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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 70

70. Not all people can understand a plot of a villainess novel

” ―――Hmm? But wait. I thought for a moment… Then, why did Kaede-chan’s ex-fiancé run away from home?”

Makoto said so.

The Ninomiya family chose that because the conditions with the other house were better than those with Kaede’s house.

But as Makoto said, why did Kaede’s ex-fiancé have to leave the house?

“Ah… Actually, there is still a continuation of the story.”


“Actually, after our engagement was broken, it seems that the big company of his new fiancé fell into terrible financial difficulties and the company collapsed. So, it seems that their engagement was broken.”

『”Eh, what’s that fast development?』

Well, even Atsushi agreed with Yuri’s words. Just right when the engagement with Kaede was broken and the bright future for the new fiancé was about to come, the company collapsed due to financial difficulties… even if was just bad luck, still it was too much.

Rather than that.

“I mean, is it okay for your ex-fiancé’s house to break engagement many times?”

“That wouldn’t be okay, I guess it’s better than marrying the daughter of the collapsed family. Well, anyway, it was broken because of the circumstances of the house, it seems the person themselves, like each other, so the mess escalated I guess?”

Regardless of the house, they liked each other and became fiancés. However, if the engagement was suddenly broken, of course, it might not end well.

“That’s why your ex-fiancé left home, is that it?”

“Maybe, that’s the case.”

“I see… but from what you told us, it’s hard to imagine that your ex-fiancée would come to you.”

“Right? That’s why, even though I’m sorry for Haruna-chan, but, I really don’t know where that man is.”

Kaede’s word was true.

Or rather. Kaede couldn’t think of any reason why her ex-fiancée would come to her in the first place. Even if the ex-fiancée came, what the hell could exactly she do? What the hell of help would the ex-fiancée ask from her?

There, Atsushi asked a question.

“Well, Hirose. As far as I can tell, I feel like in your case, it’s more like the engagement was canceled rather than broken, am I wrong?”

No, from the story, although the engagement was one-sidedly called off, it wasn’t exactly wrong if Kaede said it was broken. But, to be honest, she didn’t particularly have any problem with it.

If so, you could say that it was broken because of the problem between parents. And if that was the case, you could also say that the engagement was canceled.

“Ah, well, that’s true. Even between parents, it was resolved through discussions, and in fact, it was definitely in a form of engagement cancellation… I mean, when I lost my engagement, that man said, “The engagement between us, I’ll break it.”. ”

『”Eh… it’s not “Let’s cancel it” but “I’ll break it.”, her ex-fiancé is a little selfish huh…”』

『”I agree with that.”』

Atsushi didn’t really understand the upper-class society.

However, he understood that the act of canceling an engagement was an act that causes trouble in many ways.  Moreover, it was because of a personal reason like “I’ve found someone I like”. Normally, it should be natural to feel sorry for Kaede, and at the very least gave an apology to her.

Even so, the engagement was one-sidedly broken while looking down on her.

From that fact alone, you could say that such an ex-fiancée was not the kind of partner that even Atsushi would want to have.


“Well, but, hmm… I felt pitiful when I heard that the engagement between the two was broken.”

Kaede said such words to the person who abandoned her.

“Eh, wait a minute, Kaede-chan. Why do you feel pity for him? Shouldn’t you be more like,” Hah, it’s because he chose a woman other than me, so serves him rights!” or something like that?”

Hearing Makoto’s words, Yuri was nodding.

“Maybe, I should be like that. To be honest, I didn’t want to marry him. More than that, he hated me because I was the partner that was decided by his parents on their own.”

“If so …”


After one deep breath,

“But I knew that they really thought about each other. And for someone who really likes each other being torn apart… I couldn’t help but feel pity.”

Atsushi and the others couldn’t say anything because Kaede’s face looked somewhat sad from the side.

Kaede didn’t like her ex-fiancé. She didn’t love him either. She just thought of him as an acquaintance.


Still, the fact that someone who really loved each other was torn apart clouded Kaede’s face.

『”…But, I’ve never thought that the plot of a villainess novel that is hot on the internet right now, is actually happening in reality. Well, the reality is stranger than the novels, isn’t it? What’s more, after the engagement was one-sidedly broken. Not long after, the ex-fiancé and his new partner, their engagement didn’t last long either. Really what a development.”』

『”Well, stop saying in a roundabout way and don’t give a parable that only some humans can understand. It’s just bad luck one after another, you know?”』

Yes. This must be the result of bad luck one after another.

It just happened that Kaede’s fiancé fell in love with another woman, and that person happened to be from a better house than Kaede’s house, and that her company just happened to be out of business not long after Kaede’s engagement was broken.

This was merely a coincidence.

It must be just some sort of a miracle…..


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