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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 64

64. When you are in a disguise, use a mask and sunglasses

And the weekend came.

As promised, Atsushi and Kaede came to a maid cafe …

“―――Oh, wow, Master, you’re amazing, and you got 10 on the roulettes. It’s… ah, it seems, you won the lottery and, got 100 million yen! Master is really lucky today!”

“I-is that so?… Ehe, Ehehehe…”

Kaede, who was playing the game of life with Mei, had a lewd face on her face.

Being completely in their own world, Atsushi was in a state of drinking juice while gazing at them.

Seen from the side, it seemed more flirty than any couple. Well, in fact, Kaede was playing the game with that intention.

However, as usual… ‘happy times do not last so long’.

“Ah, it’s already this time, Master, I have to go to prepare for the event.”


“Yes! Today is a special event day, once a month!! The eating competition day!! This time, Master who could eat the most of our sweets will be rewarded!”

“Re-reward …?”

“A handmade sweet from the maid you chose and a ticket for taking a picture with the maid you chose. In addition, as a privilege, the maid wears that Master’s favorite maid clothes when taking the picture.”

“I will participate. When will the tournament start?”

The unquestioned reply was kind of refreshing.

Perhaps it was just Atsushi’s hallucination, but Kaede’s eyes seemed shining for some reason when she heard about the reward.

“Immediate answer huh”

“Of course. If I can take a picture with Archangel Mei-chan, I have to participate no matter what.”

Kaede looked at Atsushi with a gaze saying what he just said sounded stupid to her.

However, before Atsushi could say something to her.

“―――Hah. It seems there’s a person who gets carried away. Don’t think that you’ve already won.”

The voice of a man. However, Atsushi frowned a little in the voice.

It was the voice he knew … To be precise, it was the voice of a man he had heard.

Looking back


“You are…..”

“!!? You bastard is…!?”


There was a man that Atsushi had seen, quite recently. However, he wasn’t a friend or acquaintance. If anything, it should be a relationship between the victim and the perpetrator.

Yes, there, stood a man who was trying to lynch Atsushi at an abandoned factory.

The name of the man…

“Taiga Nogizaka”

“It’s Hayasaka. More than that, why are you here!!?”

“Well, there are many reasons. But, you too, why are you… ah, it’s not strange I guess?”

At that time, Atsushi remembered what Hiiragi said.

That Hayasaka went to a maid cafe based on the information from Hiiragi’s mouth. And even after that incident, he still came to the event today. It could be said that Hayasaka probably had been going to the café quite a lot of times.

“Are you going to join the eating competition?”

“Of course, I’ve always come every month, to win, and take pictures with Mami-chan!! This time for sure! I won’t lose to the one who just became a regular customer recently.”

A remark that didn’t seem to come from a delinquent.

Where did the crazy gangster Hayasaka that Atsushi saw at that time go? No one knew.

However, Kaede turned her gaze to Hayasaka, perhaps because the statement lit the fire in her heart.

“Hah. Fine, bring it on. Old-timer. I’ll burn my love for Mei-chan into that eyes of yours.”

“Hooo, try it, Newcomer. Same. My passion for Mami-chan, I’ll smash it right into you Bastard.”

The appearance of the two staring at each other’s eyes was exactly like how gangsters were when provoking each other.

……Well, the cause of it wasn’t like a gangster’s problem, at all.

Then, Atsushi asked one question.

“Sorry to disturb your fun, but… Hayasaka. Based on the way you said it, you never take a picture with the maid?”

“That, It’s not true. It’s just that I’ve never won this tournament!! I’m always second because of “that bastard”. Today, I’ll eat more, beyond “that bastard”, and I’ll be number one!! And get a lovey-dovey selfie with Mami-chan!!”

Hayasaka, who emphasized his intention, was already in the same Otaku Territory as Kaede.

Atsushi could no longer put in any comment there. He had no choice but admitted that Hayasaka was also a bona fide Maid Otaku.

So, Atsushi said something else.

“What kind of person is ‘that bastard’?”

“That bastard is――― Ah. Just when you asked. What the right timing.”

At the same time as Hayasaka’s words, the entrance to the maid cafe opened.

“That bastard is, the consecutive champion of this maid cafe’s eating competition ――― Glassun!”

Hayasaka introduced it openly, but Atsushi and Kaede honestly didn’t hear the words. Rather than Hayasaka’s words, they had more thoughts about the person who just came into the maid cafe.

“Oh, no matter how you look at it …”

“Ah, no matter how you look at it …”

The two had, half surprised and half amazed faces, respectively.

Of course, they had such faces.


“ “What the hell are you doing, Shirasawa.” ”

Yuri, wearing a hat, mask, and sunglasses, stood there like a general who made a triumphant return to the castle.


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