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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 66

66. When you’re with your friend, anything will be fun


“Oi oi. Are you okay?”

“If you want me to say, I’m not okay, really not okay…”

On the way back from the maid cafe, Kaede kept holding her stomach and mouth, all the time. Naturally. She would end like this, and she had eaten more than a dozen plates of desserts. There was nothing wrong with her situation now.

……Well, the only exception was, that there was someone who had more than 20 plates of desserts, and wasn’t sick.

“B-b-but, I don’t regret it at all, because I got what I wanted!”

That said, she took out a photo.

There, Kaede and Mei made a heart sign with each other’s hands.

“Good for you. But, I didn’t expect Shirasawa would give up the right to take a picture…”

“Really! Like, the moment I heard it, I thought, “Are you serious!?”, then my head went blank for a moment! Seriously, she’s a really good girl!! And even that Hayasaka also gave up the right to shoot, and gave it to me!! That Maid Otaku is the best!! “

Yuri got only the maid’s special sweets and left as it was, saying that she would hand over the right for taking a picture with the maid to the second or lower.

And from there, the battle between the second place started… or it should be that way. But Hayasaka said, “You’re quite good for a newcomer. So, I’ll give it to you today.”, and also abandoned the right.

As a result, the remaining Kaede acquired the shooting right.

“But then, what did she come for?”

“Who knows… maybe, she just came to eat sweets?”

Atsushi wanted to say that such a thing wouldn’t be possible, but then, he remembered that it was Yuri, they were talking about. The fairy that had shown, the fact she had many disappointing aspects.

But. If you wanted to think about other possibilities.

Perhaps, she planned to give it to Hirose from the beginning?… Am I, thinking too much?

Indeed, Yuri was told by Atsushi that they would go to a maid cafe today. So, it was understandable if she really did this promptly.

However, it was no more than a guess. Therefore, Atsushi stopped thinking any further.

“Even so, Mei-chan was like archangel today too. Seriously, she’s really tooー cute, that girl. Well, if I can be reborn, I want to be Mei-chan’s classmate…”

“Not in the same family?”

“No, the distance is too close. If I’m her classmate, I can look at Mei-chan every day at a reasonable distance!”

“Not to make friends or get along, but just look at her? As expected, in a sense, you’re a disappointing girl.”

Depending on how you heard, it might sound like what would come out from a stalker, but Atsushi didn’t say anything more, since he thought that it was just how much of a fan Kaede was to a maid called Mei.


“Well, as you say, that girl is a good girl. She smiled at me and served me.”

“Eh, no, if it’s that much, all maid will do that…”

“Hmm, but it’s me you know? Even though I’m a customer, I have a scary face, so usually, they will serve customers like me while worrying about the face. So, in the end, they will give me the worst service. In that respect, that girl treated me without a disgusted face. So yeah, I agree that she’s an angel. “

“… I wonder why. For some reason, I felt like I just had a glimpse of your dark history, Yamagami.”

For some reason, Atsushi now felt a pitiful gaze from Kaede.

After that, they went home while talking about what happened today.

And in such a situation.

“……….Hey, you see, that”

“? What?”

“That, umm……… Thank you for today. Thank you for the treat.”

Suddenly, Kaede said so, and Atsushi was lost of words for a moment.

“…No big deal. If this can suppress your withdrawal symptoms. I mean, don’t go there using your ability, okay? If you use your ability to be invisible and go there on your own again, I’ll get really angry.”

“I won’t goー. If you say this much, even I, will try to hold myself back.”


“Like what I just said, I won’t go! Huft, seriously…”

Kaede was sulking a little.

But that was only for a short while. Kaede immediately continued her words with a slightly confused look.

“But… why did you do all this for me? You said, that it’s because I’m your classmate or because I’m fellow psychics, but even so, for you to go out with me to such a place, even paying for my food too… there’s no merit for Yamagami.”

“That’s not true. Well, I don’t hate that kind of place either. Oh, but, I can’t be as passionate about it as you. And, I think it’s not that bad for spending my free time like this.”

It wasn’t flattery or lie. That atmosphere of the maid cafe… Sure, it was overwhelming for Atsushi at first, but once he went, he thought it wasn’t bad at all.

Even though the maid there just doing it as a job, someone they even talked and played with Atsushi. And so, he could even feel that such an atmosphere was actually what he preferred.

But more than that,

“And, spending time somewhere with my friend, is always fun for me.”

That line, might sound cringe.

However, it couldn’t be helped because that was the current thought of Atsushi.

“…You’re a strange guy.”

“I don’t want to be told that, especially by you and Shirasawa.”

Atsushi denied that with all his might.

Kaede smiled a little when she saw him.

“…I see. Having a friend, it feels like this huh.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just thought I actually didn’t have ‘friend’ until now.”


Maybe it meant as it was, that Kaede didn’t have a friend until recently… But for some reason, for Atsushi, it seemed to have a different meaning.

However, he had no time to confirm it.

“Then, my house is around here. See you tomorrow, Yamagami!”


With that said, Kaede shook Atsushi’s hand while smiling, and left dashingly.

On the other hand, Atsushi also waved his hand to her back.

“……..What was it, that strange feeling I felt just now?”

While looking at the disappearing back, he muttered such a thing.


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