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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 227

227. Meeting the guest

I was taken by Sumita-sensei and came to the guest room. When we reached the door, I was asked by Sumita-sensei if I was feeling well, so I nodded lightly.

As soon as the door knocked, I heard a reply from inside and went inside.

“Sorry to disturb you, I brought Hatano-kun here.”

“I’m sorry to trouble you, Sumita-sensei. I’m sorry for coming so early even before the class, Hatano-san.”

“It’s okay…”

A woman was sitting in front of Maki-san. She had sharp and smart-looking eyes, her hair was short, and her clothes were pants instead of skirts. Overall, she had a neutral beauty. She must have been talking about something by the time I came. After all, the amount of tea served was reduced to some extent.

The woman… Miyabi Minakatain-san, when she saw me coming in, stood up and gave a soft and gentle smile to me.

“Then, I’ll leave here…”

After finishing the task of bringing me, Sumita-san bowed down and left the room.

“Hatano-san, please come here”

When Maki-san saw Sumita-sensei leave the room, she called me and introduced us to each other.

“Minakatain-san, he is, the top-class boy, the pride of our school, Kohaku Hatano-san. Hatano-san, she is, the next head of the Minakatain Househould, one of the four great aristocrats, Miyabi Minakatain-san”

“I’m sorry to come so suddenly. I’m Miyabi Minakatain.”

“No, no, it’s okay. I’m Kohaku Hatano.”

I held the outstretched hand and replied with a smile.

“Then, Minakatain-san. Let’s stop the business talk here.”

“Yeah, I’ll talk in detail about the donations for the next term later…”

“Yes, thank you very much. All right, then may I ask, why did you come to school today?”

Maki-san started talking, putting a little pressure into the words.

“I watched the King of Boys… I was surprised at that program, because all the boys who participated were attractive. Really, I’ve never seen variety shows, but for sure, it’s not something to be made fun of. “

However, contrary to Maki-san, Minakatain-san seemed to be very relaxed and replied to the questions with a little joke. Maki-san heard the words and thought she was being teased, so she hit the desk with both hands and stood up vigorously.

“Yeah! That’s right! Really, I recorded it and watched it many times! I was worried at first when I heard that Hatano-san would appear on such a suspicious program. I mean, there is a saying that, “if you want to be famous on TV you must be ready to get laid”, right? Hatano-san is pure, innocent. So, I was worried that the perverted girls of the TV station would do naughty things to him! But… as Minakatain-san said, it was a good program rarely seen in recent years where boys compete in sweaty figures and teary eyes. while putting pride on the line! Moreover, our school’s pride, Hatano-san won the championship! The suspense is just… Absolutely Love It! And, thanks to that, our school is flooded with inquiries about admission next year! Hahahaha, I’m so happy that I wanted to scream!! Well, but this is all because I succeeded in recruiting Hatano-san! Hahaha! “

Minakatain-san had a troubled face. 

Even me, I was taken aback.

Alright, can’t you calm down a little, please? 

“O-ooooh… As expected of Maki-san. The one who was able to pull Hatano-san into here, You’re really wonderful…”

Minakatain-san said so without seeing Maki-san, who was leaning forward.

“Oops, I’m sorry. I was too excited.”

After Maki-san had a sip of tea and fixed her posture, she then asked Minakatain-san again about the purpose of visiting the school.

“I see… In other words, watching that program made you interested in Hatano-san… Is that it?”

“Yeah, that’s roughly the case.”

“… Roughly?”

Without answering Maki-san’s question, Minakatain-san smiled at me with her pretty face.

“I came here to get Kohaku-kun, to be our family’s son-in-law.”

…Hooo, son-in-law, huh…

“Of course, not right now. I’d like to welcome you as a fiancé for the time being… To be honest, I really want to marry him as soon as possible, but unfortunately, there is a law.”

I see, I finally understand why she came here. But do you think I will accept it? This me, who is rising in value, my stock is sky-rocketing right now, you know? You’re the one being selected, not me, you know? If you look at me too cheaply, it’s not good you know?… Well, let’s ask a slightly mean question…

“… I happened to hear that Minakatain-san have a man you are dating right now, is that wrong? What happened to that person?”

“Hahaha… you got me… Yeah, I had a boyfriend, but I broke up with him.”

Mmm… Is she, a person who easily abandons her man…? Minus for you, it’s not very good.

“…Is that mean, that you’re going to throw me away if you find a man better than me later? Is that what you mean?”

“That’s not to what I mean. In the first place, he didn’t like me, he just liked my money. So, once I gave him enough money, he just agreed to break up with me.”

With that said, Minakata-san sadly gave a small smile.

… What should I do… I mean, isn’t that just too sad? If I was in her position, I would probably cry.


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  1. …………..Aw dear, it begins……………..Kohaku you had already a high stock so unless you are trying to get a harem of the richest women out there, or well of the maximun number of women you can take, there was no need for you to rise your stocks. Like the saying goes, the higher they are the tougher the fall.

  2. Hmm, hmm, not sure how I feel about this new character yet… could be good, could be annoying. We’ll see. This author’s been doing pretty good so far, so hopefully they keep things fun.

  3. So the time has come, the moment when Kohaku would assemble his harem laid-out. I don’t know very well Miyabi-san yet, but I think she is just like most of women in that world, she has some potential.

  4. I hope from here on out the romance becomes a lot more “intense”. It is what I have been expecting this whole novel…
    Of course I’m not expecting full on sex scenes or fucking threesomes left and right, but it is a bit ridiculous he has only ever kissed a single girl (once) and licked the face of one

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