Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 44

44. Chapter 44

“I see… So it failed. Huh, I lost another really good human resource.”

Hugo, the Foreign Minister of Liberitoa, who received a report from the spy, leave his weight on the chair on which he was sitting.

Hugo was the only one in the tightly closed room, which was suitable for summarizing the situation without any hindrance.

Intelligence personnel who were proficient in providing information and assassination missions, were valuable. Their upbringing began in early childhood and was very costly. It was a great loss in a strategy similar to abandoning valuable chess pieces. It was a really sad loss for Liberitoa.

Craist’s attempt to recapture failed, Ferrius’s attempt to poison failed, and now the assassination directed by Hugo also failed.

“The layers, the fortress, Highserk soldiers, Demon Fire, Gerard, and even one of Three Heroes… this battle… we may lose.”

The number of troops of the Four-Countries Alliance, which had exceeded 60,000, had decreased to 32,000. In terms of numbers, it would still be twice as much as the Highserk army, but the Four-Countries Alliance couldn’t even enter the fortress and instead, they were pushed back.

There might be a chance to win if the alliance managed to capture the layers once again. 

In Hugo’s homeland, the Liberitoa Trade Federation, there were “black water” springs in the desert where powerful and deadly monsters such as Red Scorpion were residing.

Sufficient enough to burn the Sarajevo Fortress intermittently was brought, and a large thrower was also installed in the occupied layer. It was all ruined by a total attack triggered by a surprise attack by the user of 《Demon Fire》.

“Using normal means won’t be enough. Then―― there is only the Demon Territory.”

With normal troops, there was no chance of winning against the Highserk Empire, which still held Sarajevo Fortress. Hugo looked away from Sarajevo Fortress at the map and pointed to the largest Demon Territory located in the center of the continent.

The large thrower was lost, but the Liberitoa black water was safe as it was shipped to Lake Celta. Hugo thought that it would be a waste to not use it.

It was the largest and strongest Demon Territory on the continent, and even carrying a barrel containing black water would cost some troops. Still, as the situation was bad if nothing big happened, the answer in Hugo’s head was decided.

There was enough to burn the forest in the Demon Territory, so no problem with that. What Hugo needed to do was to whisper a sweet invitation to Craist, which received a lot of damage caused by the revenge of King Ferrius who was blinded by the vengeance of his younger brother, such as losing one of the “Three Heroes”. If Hugo could talk it well, Craist would be in favor of his plan.

However, if it failed, Hugo needed to make a new strategy.

Then, a girl who succeeded her father and became the Queen of Myard appeared in Hugo’s mind.

A patriot who was still immature but worried about the country. Myard wouldn’t be convinced with the plan. However, Hugo laughed, thinking that if it were three-vs-one, nothing could be done by the weak Myard.

Fortunately, the Liberitoa soldiers had the lowest damage and now had the largest number of troops in here compared to Myard, Ferrius, and Craist.

Whether successful or unsuccessful, the Highserk Empire would be hit hard, was what in Hugo’s mind

Hugo, who finally put together his thoughts, called his followers and gave instructions. From the beginning, there was no option such as “not achieving anything and returning to the country” for Hugo.

“Are you serious about burning the Demon Territory on the outer edge of Myard?”

Rita Myard’s angry voice echoed in the tent under strict security. Myrad had only Celta territory, had the least force to mobilize in the Four-Countries Alliance, and the leader, Rita Myrad had limited influence as the youngest amongst the leaders. As the representative of the country, Rita wasn’t silent, knowing that the land would be devastated.

“That said, is there any other way to move the Highserk Empire from Sarajevo Fortress? If you burn forest in the demon territory, the demons will attack the Highserk soldiers. Of course, some people of Myard, will be sacrificed, but it’s the cost of necessity.”

Rita raised hatred for the selfish argument of the Foreign Minister of the Liberitoa Trade Federation. Thinking that she had to be calm, Rita calmed her breathing, if she let herself in angry it would only lead to what the old fox wanted.

“Are the other two countries agreed with the operation at the expense of the people of their allies?”

The tent was attended by the King of Ferrius Kingdom and the leader of the Order of Reharzen on the behalf of the King. The Knight Commander replied to Rita’s question.

“Sacrifices are an integral part of the war. Craist has made great sacrifices. Despite being a country that was just invited to this war. The one that needs to steel the resolve to win, isn’t it the Principality of Myard?”

Then King Ferrius preached.

“Ferius has also made a great contribution to both the military and civilians. This is the only way to knock the Highserk Empire down to hell. Burning the Demon Territory at the outer of Myard will also cost my Kingdom. And we’re prepared for it!”

Feeling crazy in his eyes, Rita realized that the death of his younger brother, whom King Ferrius had been fond of, had a severe effect. Rita herself had lost her great father and her hometown in the Battle of Aidenberg. She could understand the luscious temptation of vengeance. Still, she couldn’t let herself be tempted by it as a ruler of the country.


Hugo interrupted Rita, who raised her voice, as now two candles had been lit by him.

“If you allow Highserk to recover here, you’ll be attacked one by one. The Highserk Empire can’t help but cut the opponent’s neck once being attacked. That country is terribly aggressive in the name of the Defense War. And if you don’t draw them out of Sarajevo Fortress, the Highserk Empire will regain its strength and mobilize troops from its territory. I don’t want to say this, but if that happens, Myard will be the first to sink.”

In short, what Hugo wanted to say was “Because I’m thinking about Myard, there’s a need to burn the forest of the Demon Territory on the outer edge of Myrad”.

Rita’s persuasion continues, but the talk slowly moved on to what she feared the most.

“In advance arrangements, the direction of the war would be decided by majority vote. Right?”

King Ferrius, who was in a hurry to conclude, presented a plan that Rita didn’t want to hear the most.

“It’s definitely written in the agreement.”

“If so, let’s take a majority vote. My Craist Kingdom vote in favor of burning the Demon Territory.”

“… ugggh, the Principality of Myard vote in objection.”

“Ferrius vote in favor”

“Liberitoa Commercial Federation vote in favor”

“It’s 3 to 1. It’s decided, we’ll burn the Demon Territory on the outer edge of Myard.”

“That land is a demon territory with mighty demons that even the three great powers do not touch carelessly, and the degree of danger is different from other demon territories. It cannot be handled by humans!!”

It was a box that shouldn’t be opened, where even monsters classified as S and A class inhabited. From normal people’s perspective, Rita would be among the ones involved in unlocking the box that would endanger her people.

