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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 224

224. The Full of Blessing Road

Saying that she would send it to the editor, the novelist who seemed to be confident in the draft of the N○R love story she showed to me, went home dashingly.

The next day after that.

It was the first day of school after the King of Boys was over. As usual, it was calm and peaceful… that last only until before I got near to school… I got the same attention as before, but as I approached the school, I realized that I became the ‘King’. Because Kenran’s students who noticed that I was walking retreated from my front as if to give way, while saying “Congratulations!”, “I cheered for you!”, “I believed in you!”, “I thought you were the King even before the match”, and many more. Because when I pass by, words of congratulations were thrown from the surroundings. Perhaps it was what a bride and groom would feel when they walked on a wedding aisle.

……It’s super embarrassing. It’s not like me, but I’m sure my face is red right now… Damn it!… Why should I be in this kind of situation? But just because it’s embarrassing, I can’t just stop…The girls who call out to me are blessing me from the bottom of their hearts. Their glittering innocent eyes drive me crazy!! Damn it!!


As a matter of course, when I arrived at school, I saw a big banner hanging,

[Kohaku Hatano is the winner of King of Boys! Congratulations!]

Was written there. 

Even after entering the school building, I received more words of congratulations, one after another.

 …..What should I do… I really don’t want to go to school for a while…

Contrary to the excitement around me, I opened the classroom door with a heavy feeling.

There were already a lot of students in the classroom.

“Ah! It’s Hatano-kun!”

“You’re right! Good morning and congratulations!”

“It was an amazing fight! I even shouted in front of the TV!”

Unlike the students so far, my classmates didn’t line up while blessing me, but they surrounded me and blessed me all at once. 

After thanking my classmates, I asked them what I had been curious about.

“The chai… Mishima-san, she hasn’t come yet?”

“Notー yet. I thinkー she will take a little more rest because of the flu…”

“When I think of what Mishima must have felt, my tears just come out …”

“It was like she couldn’t die even if she wanted to die…”

It seems that Mishima-san had not returned yet. When I was informed that she had the unseasonable flu, her voice was horror. I was so impressed that human beings could make such a desperate voice. 

I hope she heals soon.

“Oi, move, it’s annoying you know?”

A boy approached me while swaying the girls who were talking to me

“Yo, Hatano! Congratulations on your victory!”


The cause of me being humiliated on the TV, was approaching me with a smiley face.

“Fukushima you…!”

“Aren’t you embarrassed!?”

“Are you even still a man!? This damn coward!”

“You are not going to tell him that, right…”

“…Is today will be my last day? At least let me have a feast before you take my life….”

The boys started making noise when they saw me. 

…… What the hell is wrong with these guys?

“What are you talking about? ‘As the one who applied in his stead’, I just wanted to congratulate Hatano, who became the real King of Boys. Or do you have something else to say perhaps?”

Fukushima, the center of the turmoil, said to the noisy boys with a smug face. 

Fukushima’s words made the boys in the class frustrated, yet somehow despaired at the same time. Fukushima, who saw it with satisfaction, put his hand on my shoulder in a friendly manner.

“Wellー well, Hatano, you were strong as I expected! I always thought that you would look good on the king’s crown.”


What does this guy want to say…

“But this victory wasn’t just for you, right, Hatano?”

“Well, that’s right…”

I am grateful to Shino-san and the other girls for fighting with me.

“Yes, right, of course, right!? You wouldn’t have been the King without me! No, no, you don’t need to give me anything. If you understand that, that’s more than enough.”

… I see, so that’s what he wants to say huh. Let’s thank him for the time being.

“… Hatano? Why do you grab my face?”

“Hm? It’s just like what you said, I want to give you my thank…”

Not only Fukushima but also the boys in the class were confused, looking at my actions. However, I didn’t care about that and gradually put more power into my hands.

“Hurt… it hurts?”

“Don’t worry, it’s just the beginning.”

“Eh! Hey! Waiiiit! Guuuuaaaaah!”

“Because you did something unnecessary, I was ridiculed by that Ouza, I was seen as an enemy by Daikuji, I was hit by Vice-President Hibiya… You see it feels like suddenly taxes went up, and pineapples are being put into your meat soup! Let me give you a taste of it! You damn shameless bastard!”

“T-that has nothing to do wiーーーー!!!!!”

When I saw Fukushima fluttering and writhing in pain, I started to feel satisfied. What was strange was that the boys who were watching this, had a worse complexion than before. 

What are they so worried about? It’s a well-known fact that I’m kind to people who don’t do anything to me, right?


The boys of class 1-1 who was watching Fukushima getting tortured by Kohaku, shook their voices.

“How comes he do that to his benefactor, Fukushima…”

“Kohaku Hatano, you’re so ruthless!”

“He’s worse than a tyrant…”

“Purging his own retainers”

“When the enemies are defeated, the companions are being thrown away.”

The boys spoke whatever came to their minds. However, the voice was so small that it didn’t reach Kohaku’s ear.

“…You guys understand it, right?”

Everyone nodded to the words one of the boys said. Everyone could understand without further explanation.

” “… It must never be known by him” “

All of the boys knew, that if the meeting was known, torture beyond Fukushima would be waiting for them…


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  1. ………………Hmmm…………i have been wondering maybe Kohaku doesn’t speak that loud….i mean, he is telling his complaints to Fukushima straight to his face………..or the other boys have hearing problems……or both…………….
    Anyway, Kohaku is getting a taste of infamy and fame at the same time.
    But i know that Hibiya won’t remain silent even after having been defeated….the presiden of seimei is going to spend a few more months in intensive care………

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