Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 226

Just for some info, so the four great aristocrats, the start of their name use the direction in Kanji, which is :
東華院 -> Toukain ( 東 -> East)
南方院 -> Minakatain (南 -> South)
西華宮 -> Seikagu ( 西 -> West)
北方宮 -> Kitakatagu (北 ->North)

226. A guest

When I finished thanking Fukushima and took a seat, my teacher, Sumita-sensei, came into the classroom. When I was wondering because there was still time before the homeroom, Sumita-sensei called me as if he had something to do with me.

“I’m sorry to call you early in the morning.”

“It’s okay, Sensei. But, is there something you want with me?”

“Yes, a guest came to see you and asked me to tell you that.”

“A guest? Me?”

“Yes, the other person is the next head of the Minakatain household of the four great aristocrats. Of course, if you say you don’t want to meet, I’ll tell it to her.”

“Well, I don’t know anyone from Minakatain Household. I wonder what is it…”

“Regarding the matter, she wanted to talk to Hatano-kun directly, so she didn’t tell me, but it’s mostly related to Hatano-kun’s victory in the King of Boys….”

Hoo, the title of the number one high school boy, seems to have a great influence huh. I’ve never expected that the next head of a large conglomerate will come to see me in person. After all, most people make a fool of a variety show on the TV… No, in this case, should I praise the TV, which still has tremendous influence even in this era of SNS development? 

When I was thinking about the information society these days, the teacher who thought I was worried called out.

“I understand why Hatano-kun is worried. The other party is one of the four great aristocrats, and I’m worried about what kind of disadvantages you will suffer if you refuse. But rest assured. We, Kenran High, will definitely protect the boys studying here. If you don’t like it, you can decline it.”

Sumita-sensei smiled to give me a sense of security while looking at me in the eyes. But, I wasn’t worried about it. After all, two of four great aristocrats were in this class. And I was close with both. 

In case of emergency, I could cry at those two from Toukain and Seikagu! And now that I somewhat have my own title? I have some value, perhaps I could use that, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want their help…

Anyway, no matter how great is this person’s family among the four great aristocrats, I’m sure she doesn’t want to turn two families into enemies, right?… Hahaha!…… Wait, why I’m like the villain here? Well, who cares, I’m interested to see what kind of person she is, so let’s meet her once.

“It’s okay. Should I go to see her now?”

“That’s right. I heard from the other party that she leaves the time to Hatano-kun…”

Come on, you make me troubled now…  Let me decide the time? Well, if I make it to after school, she will have to wait until then or have to come back again later. Then the impression of me will inevitably go down. No matter how much freedom is given to me, she is from a family with good power. I want to avoid worsening my impression if I can.

…But there is also an advantage if I met her later. I can ask Shino-san and Yuzuka-san for information about her first. On the contrary, the merit of meeting now will only be a good impression.

… If you want to build a good relationship with the intention of making connections, you want to make a good first impression, right? Yeah, the first impression is important.

After thinking a little, I told Sumita-sensei that I would like to meet now.

“I understand. Minakatain-sama is waiting in the guest room. Maki-san is dealing with her now.”

“… Maki-san?”

Who is it again?

“Well, ehm, pink hair woman… have you forgotten?”

Sumita-sensei saw me looked confused and so he gave me a supplementary explanation.

“Of course, I remember! I haven’t forgotten!”

“I-Is that so?… Then, it’s good. She kept saying, “I was the one who enrolled Hatano-kun”, with a proud face, so if she hears that you have forgotten her, she would take a leave and go on a trip for a while.”

…..No no, don’t worry, I remember I remember the passion pink hair. But, what kind of person is that person in the first place? Well, even if I ask, I’ll forget it again, so I won’t ask.

“But, does the teacher know what kind of person the next head of Minakata household is?”

“Hmm… The Minakatain family also donated a lot to this Kenran High School, and since I’m from this school, I heard rumors about her, but I only know a little.”

With such preface, Sumita-sensei started talking about the next head of the Minakatain household.

“The name is Miyabi Minakatain, her age is… I think she’s twenty-one years old. She’s a college student attending Touto University now. When she was in high school… she was a popular girl with a lot of stories. She achieved excellent results in both academics and sports.”

……Damn it, she’s an elite huh? But……

“Popular and there are a lot of stories that come to mind regarding her… In other words, did she have that much romantic relationship with a man?”

“Who knows? Whether it was just a rumor or it actually happened. At that time, the school didn’t pursue that matter much.”

…..Is it, because this school is tolerant of romance? No, rather than just this school, should I say, this world? Well, just that in this world the boys are more alert than wild herbivores, so romance is hard to develop.

“If she hasn’t changed, I think she would have made a lot of nicknames in college by this time.”

…… So, she is an experienced older girl, huh? Well, I’m fine with that, I guess? No, I’m sure fine! Come!

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