“We will use adventurers to burn the forest. It seems that the adventurers who have been locked out of their hometown will cooperate. Aren’t the people of Myard really devoted? Let’s pray for the success of this operation.”

Rita clenched her fist, saying that everything went according to the expectations of Foreign Minister Liberitoa. A country without power could always only choose nothing. Rita looked up at the sky with her helplessness, but she could only see the cloth of the tent, feeling trapped in there.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 253

253. Plan for summer vacation

I was drinking sweets and tea served by the maid in the room where I was told to wait. The scary thing was that the sweets and tea served here were so delicious, it was hard to stop.

“Did you like it?”

“Yes, it’s really delicious.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Actually, I made it.”

“Eh? Really? Are you the one in charge of cooking here?” 

I asked a female maid who looked a few years older than me.

“No, that couldn’t be. The one in charge of cooking is a real chef. However, the sweets are special sweets that the retired pastry chef taught to me directly. For now, amongst the ones who could make it, I’m the best, so I’m always in charge of it.”

“I see, it’s really delicious. I hard to stop picking it.”

“Young lady also likes it. She always makes a fuss about eating too much of calories.”

Dangerous… I’ve to be careful too.

With that in mind, the door was knocked on when I was enjoying the sweets. The maid responded with natural and quick movements and opened the door.



It was Shino-san who came into the room. We stared at each other silently. Shino-san’s appearance was more beautiful than usual. Her make-up was usually natural make-up, but now she put on a make-up that gave a slightly mature impression.

“! ……!?”



With a strange scream, Shino-san was about to escape from the room, and the maid had caught her neck.

“Young lady, where are you going? The guest is there.”

“W-why Kohaku-kun is here?”

“Because Master has brought him here.”

That’s right. And I don’t even know the reason.

When the maid releases Shino-san, who was lamenting in a low voice “A surprise attack is not fair”

“Then, please call me if you have any needs”

The maid bowed down and left the room. And what was left, only me and Shino-san.

“H-Hello, Kohaku-kun”

“Hello Shino-san”

“G-Grandpa told me to deal with the guest, so…”


“Um… there’s a game of life, want me to bring it out?”

Game of life? Just two of us? Better call it game of hell… I mean, why did you choose that?

“I’ll pass this time, rather I got some really delicious snacks, so let’s eat together.”

“Ah, that one is delicious. I love it too!”

“What about the calories?”

“Wha-! Why do you know that!?”

“The maid told me.”

“Meanie! Why she’s spreading a maiden’s privacy like nothing!?”

Shino-san raised a voice of protest while swelling her cheeks. But it wasn’t really my fault, so there was nothing I could do about it.

“Kohaku-kun is a meanie these days…”

“? Hmm?”

“Always makes me on pins and needles all the time. But, always so kind to othersー”

“I think I’m also kind to Shino-san, too?”


Shino said so and leaned her upper body on the table. Even though she was dressed elegantly, she looked so sloppy. Shino continued her story.

“Kohaku-kun, don’t you ever panic?”

“Of course, I have. A lot of time!”

It happened today! When I met your grandfather! I was so nervous that I couldn’t taste the shaved ice properly! As you may tell it to Housei-san, I won’t tell you the details!

“I-is that so?”


“For example?”

“… You don’t need to know.”

“Eeee, what is it? Tell me, tell me.”

I didn’t reply, and it becomes a little quiet. Then Shino-san opened her mouth.

“Kohaku-kun. It’s summer vacation soon.”

“Right. It was very hot today. It’ll be even hotter soon.”

“That’s right. It’s already summer. The holidays are coming soon.”


I felt some pressure in the words even though Shino-san say it with a sloppy attitude.

“Well, do you have a plan for summer vacation?”

“I have a plan to go to the sea for the time being.”

“God is deadー!”

Shino stood up suddenly. She rushed to my side.

“Why? You supposed to say,’I haven’t decided yet.’… I did my best to invite you, you know!?”

“Ermm… even if you say so…”

I thought you just wanted to ask about my schedule. Rather, it was your grandfather who invited me, you know?

“Yuzuka and Miyabi-san are all sly. It’s not fair! Kohaku-kun, I also want to have a date with you! So mean. I’ll definitely go to the sea with you! No matter what!”

Shino-san, who suddenly whining was seen by the maid, and got scolded.

Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 43

43. Chapter 43

For a week as an escort, Walm hadn’t moved far away from the treatment room, even today. Most of the seriously injured had returned to the battlefield, and the treatment was centered on the ones with minor injuries. The Four-Countries Alliance had been reorganized at a great distance from the layers, and no new attacks had occurred except for some scouts and spies.

Although not publicly disclosed, Ayane was unusually popular as a POW. It should be natural since she was someone who treated the heavily wounded and on the verge of dying soldiers. Moreover, when she was a young and beautiful girl, Walm gave up on the fact that the soldiers who felt lonely couldn’t be stopped from looking at her with love and looking at him with envy. Without saying, some sent a thankful gift. Even though Walm handed out non-dangerous-looking things, he couldn’t help but be amazed.

“Walm-dono, next is the soldier who fell while working on the walls.”

A charming young balding soldier told Walm. He was a soldier named Moritz who belonged to the escort team and cared a lot for his surroundings. Originally a personal servant soldier of a staff officer at the headquarters, he had been praised for his loyalty and 《Poison Resistance》 skill and so assigned to be one of the escorts.

It was itchy for Walm to be called with honorifics by Moritz, who had a long military history, but he didn’t dare to call Walm normally because he was afraid of a “Knight” who also a user of 《Demon Fire》. 

Walm described Moritz as an amiable and attentive man, and that it was a shame such a person must be on the battlefield.

“Please bring him inside”

The soldier carried on the stretcher had a broken left leg and left arm. It was a stupid person who fell from the stairs of the wall miserably, but such a thing was not a problem since now there was a good healing magician.

“Uh, urghHH”

In pain, the soldier closed his eyes and clenched his teeth. Maia gave the soldier a wooden gag and a cloth in his hand.

“It’ll be hurt”

Maia said so and returned the man’s bent leg to the correct position. The soldiers groaned.

Ayane held her hand over the broken leg and treatment began. The painful face of the soldier who was sweating buckets loosened. Treatment of his arm finished earlier than his foot. As expected of a great skill. It took less than 5 minutes to completely heal a simple fracture. The gag and cloth were returned. The soldier who got off the stretcher thanked Ayane and Maia.

“I was saved. I can’t believe it’ll heal so quickly.”

