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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 65

TN: I changed Hayasaka Taiga -> Taiga Hayasaka. So Hayasaka is the surname.
I changed not long ago, so this is to clarify the ones who read it before I changed it.

65. Please be careful with overeating, no kidding

Yuri often had dinner at Atsushi’s house.

From that time on, Atsushi knew she had a good appetite.


Atsushi never thought it would be this good.

“As, as expected of the King!! While the other masters are all retiring one by one, the King continues to eat normally!! There is no sign that hands will stop at all!! Is that stomach actually a black hole?! “

“Well~ as expected of the champion. I should have prepared a lot of sweets, but to keep eating without any hesitation. I mean, can it all even fit in that slender body?”

The manager and deputy manager of the maid café said so.

As they said, more than 20 participants were retiring one after another. That should be normal. Even if the food were only sweets, they were not as ‘cute’ as one portion per plate. Whole cakes, whole apple pies, giant donuts about 30 centimeters in diameter, and many more with voluminous portions.

“Urrrgh… I- I give up …”

“Ah, too bad then…”

As evidence, men who seemed to be college students retired while holding their mouths. From the appearance, Yuri didn’t seem to stop her hand at all, even though they had eaten more than normal people could.

Oi oi… Seriously? How many can you eat, you damn disappointing fairy

Atsushi, who didn’t participate in the tournament, was watching the tournament from a place for the spectators. And he was a little drawn to Yuri’s overwhelming appetite.

Right, her appearance was exactly like a glutton. No, you could say that she had been eating like a pig.

“Ooh, two masters have retired!! Now the rest is only three masters.”

“Huh. Aside from the usual two, the new master is also holding well.”

Apparently, Yuri and Hayasaka remained was something usual. And that was why it seemed unusual to others that the newcomer Kaede was still holding on.

Seeing Kaede, Hayasaka opened his mouth with a fearless smile.

“Ku, Kuku… Not bad, newcomer. You’re better than I expected… MMPH!!

“You too… It wasn’t just a big talk huh… MMPH!!

Two people slightly recognized each other, while still holding the food inside their mouths.

Can’t you talk later? Right now, your appearance is not that good you know?

Still, Yuri was by far, the most likely to be No.1 in this tournament.


Atsushi didn’t overlook the fact that Yuri’s mouth was loosened a little.

She’s still eating while thinking that it’s delicious!? Really!? How big is her stomach…!?

Certainly, the food and sweets in this area were quite elaborate. No places used frozen ingredients around here. From that point of view, the foods must have a wide variety of flavors.

But even so, if you had already eaten more than a dozen pieces, even if the taste might be different, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it.

However, On Yuri’s face still had a “Not enough” look. 

“Ooooohh!! And now, our proud mero mero uki uki Chocolate Parfait (giant version) is here!” [TN: It’s roughly, Lovely Exciting Chocolate Parfait]

“Eh, wha-? This huge food is coming out from our kitchen? Is our kitchen that large?”

“I’m sure that’s like, a challenge from the maids to a champion who always eats up no matter how much it is!!”

“Ah, well, it’s true that every time, the champion always cleaned up the plate. Perhaps it’s lit the fighting spirit of the maids. And the two masters who are still holding on… Please do your best.”

For some reason, the shop had some kind of rivalry against Yuri. 

And Yuri didn’t feel surprised even in the slightest about the food brought in front of her. On the contrary, it seemed to Atsushi that she was a little happy that a new dessert had arrived.

Hayasaka and Kaede, both of them still tried their best to her, but as expected, when they saw the giant parfait, their fighting spirit was leaving them.

“Damn, it… I was thinking that… today for sure…”

“Sorry, Mei-chan… I… can’t eat more…”

With that said, the two put their face on the desk at the same time.

“It, it’s decideeeeeeeed!! This tournament, the winner is once again, is Champion Glassun-samaaaaaaaaa!”

“Well, 20 platters of dessert in total… Is that person, even a human?”

Some said whatever they wanted to Yuri, but anyway, the guests and maids who were watching gave cheers.

And Yuri,

“―――――― Huft. Thank you for the meal.”

It was as if she had finally somewhat satisfied.

Seeing her, Atsushi thought once again.

Really, what a disappointing fairy.


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