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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 68

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68. Canceling an engagement will make you be rumored as a villainess

『”Well~, I’ve never thought that Kaede was actually from the villainess novel. Really, it surprised me. Well, to be honest, I was wondering if she hid something, but~ I didn’t think it was the fact that she was a villainess…”』

『”Right. For the time being, calm yourself down. Or rather, just because she had a fiancée, why it’s decided that she is a villainess, aren’t you imagining too much?”』

『”It’s okay. The villainess that I mean is “She is in a villain position, but suddenly she is the heroine”.”』

『”Should I be relieved by that explanation? Seriously, you make me don’t understand the meaning more and more…”』

Atsushi, who put in some jokes and comments, was talking by telepathy instead of talking directly.

As expected, the usual one-sided conversation (Seeing from a third-party perspective) would be bad in this situation. He thought so and decided to reply by telepathy.

『”Joking aside, having a fiancé is rare nowadays. I mean, having a fiancé means that Kaede-san is, from a very rich household, right…?”』

『”Who knows? If so, I don’t think she would run out of money and couldn’t go to the maid cafe.”』

『”Ah, right……… Maybe, ‘that’? Actually, Kaede-san and her current parents aren’t connected by blood, and her parents-in-law have stolen her property, so she doesn’t have any money…”』

『”Why does it suddenly sound like the scrips of a soap opera? I mean, where did that idea come from? I’m really scared by your imagination.”』

Atsushi had no choice but to sigh in Yuri’s unique view of the world.

“Sorry, Haruna-chan. For keeping you wait.”

“No, I’m sorry too for coming here so suddenly.”

Kaede finally came out of the kitchen when there were few customers and it was in a not-so-busy state. Atsushi and Yuri decided that they couldn’t be present, so they went to the counter seat and focused their ear from there.

“But, I’ve never thought you could find me.”

“Yes, I used various connections…”

『”Various connections… it’s something useful, isn’t it?”』

『”That’s right, but for now, let’s listen silently.”』

Well, in truth, they were silent because they weren’t actually speaking aloud.

“So, what do you want from me today?”

“That……… my older brother, did he come here?”

At that moment.

Atsushi didn’t overlook the fact that Kaede’s hand stiffened for a moment.

“…..What do you mean?”

“Actually, my older brother left home the other day. Since that incident, his relationship with Dad and Mom has been getting worse… Not long ago, it was escalated, and at that time, he left home. I’m looking for him all over the place I can think of, but I still haven’t found him. I don’t know where he is right now, at all. So, I was wondering if perhaps he came to Kaede-san. “

『”Older brother… In other words, does it mean Kaede-san’s ex-fiancée? But well, I don’t think he’ll leave home and come to his ex-fiancée.”』

『”Well, I agree.”』

Atsushi still wasn’t sure about the situation, but still, was there a man who would leave home and come to his ex-fiancée?

Ex-fiancée. In other words, the engagement had broken. Maybe there was something wrong with the engagement? But in any case, Atsushi and Yuri had no place to say since they didn’t know the detail.

That was why they had no choice but to listen to the continuation of the story.

“………He hasn’t come to me. I mean, I haven’t contacted him since that time. And that man, even if he wants to rely on someone, it definitely won’t be me.”

Kaede said such a thing with a bitter smile.

But, for some reason, Atsushi found her smile, looked very painful.

“I understand. Sorry. I’m sorry to have taken your time.”

“Yeah. Me too, I’m sorry that I couldn’t give the answer you want.”

“That, it’s not something for Kaede-san to apology… Rather, the ones who should apologize, are us …”

“It’s okay, Haruna-chan. That’s all in the past.”

“I see… that, umm… I might be not in a position to say this, but if you have any problems, please tell me anytime.”

“Yes, thank you.”

That said, the short conversation was then over.

After saying thank Kaede and the shop manager, she left the shop.

A really, short conversation. However, it suddenly changed the atmosphere into an awkward one.

But then, Makoto talked to Kaede.

“Umm, Kaede-chan, are you okay?”

“Eh… yes, I’m okay, Manager. No worries.”

“Is that so…? So, the girl just now was… she mentioned fiancée or something like that, but what it was all about? Ah, if you don’t want to say it, I’m not forcing you, okay?”

In Makoto’s words, but Kaede shook her head.

“…No. I’ll tell you, manager. Yamagami and Shirasawa too, please listen to this. I want my friends, to know this.”

Then Kaede talked about what happened to her.


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