The soldier’s hand, which had been held during the operation, remained tightly closed. Walm, who had seen the process of the healing for a week, felt uncomfortable. Most people who just had surgery would likely be in a relaxed state. But the man kept clenching his fist. Walm took a step closer while carefully running his eyes around.

The man noticed Walm’s approach. He laughed in a friendly manner, but Walm couldn’t feel the laugh from the back of his eyes. Slid his finger and pulled something out of his waist. Its true identity was a kind of hidden weapon.


While kicking up the ground, Walm who used wind magic accelerated at once. Grabbed Ayane’s arm and switched position.

A high-pitched sound echoed in the treatment room. The hidden weapon was flipped by Walm’s iron armor. With Ayane behind him, Walm pulled out a longsword from his waist and slashed from the bottom, but the man dexterously moved his upper body to dodge the attack and jumped away.

“It’s an assassin!!”

Moritz shouted. The assassin stuck out his arm as opposed to the one holding the hidden weapon. Feeling the momentary increase in mana, Walm was ready.

” <Release> “

A rod-shaped projectile (a type of hidden weapon) popped out in the hand was fired with compressed air. Walm, who realized that the aim was Ayane, smashed it with a longsword.

The assassin tried to reach his hips again, but Walm jumped in, pierced his shoulder with a longsword, and stuck him to the wall. Still, he tried to pierce Walm with his free hand. But, when Walm put fire to his wound, he screamed and stiffened. As it was, Walm held down his throat and arms.

“Tie him up. Gag him, don’t let him bite his tongue.”

A little later, Moritz and the other escort soldiers flooded in. 

The assassin was detained, but suddenly he opened his eyes wide, screamed over the gag, and stopped moving.

“Did he just kill himself?”

Walm took a breather at the assassin who kept his eyes open and didn’t move. Moritz broke open his mouth and began to search with his hands.

“Ah, it’s a poison. I think it was put in the back teeth. It’s extremely poisonous.  It’s a strong poison made from “Red Scorpion” mixed with a highly flammable poisonous plant. When I tasted it a long time ago, its exciting taste made me suffer abdominal pain for a week.”

Moritz, who was said to have a resistance to poison, said with an ecstatic expression.

“You’re still alive even after eating that?”

Even others than the offensive skill, “Skills” were something that could bend the logic of the world.

I’ll never put that thing inside my mouth.

“If you have recovery magic or a strong fire attribute, you can withstand it. Oh, it’s also on the hidden weapon.”

The assassin’s boldness and determination to slip down from a high place just to enter the treatment center made Walm feel cold on his spine. Turning his gaze back, Ayane stood in the corner of her room with a shocked face. As for Maia, she was standing on the wall.

“Are you both okay?”

Ayane nodded a little to Walm’s question.

“Why… why me…”

“Maybe Liberitoa or Ferrius, decided that if they couldn’t recapture, it would be better to kill you two.”

Craist wasn’t mentioned, but Walm didn’t have to bother to say it to make Ayane understand.

“It’s a lie, right? I, we’re, on the same side… right?”

“Heal those who are heavily injured, and bring back those who are standing on the brink of death. For any army, it’s a dangerous threat. I’m sorry for being rude, but killing you can be considered as indirectly killing enemy soldiers on the battlefield. It’s natural to aim for elimination. Well, it’s the same as farmers who provide food, or ranches where war horses are raised, there is no end to it. In short, It’s a “war”. When you’re branded as an enemy, your status and background are irrelevant.”

Hearing Moritz’s opinions, Ayane’s knees gave up and she sat down.


From such a perspective alone, Ayane thought that Walm should be threatening enough to be on the kill list.

“Let’s stop today’s treatment. I haven’t ensured the safety. Also, both of you are shaking.”

Walm felt sympathy when he saw a girl who got swung around because of her high-level ability, but he understood that he shouldn’t hold it. He must be firm. He mustn’t deviate from the relationship between soldiers and prisoners. After all, it was Walm himself who took her away from her companions and brought her to a foreign battlefield where death roamed. To comfort her now, such a hypocrite act, as a human, his dignity couldn’t forgive himself to do that.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 42

42. Chapter 42

The first impression Ayane had about Walm must be the worst. Walm killed the Craist soldiers, disguised as the Ferrius soldiers, and got treated by her, blew away the treatment area, and burned her childhood friends. 

Without showing his inner conflict, Walm declared to the girl.

“I’m Walm, the one who will take on the role of supervisor and escort from today.”

“… I’m Ayane Sugimoto.”

Ayane’s attitude toward Walm was icy. Still, she didn’t completely refuse him. Commander Gerard said she had been “persuaded”, but it was hard to believe. Perhaps, magic tools or some sort of insect had been planted in her head to make her slightly obedient, was what Walm thought when he heard it.

“I’m Maia, a healing magician. We met once, right?”

The other one was a woman from Ferrius, who worked as Ayane’s assistant. She introduced herself, but her tone was clearly sarcastic. Walm knew that no matter what he wanted to do to fix the relationship now, it would be useless.

“Yeah, thank you for the other day… four people, including me, are always watching you two. I don’t plan to interfere when you give treatment, but in an emergency, you must follow my command. Okay?”


At that moment, Walm thought that he was more comfortable on the front line than being where he was now.

The treatment was endless as long as the mana was still there, the healing magician had a saying about it.

The wounds that made you want to look away, torn wounds, and even the arm that was about to start decaying were healed. Because Walm had been killing people, he could understand the horror of the wounded soldiers returning to the front in a good shape.

Maia’s knowledge and skills as an assistant were also great. Simply applying recovery magic would connect the broken bones, albeit leaving foreign objects, bones, and muscles left in the body. If she used recovery magic carelessly, serious aftereffects would remain. They were removed in a short time by applying water magic and proper incision. 

Here, Walm was reminded of one of the factors that supported the offensive of the enemy soldiers who attacked the layers.

In the end, the sabotage that Walm was worried about didn’t happen, and the two healing magicians proceeded without rest. The soldiers gave them a thank-you word, even though they knew both were the enemy healing magicians.

Walm was seriously worried that some of the soldiers might be moved by the kindness and held affection for them more than necessary. More than 100 seriously injured people who might not be able to see tomorrow were healed to the point where they could even return to the battlefield immediately. Only by the recovery magic, anyone would agree that the girl must be one of the “Three Heroes”.

There was a declaration that the two were out of mana, and the treatment for the day was over. As expected, the color of fatigue in their eyes was deep.

“Today’s work is over. It’s time for a meal. Follow me.”

