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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 71

71. Lately, special training is being hated

A few days later, at the lunch break.

『”Atsushi-san. Do you know about this? That, there is a tendency to dislike special training times in light novels and manga? You know the reason? It’s very simple. It feels like the story doesn’t go on, it feels stuck. Modern readers especially, are always looking forward, to seeing how interesting the story goes. So, the special training arcs that were found in old anime and manga, nowadays, there are always people who will find it boring. Of course, special training certainly depicts the process of strengthening the main protagonists, but to be honest, the reader wants to see the protagonist defeats the enemy in a flashy and cool way.”』

Yuri continued her words

『”But I think. I think it is important to show the protagonist’s efforts, steadily gaining new powers Of course, if it is shown in detail, I think it’s boring, and I don’t think it’s necessary. But, even so, the dialogue of the protagonists with their inner self, that shown in the special training in the old anime and manga, I think this is a very important point. It shows that the protagonist, not just fighting strong enemies, but facing their inner self too. By doing so, the protagonist can overcome past traumas and the barriers that limit their growth. I think such development, is not bad by any means.”』

In conclusion,

『”That’s why Atsushi-san. Let’s do special training”』

“Too long. I mean, why so suddenly?”

Atsushi unintentionally lightly put in a joke as he felt Yuri’s explanation was too long.

Moreover, Yuri said she had something important to say during the lunch break, so Atsushi came to listen, but in the end, what Atsushi heard was Yuri’s strange talk.


After sighing, Atsushi asked her.

“So, what kind of special training?”

『”Of course, you know it. It’s special training for my telepathy ability. Until now, I have sent telepathy only to Atsushi at school, but recently there have been more opportunities to talk with Kaede-san. However, I reconfirmed that it was inconvenient to send telepathy to only one person when three of us were together. That’s why! I’ll do special training, so that I can send telepathy to multiple people at the same time!!!”』

Yuri sent telepathy with high tension. But as usual, on the outside, she was expressionless on her face.

To be honest, lately, Atsushi thought about the same thing. For some reason, it was often for three people to be together, so he thought many times that it would be nice if Yuri’s telepathy could be used by multiple people each time.


“Wait, rather than doing that, why don’t you just speak with your mouth from now on? Really, how much you don’t like that idea.”

『”Of course, until the day I die”』

“Oi, you, stop it, idiot. Don’t say the famous lines of Wolf of Mibu. No one would understand.” [TN: Wolf of Mibu (Saitou Hajime) Rurouni Kenshin ref, based on my research it’s on ch 114 of manga, ep 49 anime]

Hearing Yuri, who uttered an out-of-line line again, Atsushi held his head with one hand.

But. If Yuri’s telepathy could be sent to multiple people, it would definitely be convenient. In addition, as Yuri said, she might need to talk to more people at the same time from now on. If so, it might be necessary to improve Yuri’s telepathic ability.

Well, it could be solved if only Yuri was okay with speaking normally…


“―――That’s why. Would you mind helping her?”

After school.

Atsushi called Kaede to the club room of the Light Novel Research Club and explained the circumstances.

“Well, okay. But… special training? What exactly will she do?”

『”It’s simple. I will send telepathy to you and Atsushi-san from now on. All you have to do is tell me if you can hear it or if it’s transmitted to you in the first place.”』

“If that’s the case, all right…”

All Atsushi and Kaede had to do were to check if telepathy got transmitted or not.

And with their consent, Yuri’s special training began.

『”Huft. Then, ready now――― A ―― C ―― Y ―― He ―― M ――? “』


Atsushi and Kaede understood that telepathy was sent to them. However, the words were cutting out and Atsushi couldn’t understand what Yuri was saying at all.

“Hirose, did you hear it properly?”

“No, it keeps breaking up, and I didn’t know what I was saying.”

Yuri was shocked when she heard their words.

『”Urgh…This, really, will be quite a chore… it’s harder than I expected …”』

From there, Yuri continued to send them telepathy.

At first, Atsushi and Kaede didn’t know what Yuri was saying at all, but gradually the words were sent one by one, and gradually, Yuri was somewhat able to send telepathy to both of them, at the same time.

“Huff…. huff… huff… hufff…”

“Hooo. As expected, even Shirasawa, breathes out loud when she’s so tired. But I feel like I’ve come to understand what she’s saying.”

“Well, it’s still not clear, but I guess it’ll change based on how hard she trains. Then, next is, putting into practice “


“I mean, it’s still on the better result when there are only three people like this, but when it comes to talking outside, when there are other people as well, I wonder how? If she can’t send the telepathy properly at such place, it’s not practical then.”

If telepathy could only be used in certain places, you could say that it was just the same as before. Yuri must be able to send telepathy anytime, anywhere, in any situation. If she couldn’t reach that level, it wouldn’t be useful.

『”A place full of people… I see.”』

Then Yuri clapped her hands as if she had come up with something.

『”Then everyone. This weekend, Let’s go to the amusement park together.”』

Yuri made such a proposal.


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