’t you send a message from [Win]?”

Recent young people, no, most people who got a smartphone, would use an SNS app called [Win]. Kaede would have thought that if they sent a message there, Yuri would also notice, but Atsushi shook his head.

“I have already done it, but she hasn’t read it.”

Atsushi said so while showing Kaede his smartphone.

And Kaede who saw it.

“… Yamagami. You, aren’t you using pretty cute stamps?”

When Kaede saw the stamp on which the bear doll with blue veins on the face, she said such an impression.

“Shut up. More than that, you should think about what to do from now on.”

“Well… for the time being, let’s go to the lost child center?”

“Hirose. Are you aware that you just said something terrible?”

It would be an unprecedented shame that a high school girl got called to a lost child center. As expected, Atsushi didn’t want to shame Yuri so much.

“But, In the worst-case scenario, let’s do that. Well, it’s the last option we should choose …. Anyway, I’ll try to look for her with my nose?”

“Can you do it, in such a crowd?”

“I found you in the city, right? It’s not much different.”

As Atsushi said, he sniffed out and guessed the direction where Yuri would be. Without saying, he remembered her smell because he met her almost every day.

“――― Alright, over there.”

“Oi, can you really smell her? It’s amazing.”

“For now, it’s only the roughly directions. Well, I’m sure it won’t take long to find her.”

With that said, Atsushi and Kaede started walking toward the smell of Yuri.

It was almost the same that there were many people in the amusement park and in the city. Of course, the number of people at the peak might be completely different, but at present, Atsushi was still able to follow Yuri’s scent.

Then, Kaede asked a question.

“Hey, I have a question, your ability to follow the scent, can it be used in places where there are various scents?”

The question was, in a sense, a normal question.

After all, not only the supernatural powers emitted scent. Rather, many must have a more special and intense odor.

Plants and animals, of course, should be present in many ways, such as street food, the smell of ventilation fans, and the smell of gasoline.

“The scent of psychics is special. It’s stronger than any other scent. So, my nose can smell it better. Well, maybe this is just my nose.”

“Hmm. Then, even if the other person hides in the trash can, can you get them?”

“The parable is terrible… well, hmm… Even if the other person puts on mud and tries to eliminate the smell, I’m confident that I can track them. The smell of the psychic can’t be removed by that.”

Often in movies, there might be developments such as getting into muddy water or mixing with other strong odors to escape from the nose of a hunting dog, but that probably wouldn’t work for Atsushi.


“But if I catch a cold and my nose function deteriorates, it’s impossible. In fact, I tried it once, but I couldn’t sniff any at that time. Given that, if I’m being forced to smell the pungent odor directly or my nose is sprayed with a tear spray, I may not be able to use it well either. “

If the nose itself had a problem, as you would’ve expected, it wouldn’t be able to use to smell well.

Therefore, Atsushi was always careful about physical condition management.

“Well, the source of the scent is around here.”

Atsushi was looking around, and suddenly found something.

“? What’s wrong, Yamagami? Why’re you looking at the special stage―――― Ah”

Kaede also looked in the same direction and noticed it too.

In the first place. If you tried to think about it. The reason why Yuri acted alone. Why did she, who had self-proclaimed as an introvert, left her friends? 

The answer was simple. That was because, there was something that caught her interest.

And. It was an amusement park. There was only one answer when it came to the special stages where children would most likely to gather.

In short,

“… Hey, What is she doing?”

“As you can see, she is ――― with other children, she’s going to see the special stage show of the Sunday Morning Heroes.”

As Atsushi said, there, was Yuri watching the show while sitting in the front row amongst many children.


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