In a cell-like room, soup made from boiled birds, potatoes and beans, herring pickled in salt and herbs, vinegar-soaked cabbage, bread, and fruit liquor were lined up.

Although all of them were well-preserved, they were the best foods that Walm knew to eat at the forefront. It was an exceptional treatment for someone who became a POW.

Walm also knew that sleep and diet were important because healing someone required physical strength and mana. The two went on eating silently. Among them, only fruit liquor was left alone.

“Minors shouldn’t drink alcohol, don’t you think so?”

It was a frank question from Walm, but Maia frowned.

“Even though I look like this, I’m 21 years old. Ayane is also an adult, she’s 16 years old. It’s surprising to be “belittled” as young.”

Ah, my bad habit of thinking with my past life values is coming out…

In this world, once you hit 15 years old, you would be called an adult. You would be counted as a full-fledged person, good or bad, whether you wanted it or not.

“Then, do you both hate alcohol?”

The two answered Walm’s question.

“I have never drunk it.”

Well, if you’re a lawful minor in the old world, that would be the case.

“I don’t like it”

Maia didn’t seem to like it. Walm took out preserved food and pot from the magic bag. At the beginning of use, Walm was confused by the feeling that the tip of his wrist became ambiguous, but once he got used to it, he realized a convenience that couldn’t be explained if you had never used it.

“Then, you could have this instead”

Mana was poured into the sallow pot with cheese on it, and the melted cheese spread in it.

“Don’t hesitate. Instead, I’ll get the fruit liquor. You can enjoy it by spreading it on bread.”

Ayane, who was hesitant, spread the melting cheese on the bread and ate it.

“So good.”

Walm felt that Ayane’s face, which had always been tense, was slightly loosened only at this time. She had been drawn to the war under the name of “Three Heroes”, but deep inside she was just a teenage girl.

“I’ll ask His Excellency if he can change the fruit liquor with something else if possible. I can’t promise it’ll happen, but I will make an effort for it. After all, even though you’re a “prisoner of war”, you’ve been doing a good job.”

A work is a work after all

Walm didn’t feel like cutting corners or becoming too intimate with the two, he just wanted to avoid monitoring in a heavy atmosphere all the time. After seeing both finished their meal, Walm asked the other soldier to watch as he walked away to take a short break in the next room.

“How about when it’s your break time? After I take a break, I’ll drink with you. Or do you hate alcohol?”

To Walm’s question, the soldier said with a serious look.

“Alcohol is life.”

After finishing the night guard duty, the day was over.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 252

252. The worrisome Shino

“Ah~, what should I do~?”

Shino Toukain was worried while rolling around on the bed in her room. The maid who was paying attention to her sloppy appearance, sighed.

“Shino-sama. Remember, you’re the daughter of Toukain!”

“I know butー”

“What about the other day? Weren’t you laughing at Yuzuka-sama’s failure? What was that?”


That being said, Shino stopped rolling. Sure, she was laughing when she heard about Yuzuka’s failure.

…I mean, anyone would laugh if they were told that. Why did she try to go to the climax on her first date? No matter what, she attacked too much. It can’t be helped if I burst into laughter! But, when I think about it now, more than anything I was relieved.

Amongst us three, the only one who couldn’t do anything, is me. So, if Yuzuka did really well, Kohaku-kun wouldn’t even look at me. I’m sorry for Yuzuka, but I’m really relieved when I heard that the date failed.

“ButーKohaku-kun said that he was disappointed that he couldn’t spend the night with Yuzukaー”

I mean, I went to school full of relief, but then I was welcomed by the words. I was so shocked. At that time, Yuzuka was just about to take a distance so that she could restore the relationship between her and Kohaku-kun. But that words changed it. It was really unexpected. It might be a joke. But the fact that this word came out was nothing but proof that he doesn’t hate Yuzuka.

…… What about me? Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if I’m getting the same kind of favor as Yuzuka. But I have to take action. So, the question is how!? Like Yuzuka and Miyabi, Should I invite Kohaku-kun to a date?

…… Surely, he would say ok. But won’t it leave a bad impression on Kohaku-kun? Perhaps he’ll think, “She is saying the same thing as that two. Boーringー“. If that happens, I may refuse to go to school anymore…

“Shino-sama, you look so pathetic now! If you don’t invite him to a date, if you don’t do anything, you won’t get any results. Right? I mean, even if you make a mistake, he won’t hate you that easily. He’s not that narrow-minded, right?”

“That’s not the case! Kohaku-kun is kind and pure, but there’s a bit of a “naughty” side. Anyway, he’s a wonderful boy…”

“Then, stop worrying so much and start taking action!”

“Ummー… That’s right. Alright! I decided!”

The maid smiled when she saw Shino’s appearance. She thought that Shino’s recovery speed was also her charm point.

“I see, so what did you decide?”

“Yeah. It’s been very hot these days, and it’s almost summer vacation. So, I’m going to invite Kohaku-kun to the villa.”

“Ara… but if you only invite him alone, won’t he hesitate?”

“Who knows? But I’ve slept with him under the same roof at that King of Boys, and anyway, I’m planning to invite other classmates, so I think he’ll come.”

It’s summer, so yeah, the sea is a good place. It’s a private beach, so the sea is beautiful and not crowded, and I think it’s fun to have a barbecue on the beach. Besides swimming in the sea, we can also go fishing, and fireworks at night. Maybe I can have a good atmosphere with him alone…

“Let’s invite tomorrow! If he rejects, I’ll think of another way. The worst thing is not to act!”

“Shino-sama is so cool!”

The room was knocked. The maid acted quickly and responded.

“What was it?”

“This is an instruction from Master. Since a guest is coming, Shino-sama should go and meet the person…”

“A guest? Who?”

“That… Master didn’t tell me the details.”

“… Hmm”

Shino went to think. 

Grandpa didn’t tell on purpose to see if I could properly deal with a sudden situation… that must be it.

“I’m going to change my clothes, so take out my clothes.”


The maid picked up and brought the best clothes from the closet. And they exchanged information while changing clothes.

“Did he say anything else?”

“Yes. Master said the guest will join the dinner later.”

“Hmm? Must be a good friend of Grandpa.”

“That’s right. Master rarely invites someone to dinner.”

Grandpa is a difficult person. And he invites the guest to dinner. Must be a well-known old friend, a corporate executive, or a political figure. Either way, must be a lot older than me. Then, I think that the topic will most likely be politics or economy.

Then Shino hid her face as a high school girl up to that point and changed it to the face of a young lady named Shino Toukain.

