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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 228

228. Having a talk with Minakatain

The lonely face of Minakatain-san made me feel lonely too.

“W-well, I don’t care about that anymore. Kohaku-kun, as I said, I don’t have a boyfriend right now.”

“I understand that …”

I get it that you don’t have a boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be your boyfriend. In the first place, how many people accept a proposal, at their first meeting?

“Minakatain-san. As expected, I think it’s difficult to accept a proposal from the person you meet for the first time…”

Maki-san raised concerns, perhaps because she thought the same thing as I did.

“Of course, I think so too. I want him to be our family’s son-in-law, but it’s not so soon. It’ll be something in the future. I don’t mind getting to know each other gradually first. No, let’s do that. Don’t worry, I won’t take your freedom.”

After Minakatain-san said that,


She snapped her fingers.

Hearing the sound, a woman with maid clothes who stood quietly behind her moved.

Maki-san and I were watching it silently.

Then, the attendant handed an attaché case to Minakatain-san and stepped back. Minakatain-san, who received the attaché case, put it on the table, opened the case, and…


Neither I nor Maki-san could speak to unexpected action. Minkatain-san had a smile on her face without worrying about us who was speechless.

“For the time being, if you accept my offer, I promise to give you enough pocket money every month.”

…… Apparently, if I agreed to go out with Minakatain-san, she would give me some pocket money. 

I drank the tea for the time being, while looking at the wad of bills placed on the table. 

But, for some reason, Minakatain-san thought of my action differently, she then said.

“Aaaah, I’m sorry. One million is not enough for the “King of Boys”.”

That’s not what I mean…



“Thatー isー”



Perhaps Minakatain-san thought I wanted to ask for more, before I could even finish my words, she increased the wad of bills.

… Was that lonely feeling earlier just a lie? But, that style of hitting the table with a bundle of bills… I don’t hate it.

Most of the guys in this world like luxury, so it’s a good idea to show them money. It’s not wrong as a way to persuade.

But! Do you think I’m the same as them!? Well, I like money for sure. I won’t reject any present either. No, it’s better. Sure, I like luxury, I also love status and honor. But I’m not going to agree to date you, just because you showed me a lot of money.

I mean, the amount you accept will be your value, right? If I agree with the money offered by her, she’ll recognize me as an easy man who could easily be bought away with 5 million. She’ll think that as long as she gives me 5 million a month, and I won’t complain anything.

On the contrary, if I don’t agree, she’ll make various efforts to turn me to her side somehow. This is exactly what you can gain, if I let go of the money. That’s why the action I should take here is to tell her that “Love can’t be bought with money”… Alright!…. Lo-

“Minakatain-san. Perhaps the boys you met up until now could be bought with money, but Hatano-san won’t, he’s not that easy.”

For some reason, Maki-san answered without permission before I could even say anything.


“It’s true that Hatano-san is particular about his own value, I mean, he is always doing his best so he deserves it. Actually, when I recruited him, I was faced with strict conditions, but for sure the reward was great.”

Maki-san spoke to Minakatain-san as if to remind her.

“But what Minakatain-san just said, it was on a different vector than ours…. I’ll say clearly, so listen. Hatano-san’s love couldn’t be bought with money.”

Maki said with a serious face.

 …… That’s true, but why are you the one who says it? Isn’t it supposed to be me? I mean, if it’s a drama, it’s a scene where the protagonist saying something cool! Right?!

“… I see, sorry for my rudeness. I thought of Kohaku-kun the same as the boys I’ve been with. I’m really sorry.”

“Ah, you don’t have to apologize…”

“Fufu… but I’m a little happy. The fact that I wasn’t turned down immediately means that there’s still hope for me.”

Minakatain-san stared at me with a happy smile.

“But, I’ll stop here today, it’ll just be a nuisance if I keep you here too long.”


Minakatain-san snapped her fingers and the attendant took away the money on the table, and put it back in the case.

“Next time I’ll invite you to a meal.”

Minakatain-san said that and kissed my cheek.

“See you.”

Leaving that word, Minakatain-san went home. 

I touched my cheek, and thought…

I’m 100% sure, other than me, they’ll think of this as sexual harassment…


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  1. Is funny to think that by kissing him on the cheek, she is already leagues ahead of most of the female characters around Hatano, who have been with him since the beginning of the series

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