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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 229

229. Minakatain’s personality

After seeing off Minakatain, I also returned to the classroom. At that time, Maki-san said she didn’t think it was a really bad deal, but still, I should think about it carefully before replying to the deal, after all, if you were rich, you could enjoy luxury life!… She was so exited when saying it.

Well, if I’m just looking for money, it’s better to accept the marriage proposal as Maki-san said. I mean, in this world, polygamy is allowed, so if I want, I can get married as many times as I want. That said, if I get married in exchange for money, my value as a man will drop. At the party I went to, many were slandered of getting married for the money.

I don’t want that. I want to be praised. “Beautiful!” “Amazing!” “The best!”, I want to be praised like that. That’s why what I want from the other party is status, money, honor, all of it… and above all, the most important is love. Even if I suddenly get into an accident, if they love me, they’ll take care of me!

But for now, I could say that she is attracted to my appearance and my title as the “King of Boys”…… But, yeah, it’s a property with a good prospect, it can still develop… not bad…..

“Ah, Kohaku-kun, good morning. The chime will ring soon. Where have you been?”

“Good morning, a guest came and called me.”

“A guest?”

I nodded to Yuzuka-san, who leaned her head.

“Do you know Miyabi Minakatain-san? Her age is not that much older, so I guess you know her. But she wasn’t at the party we went to last time, right?”

I wondered if the two who was the daughter of the four great aristocrats knew more information, so I asked them lightly.

However, at that moment, the atmosphere of the two changed. The smile was the same, but the atmosphere created was dark, heavy, and terrifying. As evidence, the girls, who were talking on their side, stopped talking and quickly returned to their seats.

“B-both of you…?”

…Maybe you’re not on good terms?… was what I wanted to say, but it didn’t sound good, so I changed the way I asked.

“Maybe, don’t know her? If that’s the case, then…”

“No. That’s not the case! I know her well.”

“Yes, I still meet her from time to time.”

“The fact that you asked about her means, that the customer was Miyabi-san, right?”

“Yes. She said that, after she saw the King of Boys on the TV, she got intereー”

“It’s a lie, isn’t it?”

I roughly told them the reason for the visit, but my lie was immediately revealed.

“Miyabi-san wouldn’t go for such a “cute reason”. Kohaku-kun, you don’t have to lie.”

Yuzuka-san had a gentle smile like usual, but in my ears, I could somehow hear “Quickly, spit out the truth. Now.” 

Perhaps her brain couldn’t hold the real intention back well, that it leaked out…


“Well… it was something like, hmm, asking me to go out with her…”

When I said that, the atmosphere of the class changed.

“… Should we boycott Minakatain’s group?”

“No, that would be a nuisance to other people too…should we assassinate her?”

“No, no, the opponent is one of the four great aristocrats. She must have escorts will her all the time.”

The girls were saying something like that.

“… Maybe if we give Hatano to her, peace will come back to this school…”

“… Yes, that’s right. Maybe he’ll transfer school!”

“Well, if we ask her to confine Hatano, you can feel more secure.”

“Right! And ask her to put a caution sticker, “There’s a beast inside”…. No, let me write it!”

GULP!!… And then the world will be ours again!”

The boys also got excited.

….. Even if I go out with her, I won’t quit school and I won’t be imprisoned!

“Hm, hmmmmm, I see. So, Miyabi-san said that huh. That Bitch is still quick as ever.”

“Shino, your words.”

……That Bitch…  

Shino-san said some words that I had never heard from her mouth.

“But, yeah. I know, I know that Kohaku-kun won’t give in to that kind of temptation…. You don’t, right?”

“I haven’t answered…. but, what kind of temptation you mean?”

Hearing my questions, they looked at me.

“Miyabi-san is an excellent person. She has an excellent academic ability, also fast to act. Although she is a student, she is also involved in the management of her family’s business, and produces results…… she’s been boldly going around confessing to boys since she was little … “

“Well, she was always in crushing defeat…”

……Scary… How could they mercilessly reject someone who is from an elite family… the man of this world is terrifying…

“But, one day, she was told by one of the boys she confessed. “A confession without bringing anything? Are you joking?”…”

“Miyabi-san, who heard that, was convinced of what she must do. So, since then she started to confess while bringing a wad of bills.”

“How about the result?”

“Since then, it always ends in her win, but the relationships never last long.”

“I think that what Miyabi-san wants is not such a superficial relationship. To describe Miyabi-san in one word, “Mentally strong like a steel”… she’s amazing because her mind can’t be broken no matter how many times it gets attacked. “

Shino-san said that, and for some reason, a fire was lit in her eyes. She was suddenly full of fighting spirits.

…… Why do you’re on fire just by listening to her personality?


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