However, shortly after this, the lady’s face collapsed. In addition, her earlier determination made her stunned to find out that her grandfather was one step faster than her. But at this moment, she still didn’t know that.

Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 41

41. Chapter 41

After regaining consciousness, Walm was guided to a room in the fortress.

Commander Gerard Berger, this was the third time Walm saw him. Previously he saw him with the battalion, then with his squad, now only Walm alone.

“I’ve been waiting. Sit down.”

“If you insist then please excuse me.”

Walm sat face-to-face without hesitation.

“First of all, let me thank you. The achievement of burning the camp of the Four-Countries Alliance, destroying the chain of command, and taking one of the “Three Heroes” as a prisoner, is comparable to legends, to myths. Now, no one in the Ferrius Front who doesn’t know you.”

To be clear, it was an overestimation. Walm was trapped and slept with the corpses for about a week. He only survived by chance.

“I’m overwhelmed by the compliments from the “War God”. You overestimated me too much ―― My survival was only a coincidence. When the battalion was on the verge of destruction. I couldn’t do anything.”

“The destruction of Liguria’s battalion is a great loss, both publicly and privately. There aren’t enough key personnel left and there’s no prospect of reconstruction. But, Walm-kun, it is not good to under evaluate what you have done. If you say it’s just an overestimation, it’s the same with me being called a “War God”. Humans would only show their true talent only in a deadly situation. And You, have achieved it. You must be given the proper evaluation and reward.”

Gerard Berger told Walm as if he wouldn’t accept refusal.

“Walm-kun’s ferocious efforts have reached the capital with communication magic tools. And the Imperial Diet has decided, that you, will be given the title of “Knight”, although it is just an honorary title.”


Trying to understand Gerard’s words, Walm repeated the word in his mind.

“I’m just the third son of a farmer. A knight is too much… in the first place, is there a knight in our army?”

As the third son of a farmer who had only small farmland, Walm felt he didn’t deserve to get such a title. He was confused and didn’t know how to respond properly.

Moreover, in this world where the military was still developing, the units and classes of the army were ambiguous and different in each country, but Walm had never heard of the rank “Knight” in the Highserk army.

“It’s no wonder you don’t know. It’s a title in the era of the old military. Now it’s just an honorary title in our country. Still, the title of a knight is useful inside and outside the country.”

If it’s an honorary title, it’s similar to a medal with no real benefit or harm, right?

“And unfortunately, there is no way to decline. After all, the only ones who have earned the title “Knight” in the last few years are all dead. The Imperial Diet wants a living hero. Congratulations, it seems you too have taken the first step towards the “war god”.”

“I-I’m humbled.”

Seeing Gerard smile with all his heart, Walm twitched and smiled back.

“Even so, it’s already too late. Well, just talking is boring. Let me give this first.”

When Gerard looked at his servant, the servant took out a heavy box wrapped in cloth. After removing the cloth, the sword taken out of the box was unrefined and plain. It was a sword earnestly made in sought of practicality.

“It’s a sword given to the warrior of the Highserk Empire. You see, despite its look, it’s amazing. It’s a sword made from a mix of magical silver and fire dragonsteel. It’s a gem that can only be given to those with the title “Knight”.”

Gerard pulled out the sword and Walm took a breath. The light vermilion blade was shining even though it was indoors.

“You seem to like it. The sword already belongs to Walm-kun. Try using mana.”

As said, Walm used mana as if he was about to activate 《Strike》, the blade was dyed red. Fascinated by the color, Walm ran his gaze from the tip of the sword to the brim.

What if this is used when I activate 《Demon Fire》?

Walm was curious and used 《Demon Fire》.

The blade turned from pale red to blue. The air in the room was heated in a blink of an eye and the air trembled.

“… So fierce”

As Gerard leaked such words, the mask trembled, and Walm returned to his sense.

“I’m sorry. I’m just fascinated by it.”

“I was the one who started this. You don’t have to apologize.”

When Walm looked back, the guards had come into the room, probably because they were waiting at the door and felt the heat.

“It’s just a small ceremony. Sorry.”

The guard complained to Gerard’s words.

“Please do it moderately.”

When Gerard raised his hand, the guards return to the outside of the room. His attention was taken by the blade.

“I was allowed to see something good. The sword is a gift from the Empire. But, I’ll give you something personally.”

The next thing Walm was handed over was a well-used waist bag.

“This is… No way”

“That’s right, it’s a magic bag. Well, even if it’s called a magic bag, it’s something for personal use, so it’s not that big inside. Still, any merchants will use a lot of money to buy it.”

“Such an expensive thing…”

“I got it when I was young. I’ve been keeping it in nostalgia, but yeah, it’s better to make use of it. Don’t think too much.”

“……Thank you very much”

“Now, it’s okay to keep chatting, but I wonder if there’s anything else to say…”

Walm, who felt uncomfortable with the words of the old general, frowned. He had a bad feeling.

“Oh, that’s right. Walm-kun, you’re now under my direct command.”

“Under the direct command of Your Excellency?”

“The good news is that there is a job that has been bothering me. It’s an important person’s escort and surveillance mission, but you see, there isn’t a suitable person for it.”

Walm’s reason and instinct were screaming “danger”.

“Already, there was an attempt to recapture and also an attempt to assassinate. Of course, all have been prevented, but still, a good escort is needed.”

An old general with a good smile on his face, but the meaning behind the smile was unknown. Walm regretted that he had eaten the poisonous bait, but he was too late now.

“The escort for one of the “Three Heroes” of the Craist Kingdom, Ayane Sugimoto.”

“Hahaha, Your Excellency, are you joking?”

“I’m serious”

“…I-I’m sorry for my rudeness. Sure, my ability is useful during the offensive, and I have been engaged in transport escort missions, but I think being a personal escort is not suitable for me.”

“Definitely, you have an attractive ability for the offensive, other than 《Demon Fire》, you’ve also got a top-notch skill. Don’t under evaluate yourself. And don’t be ashamed of your lack of experience. Also, If Walm-kun is always by her side, Ayane would feel “safe”. “

You want me to escort the person who had treated me but was also deceived by me? What a “kind” old man.

“Would you accept it?”

“….. Understood.”

Alas, there was no veto right, even though Walm had been given the title “Knight”. 

Gerard tapped Walm’s shoulder while nodding.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 251

251. Taken to the mansion

Housei-san and I left the store, and with a car parked nearby, we headed for Toukain’s house. Sure, I gave him my consent, but for some reason, I felt like I was about to be sold to a black market.

