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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 73

73. Scary things are scary even if you know they are fake

『”Atsushi-san. Are you okay?”』

“Yeah… somehow”

Atsushi took a break while sitting on a bench.

He wasn’t good at roller coasters, but at least it ended soon. If it was a vehicle that stagnated at a high place for a long time, like a plane, Atsushi wouldn’t have been in a decent state by now.

“And, I had to go there to get the stamp.”

Atsushi fluttered the stamp card with one hand while saying so.

The reason why he got on the roller coaster even if he needed to force himself. One of them was this. He must ride seven attractions to get a stamp there, so later at the reception desk on the way home, he could draw a lottery with gorgeous prizes.

『”Merry-go-round, Teacups, and Roller Coasters. 4 more! Well, it seems all of us will get a chance to draw a lottery!”』

“Well, even if we can draw the lottery, doesn’t mean that we’ll win a prize.”

『”Mmmpm, why’re you so pessimistic, Kaede-san? We have to go there on the premise of drawing a jackpot. If you have the motivation and guts to do anything, something good might happen!!!”』

“No, in the first place, it’s a lottery, it doesn’t matter even if you’re motivated or have guts.”

“Huft, seriously. Well, more than that, Shirasawa. It seems your Telepathy has no problem.”

『”Yup, now, even in an area with so many people, I can send telepathy to two people at the same time!”』

And so on, the three were having a normal conversation.

As she said herself, Yuri was already able to send telepathy to multiple people at the same time without any problems.

“But that, your Telepathy isn’t possible to connect me and Yamagami.”

『”Unfortunately. This is because, my ability is to send telepathy. But, well, it may be possible if I practice more…”』

“Maybe. Anyway, for the time being, this is good enough. At least now, we can talk normally.”

“Yeah. But, I doubt you can call this, normal.”

Perhaps, from the perspective of a third party, it might still look strange. 

‘Only two people are talking and the other one is silent, but for some reason, the conversation looks like between 3 people.’

However, it was in fact, better than before because they were free from the inconveniences they had.

“So? The next attraction is… Ah? Mad Horror House?”

『”Oh, is it a haunted house?”』


Atsushi didn’t overlook Kaede’s shoulders reacting to the words “Haunted House”.

“What’s wrong, Hirose?”

“Ah? Hmm? N-nothing?”

Obviously weird attitude and tone. The expression was also awkward.

With that much, most people could guess the reason.

“Aah… maybe you’re scared of ghosts? If so, don’t overdo yourself…”

“H-hah? W-who is scared of something fake like a haunted house!!? Don’t make a fool of me!”

“Hmm, I didn’t mean that though…”

Atsushi was also worried about Kaede because she was worried about him earlier, but apparently, she didn’t accept it obediently.

『”That’s right. Atsushi-san. How old do you think we are? We’re not kids. It’s a haunted house, it’s a fake made by a person. If it’s the real deal, who knows? But, why should I be scared of something that I know to be fake? Come on, let’s go!!”』

Atsushi and Kaede had no choice but to follow Yuri who took the initiative.

And thirty minutes later.


A scream echoed in Atsushi and Kaede’s brain.

“Hey, you, don’t suddenly scream in my brain. My head is getting dizzy now. Also, as a girl, don’t easily hug a man. It might lead to some misunderstanding, you know.”

『”Who cares about common senses at this kind of time!!! Let’s go!! Fast!! Let’s go immediately!! Quick!!! Hurry Hurry Hurry!!!!!!”』

Yuri embraced Atsushi’s right arm as if she didn’t care about common senses as a woman anymore. She wouldn’t even notice that her breasts, her skin and face, and so on, hit Atsushi’s arms. And Atsushi also pointed it out, but hearing her words, he didn’t think that he should shake her off.

As for Kaede…


Kaede had lost her words and was hugging Atsushi’s left arm with a desperate face. And, likewise, her chest hit Atsushi’s arm as well, but it seemed that she didn’t care it either.

Both of them held Atsushi’s arms firmly. It was really the real “Sandwiched by two beautiful girls”, moreover, at the max level. And honestly, Atsushi felt hurt considerably. People might think that Atsushi’s positions right now were something to be jealous of as the girl’s chest or skin were touching him, but there was a feeling of oppression, so he couldn’t really enjoy it even if he wanted to… And above all, He was having a hard time moving forward.

But this haunted house, it’s well done…

Atsushi didn’t question why they were so scared. He could somehow understand the reason.

A huge building, with various tricks. The ghosts that suddenly appeared from total darkness, and the mirrors and pictures that fell just by taking a step forward. A disturbing BGM that switched at a good timing as they progressed. And above all, props that were as realistic as possible.

To be honest, the surprise factor was good. And, that was why it brought up more fear.

『”Uhuhu… I’ve never thought that the haunted house in a local amusement park is so scary…”』

“Stop saying something like that oi… Hirose, are you okay?”

“I-I-I’m, not okay… A-a-actually, that, to be honest, I-I’m, n-not good at, t-this kind of thing…”

“Well, I knew it somehow, but why did you force yourself?”

“T-that’s… A-at this age, if other, think that, I’m afraid of ghosts, I’ll get embarrassed, for sure… but, I regret it now…”


But Atsushi didn’t make a fool of her. He wasn’t good at high places, and his ugliness and weakness, was exposed earlier. He understood that all humans, might have weaknesses of their own. Therefore, he didn’t blame Yuri and Kaede’s actions.

However, it was also a fact that couldn’t be left.

“Anyway, let’s move. Otherwise, it’ll never en―――”

And that moment,




The painting suddenly fell off the wall.

And, the two were surprised at the faces of the clowns that appeared from there.

But, Atsushi kept moving, dragging the two beautiful girls who were screaming loud.


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