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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 67

67. Suddenly dropping a bomb is not good

『”Atsushi-san. Let’s go to eat Kaede’s food.”』

One day after school.

Suddenly, Yuri sent such words by telepathy.

By the way, Kaede was already heading to Yuri’s coffee shop and wasn’t in the classroom.

“…Why so suddenly. And, in your case, the correct words should be “Let’s go to my home”, right?”

“Shuttup! Leave the details alone. Anyway, I want to eat that delicious cutlet sandwich today.”

The tone seemed as if Yuri was a little frustrated.

With that attitude, Atsushi was able to get a general idea.

“Ah, is it ‘that’? Was your score of the mini test that was given back today so bad?”

『”Ugh……….. Yes”』

It was as Atsushi expected.

Apparently, Yuri’s score on the math mini-test that was given back today wasn’t very good.

And if the score was bad, you will be given some questions as an assignment and you must submit them within the deadline. That was probably why, she was in a bad mood.

“It’s not my place to say this, but study diligently. Or you will need to take a retake test during the summer holiday.”

『”Fufumph!! It’s okay!!! That’s where Atsushi, the final weapon, comes into play!!!”』

“Since when did I become the ultimate weapon?”

『”And if that doesn’t work, I’ll ask Kaede-san, the secret weapon, to tell me the answer to the test!!!”』

“And since when did Hirose become the secret weapon? I mean, don’t do it. Never. I’ll help you study, and teach you as much as I can.”

『”Eh, really? Yaay, with this, it’ll be an easy victory!!! Final exam? Bring it on!! Oh, by the way, it would be great if you could help me do the assignments that were given today.”』

“Don’t get carried away, it’s too early. Huft, what a disappointing beautiful girl … Well, I’ll help you.”

Even if so, somehow Atsushi agreed to help Yuri.

Then, they decided to go to Yuri’s coffee shop.


“Aaー, Yuri-chan, welcome home. Oh, Ara, you brought Atsushi-kun, too?”

“Thank you for having me”

“What is it? Does Atsushi-kun come to eat Kaede-chan’s food too?”

“Ah, well, that’s right.”

“Fufu, you’re honest. So, the order is… yes, yes. Cutlet sandwich is it, Yuri-chan? Then, sit at the counter and wait.”

Atsushi and Yuri sat at the counter. Other employees who weren’t there before were visible, and even if it wasn’t full, there were quite a lot.

That was why Atsushi had one question.

“Shirasawa. Is it okay to not help?”

『”Well well, Atsushi-san. What on earth should I help with? A silent waitress like me, isn’t worth anything.”』

“That’s why, please improve it… well, whatever. Then let’s do the assignments that were given to you immediately. Come on, take the papers out.”


“Don’t ‘Eh’ me. If you don’t do it now, I can see you’ll find it a hassle to do. Before that happens, let’s finish it quickly.”


Yuri took out the print of the assignments from the bag while reluctantly sending telepathy. From there, Atsushi and Yuri started to solve the math problems together at the counter.

While doing this, Makoto brought the cutlet sandwiches.

“Yes, sorry for the wait, this is the cutlet sandwich. Ara, are you helping with Yuri-chan’s study?”

“Ah, well, it’s just because, I’m a little good at math.”

“I see. Thank you. This child doesn’t like to study, it troubles me you know~. So, thank you~.”

Makoto gave a smile at the end. On the other hand, Yuri silently sent a “Don’t say extra things” look to him. Perhaps, she probably also sent telepathy to him.

Then, Atsushi asked a question.

“Sorry, Manage…. That girl, is she working properly?”

“Yes. She helped a lot. As you know, her cooking is like a professional, so I rarely can teach her. And since she’s a diligent girl, she really cooks with her best every time. Really, she helped a lot. Of course, she’s also popular with customers.”

“Is that so… is she blending well with the other employees?”

“Yes. I mean, everyone is surprised at her skill. She is beautiful, and has good cooking skills. Besides, it seems that there is no problem as much as I thought about having a conversation. So, she’s popular with both customers and employees… Ah, I’m sorry. It seems that an order has been placed. Then, please continue the study, thank you.”

And, Makoto went to another customer.

Then, Yuri suddenly sent telepathy.



『”Nothing, just that Atsushi-san, you were like an overprotective father.”』

“… Shut up. If you have time to comment on other people, you better solve the problem properly. Oi, you’re making a mistake again.”

『”Eh. Ah, you’re right.”』

While being amazed, Atsushi continued to teach Yuri.

Then, a little over an hour later. The shop had become quite quiet, and there weren’t many people.

At that time,

” ――― Excuse me. Is Kaede Hirose here?”

While saying that, a long black-haired girl came into the store.

Her age was about four… no fifteen years old. She looked like a junior high school student.

But, for some reason, she had an elegant atmosphere that was unthinkable coming from someone wearing a school uniform.

“Ehmm, may I ask your na…?”

“Ah. I’m sorry. I was supposed to introduce myself earlier.”

After giving a bow,

“I’m Haruna Ninomiya. I’m the younger sister of someone who was in an engagement relationship with Kaede Hirose.”

Suddenly, the girl dropped such a bomb.


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