I arrived at the mansion of Toukain Household.

“I didn’t build the mansion to be so large in consideration of livability, but still, I think that the room is enough to satisfy you. If you have any requests, please do not hesitate to tell me.”

……Why do you talk about the room? Didn’t you invite me to just have dinner together?

“Hahaha, thank you… But even if you say so, I think it’s a huge mansion.”

I mean, even after entering the gate, the car didn’t stop that quick.

“The garden was made wider so that children could play freely. However, in terms of size, this mansion is smaller compared to the others. The villas owned by Toukain, some include mountain and some include private beaches.”

“That’s amazing! You can enjoy the mountains and the sea without worrying about crowds.”

“Right, you can rest without worrying about people’s eyes. Oh yeah. It’s summer vacation soon, right? Let me invite you to the villa.”

Just like that, the schedule for summer vacation had been booked. 

…He wants to take control of the story. This is why I don’t like a capable person who has money!

“T-thank you very much….”

Housei-san nodded with satisfaction when he heard my words.

“Then I’ll arrange it. You don’t need to think about anything. I’ll arrange travel expenses and transportation. If you want, I can make it so that you can come by yourself. HAHAHA.”


Only dry laughter came out.

“By the way, which is better, mountain or sea?”

“Mountains and the sea…?”

“Well, both are attractive places, but every person still has their own preference. As I said earlier, you can enjoy swimming on a private beach without worrying about crowds and people’s eyes. In the mountains, there is an observatory. You can enjoy the stars at night from there, and there is a hot spring too, so you can relax there. You have the title “King of Boys”, so you should be attracting attention from people, right? Either way, you can enjoy yourself without care of others. “

“Both are attractive… But if anything, I prefer the sea.”

I answered with a bitter smile. The reason I chose it was simply because summer had a strong image of the sea. In a sense, a man’s dream should be to play with a girl in a bikini at the beach. 

…… Wait a minute, will this person come along? Sorry but, I don’t have any hobbies, such as playing around with an old man.

“…Hmm, sea huh?”

Are you worried about something? 

Housei-san went to think something when he heard my words while moving his eyebrows a little.

“Is there some problem?”

“No, it’s nothing. I’ll do my best to make arrangements for your request. When the details are decided, Shino will contact you. Oh, you can invite your friends too. But if you want to bring more than 100 people, please contact me in advance. Hahaha”

Is he joking? Or serious?

“I’m sorry to say this, but I can’t accompany you because I have a job, so if you have any need, just tell Shino.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

At the end of the talk, the car stopped and the door opened.

“Sorry to keep you waiting”

“Good work.”

“Thank you very much”

I thanked the driver.

As soon as we entered the mansion, a servant came.

“Welcome home”

“He’s a guest. Guide him to the room, and I’ll have dinner with him, so please prepare for it.”


“Hatano-kun, if you have something you want to eat, just tell her. I’ll ask Shino to see you later, so please talk with her then.”

“Yes, thank you very much”

“Then, Hatano-sama, please go here.”

Following the words, I followed the female servant.


Housei was staring at Kohaku’s back. One of his servants who wondered about the appearance asked a question.

“Master, what’s wrong?”

“…Hmm. I tried to help her this time, but maybe I did something unnecessary…”

“I don’t think so? The young lady has been worrying about it a lot, so I think what Master did today will be a pleasure.”

However, Housei didn’t seem to be convinced by the words.

“When I asked him which one was better, the mountain or the sea, he said the sea.”


“Speaking of the sea, you wear a bikini. If you’re a boy around the age, you don’t want to show such appearance to someone who you don’t like, right?”

“That is…”

“But he seemed to just compare the mountains and the sea as a travel destination… Anyway, I’m sure Shino will go since I was the one who invited him. More than that, it seems he didn’t dislike that invitation either. It seems that they’re closer than I expected.”

Housei started to walk away.

“But, there are many rivals to get him. You have no time Shino, don’t miss this limited chance.”

Then, Housei muttered such words.

Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 40

40. Chapter 40 – Invitation of the War God

Gerard Berger, Commander of the Ferrius Front, was welcoming guests who came into a room in the basement of the Sarajevo Fortress.

“Well, thank you for coming here.”


The room was dim, and a person facing Gerard emerged from the light source, a magic stone. The person was one of the “Three Heroes”, Ayane Sugimoto, a girl who came from a different world, and had a hostile relationship with the Highserk Empire.

The girl had her hands tied behind her and stared at Gerard. Gerard saw that it was just a bluff. Gerard, who had been involved in the life and death of humans for many years, loved humans. People wouldn’t show the real them until their last moment. Such a moment when humans started to get irritated, Gerard loved it very much. That was why Gerard wanted to tease the girl more, as she tried to curb her fears in her heart. Gerard would have given her bread and sent her back, if only she was a helpless girl, but her ability was rare and too dangerous.

“I like humans. And my homeland treats prisoners of war carefully. Unlike the Four-Countries Alliance, I’m not going to handle prisoners like garbage. I think the death of a person should be meaningful. However, a prisoner of war who does nothing is just a burden and an obstacle. Don’t you think so?”

The girl didn’t open her mouth to Gerard’s question.

“You see, I, am talking to you, Ayane. If you keep silent, it’ll look as if I’m talking to myself. Anyway, Let’s continue.”

Gerard resumed talking without waiting for the girl’s reply. To tell the truth, it didn’t matter if she didn’t want to reply.

“I’m thinking of getting you to treat the injured in our army as labor… So, can you give me a reply? Of course, even though you’re a prisoner, I’m going to reward the labor you do.”

“I must, refuse.”

The girl said with a quivering voice. She was optimistic that someone would come to help. She couldn’t imagine what would happen if she refused. Perhaps having been told by Gerard about his love for humans, she thought that the old man in front of her looked like a gentle old philanthropist.

“What a shame. I just want you to work for people’s life. This is a problem. There is a limit to how many prisoners we can feed, we have to reduce the number of the burden. Like the Four-Countries Alliance.”

Looking away from the girl, Gerard called out of the room.

“Bring him in”

What was dragged was a prisoner of war, a heavily wounded soldier. A great soldier who didn’t lose his rebellious spirit even after being captured by the enemies. Even Gerard was impressed by his attitude.

“He’s a Craist soldier. I heard he was in the treatment tent, but do you know him?”

The girl remained silent, but her face, which was acting expressionless until a moment ago, was distorted. Still, she remained silent. Again, Gerard didn’t care whether she responded or not.

