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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 69

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69. Not everyone who came from a rich family likes to live in luxury

“Well, to put it simply, my engagement was broken, that’s it.”

“Even if it that’s true, aren’t you shortening too much? Oi!”

The first word was somewhat predictable, but it was so straight to the point that Atsushi’s sensor for commenting responded.

『”As expected of Atsushi-san. Nice comment.”』

But, to Yuri’s telepathy, Atsushi didn’t reply.

“I’m the so-called nouveau riche. My dad started his own company. So, he is the first generation, and still the current leader of the company, and when I was small, he made it into a big company.”

“In other words, Kaede-chan, is a real lady from a rich family?”

“Even if I’m a young lady, you could say I’ve a very different blood color than the other guys. After all, my family was originally at the same level as a normal household. No, even now I still feel that’s the case. Sure, I have some money, but even so, compared to the guys at my previous school, I think our differences are like heaven and earth. I mean, as you could guess, they are really the so-called child of a Millionaire and well-known family, so they went to school by car, also they have maids and butlers.”

『”Eh, what is that? Is there such a school in here? Is it some sort of Shu〇〇〇in Academy?”』[TN: Kaguya-sama ref]

『”Stop it, Shirasawa. No one will understand that.”』

Atsushi thought that Yuri’s train of thought was starting to go in a strange direction

To be honest, Atsushi agreed with Yuri, but he didn’t want to talk about it further.

“And I, had a fiancée, but he was the eldest son of a really big company. Well, I’ve been with him for a long time, and often meet each other. But, apparently, it seems that he has found someone else that he likes. So, and so the engagement with me was broken.”

Atsushi unintentionally asked a question to Kaede’s ridiculous remarks.

“Wait, wait a minute. I can’t say for sure because I don’t know the upper class or the rich society, but is there such a thing there? Just because he likes someone else, he will straight away break the engagement?”

“I don’t think it’s normal… But, the girl was the daughter of a company that was richer and more powerful than I was. Well, that’s not the only factor, there’s a lot more, but anyway, as a result, the engagement with me was broken.”

In other words, not only because the child was in love with each other, but also because their parents wanted it, and so the engagement was broken.

“Maybe, that’s why, you came to our school?”

“Well, someone broke an engagement with me, I’m abandoned. A wounded person. I can’t stand being around those upper-class guys.”

You could say, Kaede didn’t do anything wrong. Of course, it was the same with Kaede’s parents.

It was something that happened, because other favorable conditions were found. The other parties chose that. And, Kaede and her family weren’t chosen.

That was it. But that was all that mattered, and was more important to Millionaires, well-known families, and someone from a big company.

“… Honestly, it wasn’t that shocking that the engagement was broken, because I thought I wouldn’t be able to get along with someone from such background. But…”


“…Everyone’s attitude after the engagement was broken, more than I expected. Some of them started to avoid talking to me, and some of them started to be nasty and mischievous to me. At that moment, I realized those people were approaching and befriending me with the purpose of getting near to “The fiancée of big family’s son”. I finally understood that I had no value after losing that title… No, they made me understand it.”

You could say Kaede was forced to understand it.

Perhaps, that was the reason why Kaede had a change of heart.

Humans often changed their attitudes when their position in others’ eyes changed. That was why those who were called the “upper-class” were sensitive to such things. Therefore, they could protect and sometimes even improved their position.

And also sometimes, it was easy for them to change sides.

Within such people, it might be natural to change their attitude toward Kaede who had lost her strong title.

Of course, from Atsushi’s point of view, such a thing sounded like nothing more than shit.

“Well, that happened, and it made me a little androphobia.”

“That’s… not impossible, I guess?”

Friends who talked normally until yesterday suddenly refused to hang out, or even to just talk. More than that, they started to harass you. It wasn’t impossible that you would develop trust issues or even fear of people if you were suddenly dropped into such an environment.

And that was why Atsushi came up with one answer.

“Was that the reason, why you said that you didn’t want to go to school?”

“That’s right. Well, over time, my heart started to heal and has room to spare, you can say that I’m okay now.”

『”A room in her heart… I see. In other words, when she was so hurt, she met the maid and fell into the rabbit hole.”』

『”It’s a fact, but now, you should refrain from saying it to her.”』

However, the fact that Yuri’s words couldn’t be completely denied was quite worrisome.

“And now, that, umm… Thanks to both of you, I’ve come to think that there is a lot of fun in life. Also, working at this shop makes me feel rewarded…”

“Ara, I’m happy to hear that.”

There was no lie in Kaede’s words. That was why Makoto smiled at her when she said that.

“So, that… I’m, a little embarrassed to say this… but I’m really grateful. Thank you.”

And therefore,

Atsushi and Yuri smiled a little because they knew that the words were not false.


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