“As you’ve guessed. He’s a target for the reduction. But first of all, “total disposal” in one go is a waste. I’m thinking of going from his finger first, what do you think?”

“You’re just a crazy old man on verge of dying!! Do you think she’ll hesita――”

Momentarily, the Craist soldier screamed. A real brave soldier, he didn’t hesitate to shout like that even in the enemy territory. Gerard thought that he was a good soldier.

“Great. You’re so enthusiastic.”

The longsword at the waist had long lost the opportunity to show its shine on the battlefield, but it still could be used by Gerard to slash one of his targets perfectly.

“a, AAAaaaAAA!!! Bas,tard, you damn Bastard! F*CK!!”

Gerard picked “it” up and gently put it on the desk.

“One for now. Ah, I can’t let you bite your own tongue. Human resources are limited. It would be a waste.”

Gerard smiled at the girl. The soldiers on the side made the Craist soldier bit a gag and secured his hand to the desk.

“One more.”

The man bent his back and fluttered his legs.

“Fuuuugh, UUGH, uuuUUUUUGGHH!”

“Have you ever had all your fingers dropped? Have you had your limbs scraped off? Have you been roasted alive? Had you ever lost your nose? Ears? Teeth? Eyes? Many people misunderstand one thing. Sometimes death can even be salvation. Do you know what it means now?”

It seemed to be a teacher who reminded the students. For the first time, the fear color lit in the eyes of the Craist soldier. On the other hand, Gerard’s intelligent eyes became dark.

“I love my country, the people who live there too. So, I fought day after day for forty years, but the more we won, the more the neighboring countries interrupted us. Like the Four-Countries Alliance.”

A dull sound and a muffled voice echoed in the room three times in a row. When the soldier collected the amputated finger of Craist soldier, hemostasis was applied to the finger.

“15 more. Let’s change the way. Next, I’ll mince the fingers. Together with the bones.”

Picking up the mallet on the shelf, Gerard walked around the room making footsteps sound, and stopped near the girl.

“What a problem. So, let me say this. I’ll do whatever it takes. Yes, if I must, I’ll do whatever it takes. Whatever it takes. Fortunately, there are many prisoners.”

Behind him, the fingers of the Craist soldier were fixed to the desk. Gerard watched over the soldiers who twisted himself, groaned, and began to resist.

“You seem to like it. Well, the preparation is complete.”

Recalling something, Gerard clapped his hand.

“Oh, right. I have a woman who seems close to you alive. I thought she was an assistant, but if she doesn’t want to work, I don’t need her. I must give equal rights to both Men and Women, right? They all have equal rights to live. So, let me ask again. What about your reply? “

The conclusion was made, and the girl, trying hard to suppress her disturbed breathing, squeezed out words from her throat.

“… I will, cooperate.”

“I thought you would say that. I’m glad I haven’t crushed it. Your first job would be to connect the man’s fingers together.”

The girl connected the soldier’s fingers at a speed and skill that exceeded Gerard’s expectations. The girl who finished her treatment hatefully looked up at Gerard.

“You did the job. I’m the type of person who keeps my promise. I’ll give you a workplace and an assistant. And, yeah, that’s right. You’ll need an escort. I’ll arrange everything.”

“All of this, is everything going according to your plan?”

Gerard smiled at the girl who regrettably said so.

“I’m not such a person. I’m just a person who simply does what must be done. I can only do that much.”

TN: In this ch, Ayane’s name is written in a way of how the name of the people in this world, that’s why it’s not Sugimoto Ayane, but Ayane Sugimoto. I guess because in a sense this ch is more to Gerard POV and also perhaps that is how her name is being spread in this word.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 39

39. Chapter 39

The Four-Countries Alliance was losing a lot of things. Over 10,000 soldiers, head generals, and the supplies that support them. Hugo, the foreign minister who carried Liberitoa’s diplomacy on his back, looked up at the burning layers. A terrifying blue flame was spreading, revealing the Highserk soldiers in the dark.

The burns on the head from the cheeks, which were old wounds, felt hurt. Hugo smiled. Liberitoa was damaged, but the damage on Craist was particularly great. Although uncertain, the loss of the knights was great, two of the “Three Heroes” were heavily injured, and the last one was taken as a prisoner.

“What a bunch of sloppy people. To be burned to death by a ghost…”

Hugo, who was a civil official, didn’t have to be on the frontline. Still, there was some scenery that he couldn’t see without putting himself on the frontline. People come and go in the tent as if it were in a storm, and the chairs and desks left behind were scattered. It was like a house that had been broken in by a thief.

“Hugo-sama, the headquarters must be moved to the back. The Four-Countries Alliance has been pinched and collapsed. It will not last long here either. One of our battalions that stuck to the frontline has been annihilated.”

“It’s a shame, but it can’t be avoided.”

The people, who were valuable assets, were scattered without fulfilling their functions. It was a very unforgivable situation for Hugo. At the same time, the fragility of the Four-Countries Alliance and the viciousness of the Highserk Empire were indescribable. 

The general, who was amongst Hugo’s limited pawns, was also burned to death by a surprise attack during the war council. It was also by one soldier, the user of 《Demon Fire》. The dedication of the survivor of the devastated Liguria battalion, to stay amongst the buried corpse for a week and then lurk among the enemy was something Hugo envied.

Hugo regretted that Liberitoa lacked the symbols of the army such as the Jaff Cavalry of Highserk and the Order of Reharzen and the “Three Heroes” of Craist. However, the Liberitoa soldiers weren’t vulnerable either. The soldiers were well-equipped and well-trained. He was trying to retreat from the layer while towing soldiers from other countries who got into the habit of losing.

“Emrid’s Company has successfully secured a retreat.”

“In this situation? He has a great skill.”

Neither flattering nor sarcastic, Hugo praised the company from the bottom of his heart. Even if there were no prominent great people or heroes, soldiers were working desperately to make up for it. Liberitoa wasn’t that hopeless either.

“It is a unit trained at the border with Highserk Empire. They have good adaptability and tenacity.”

“So that their work is not wasted, we need to go now.”

With the escorts solidified his surroundings, Hugo left the camp.

The heavy eyelids opened and Walm looked around. It was a room with no viscera or burnt limbs rolling, which was not similar at all to the last memory.

“You’re awake?”

A soldier sitting deep in a chair called on Walm.

“Is this inside the Sarajevo Fortress? What, what happened?”

“The battle? It’s been a day since then. It’s a big victory for the Highserk Empire. It seems that two battalions have been lost, but the enemy has lost well over 10,000 soldiers and supplies. Now, both positions seem to have returned to the beginning.”

Including the defensive battle in the layers, the death toll of the enemy exceeded 20,000. There were still 30,000 soldiers left, but they were multinational and no one would be dumb enough to try to draw the short straw since the Fortress’ walls hadn’t been breached.

In addition to the Ferrius Front, which Walm also participated in, there were soldiers left in his homeland and Myard. Even if the enemies wanted to forcibly penetrate the Fortress, Walm didn’t think that the Four-Countries Alliance would still have that much power.

“Victory huh…?”

Walm uttered sweet words.

“Yeah, for now. Well, it’s still unpredictable. Anyway, I’m going to report that you’re finally awake. You’re the one with the most achievement in this battle. You mustn’t die. Take enough rest in the room. The water and food are on the shelves. Eat whatever you like.”

After saying so, the soldier left the room. Walm left behind in the room got up from the bed. There was no discomfort in his body. The only problem was the eyes. The left eye seen in the mirror was still muddy. He stepped into the only window and looked out. Many soldiers were engaged in each work, but there was no heavy hectic air like how it was before the battle, and the blood-washing battle until yesterday had disappeared like a lie.

“A victory is still a victory, but the one who survived, only me.”

Walm didn’t feel it because he lost consciousness at the climax. Walm extended one of his arms and poured water into the glass. His body, which was asking for water, absorbed the water. He didn’t feel well. He was so tired. Still, Walm had no choice but to laugh at his body honest that was honest with its desires. He had no intention of being killed. Still, he didn’t go crazy, he didn’t jump to his own grave, he was still alive.

Grabbed the red fruit in the basket and turned it in hand. Such a round shape that was easy to hold with a shiny vermilion color, everyone wanted the sweet fruit that fit in their hands. Walm suddenly opened his mouth and bit the fruit as it was. The juice overflowed from the bitten section and penetrated into the oral cavity. The hungry tongue and the growling stomach were very motivated, a strong sweetness followed by a sour taste was flowing in the oral cavity.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 250

Whew, it’s chapter 250.

250. Having shaved ice together

“It’s been a long time! I didn’t expect to see you in a place like this.”

I gave a smile at the end of my greetings. For the time being, I gave the best smile and attitude I could.

How was it? If you’re satisfied, can you go home now?…


…… What should I do? Isn’t this a pattern where I can’t stand up even after I finish eating? I mean, if he didn’t see me, he wouldn’t have been going in this store, right?… in the first place, what did he want from me?

The only thing I can think of it must be about… the child of the great aristocrats… did he know that I tricked them? No, it’s too early to think so, sure I tricked the daughters of Seikagu and Minakatain Household, to some extent, but no complaints are made. Yeah, it’s okay. It’s gonna be okay.

“Welcomeー, have you decided on your order?”

“…Hmm, then the same as this child. You two, get something too.”

While I was sweating cold in anticipation of the future development, Housei-san made a quick order and turned his face to the people in black clothes.

“Well, I could see you when I was walking outside, it looked like you were eating something that looked delicious. It made me also want to eat it.”

“Hahaha, yeah, it’s hot today. I was seduced by the letters “ice”.”

I answered with a smile.

He must be lying! There’s no way such a big deal would go out without getting in a car in this hot weather!

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, This isー Yogurt Yuzu Lemon Shaved Ice.”

The same shaved ice as I ordered was placed in front of Housei-san.

“And, this is the Tropical Mango Parfait Large Size and Pork Cutlet Bowl. Thank you for your patience.”

…… Oi, aren’t those two so carefree? They received it with a big smile without care, are you really okay with that?

Even though I had something to complain about, the employer said nothing and put a spoon in the shaved ice. A light sound could be heard and the beautiful mountain was destroyed. 

It sounds scary… or is it just me being too nervous?

“By the way, I haven’t said a congratulation yet.”


“You won the game and became the “King of Boys”. Congratulations.”

“Well, that was just all luck. It was because of everyone who cooperated with me.”

“Hahaha, really? I’m sure Shino will be in delight to hear that.”

“Shino-san really helped me a lot!”

Unexpectedly, the talk went on peacefully.

“But the title, “King of Boys”, is quite good. Even in our group companies, there are many voices saying they want you to come out in our advertisement.”

“Is that for real? I didn’t know that. But, I’m not an artist, nor an entertainer either. For now, I want to devote myself to my studies…”

“Good, surely the student’s job is to study.”

Housei-san nodded as he was convinced and brought another spoon of shaved ice. 

Seeing that, I also put a spoon in the shaved ice.

“But lately, I hear rumors that you often “play with women”? “

For a moment, I felt like all the sounds had disappeared. And when I understand the meaning of the word, the sweat that should have stopped flowing, came out again. I felt a stinging gaze, and when I turned to the source, I saw a terrifying face of Housei-san. He had dark and stagnant eyes as if he wanted to kill a person.


“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any complaints about boys being active in pursuing love, and I’m not narrow-minded enough to talk about the love affairs of others. It’s your freedom after all.”

…… What should I do? If I interrupt him, I’m sure his hand will come to my mouth.

“But, when I saw my cute granddaughter going back and forth because of such rumor, I couldn’t help to feel worried.”

His eyes were saying “Do you understand?”. Of course, I nodded.

“It seems that Shino is thinking about inviting you too, but it seems that she is having a hard time putting together her thoughts. In a way, she is still too naive. Well, from my point of view, I wanted her to invite you soon.”

Housei-san laughed a little, but I couldn’t laugh together with him because his eyes weren’t laughing at all. 

…… In other words, he wants me, to invite her?

“No, it’s not like that. I didn’t come to ask you for inviting her. I’m not that shameless”

…… He read my thoughts.

“I just want Shino to have time to talk to you slowly.”

“So, in conclusion?”

“Hmm… well, Kohaku Hatano-kun, I want to invite you to have dinner at my house.”

After saying that, Housei-san brought another spoon of shaved ice.

“Y-Yes. I am honored to be invited…”

“Is that so? I’m glad I heard a pleasant reply.”

Then, Housei-san put down the spoon. He stood up and put his hand on my shoulder and said,

“Let’s go”

Now? He definitely doesn’t what to let any chance go…

“Oh, you can rest assured, I’ll contact your house. It’s okay, I say something that will make your housemaid move.”

…… Well, do you think just because of such a simple reason, my housemaid will fight with Toukain alone!?… Perhaps… I hope that won’t happen.